Style, Part 5.

Author: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Dean/Sam


Spoilers: Season 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or its characters, and am making no money from this.

Warnings and Notes: Yaoi, lemon, lime, language.  OOC, TWT, AU, General Weirdness.  This was just a little something that tickled my funny bone after watching a rerun of ‘Tall Tales’. 

Summary: Time’s almost up, and Dean’s deal comes due.  But it seems that sometimes the right words spoken at the right time can mean more than you ever thought possible.  

“ ” Speaking

* * Thoughts

~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV 

Very long chapter ahead here o.o.




“So this…brotherly love,” the brunette pressing up against the trickster licked her lips and smirked wickedly. “You going to stay and watch the show?”  


          “Nah, I’ll let them have some time alone,” he chuckled, giving both women a little squeeze.  “I have some plans to make before tomorrow night.  This little trick is definitely going to be one of my best yet, it’ll have to be, I don’t get a chance to trick one of her kind very often.” With that, the three figures vanished, fog rolling into the clearing to conceal the cabin from view once more.




          “Let’s check out the inside,” Sam said quietly, trying to keep himself from blushing as he realized he was seriously considering taking the trickster’s advice regarding his brother.  


          Dean nodded slowly, studying Sam intently for a moment, before he turned and started up the front steps.  He knew something was bothering Sam, but he didn’t question it, deciding that distracted, uneasy expression on his younger brother’s face was just due to stress and a little confusion, much like Dean himself was feeling. 


          Dean held his gun in both hands, standing to one side of the door as Sam reached out and turned the knob.  As it swung open with a soft creak, Dean ducked inside first, gun raised, eyes narrowed.  “What the…” he breathed, staring down the narrow hallway, noticing the overhead light was on.  From the outside the cabin, with it’s rusted roof and weathered wooden siding had looked small, dingy and abandoned.  But inside, while it was still small, it was clean and cozy.  *Too clean,* Dean thought.  He had found no signs of anyone inside when he’d walked around the cabin earlier, nor had he seen any indications of anyone having been around in quite some time.  In his mind, it simply shouldn’t have looked this…welcoming.  


          “What is it?” Sam asked, coming up behind his brother silently, nearly pressing against the other man’s back once he shut the door behind them.  He looked around nervously, wondering if the trickster had left them any more surprises in the cabin. 


          Dean frowned as he peered down the hallway, noticing more light coming from the room beyond.  “I didn’t see any lights on in here when I walked around back, did you?” he asked, starting down the hall in slow, cautious steps.  “Hell, I didn’t even see any power lines.” 


          Sam winced but stayed silent a moment, following close behind Dean.  “I didn’t either, but with the fog and everything,” he said quietly, shrugging and lowering his gun.  “I was more worried about finding the trickster outside, than inside.” 


          “Yeah, but that’s probably right where we’re gonna find it,” Dean growled, making a sudden shift from apprehension to anger.  He strode down the rest of the hallway, whirling around the corner and coming up short, staring into the kitchen to his right.  “No way,” he whispered, eyebrows raised in surprise, before an expression of near-rage settled on his face.  In the center of the room was a small table, just big enough for a two-piece place setting, with two matching chairs.  On the kitchen table sat two silver candleholders, bearing red tapered candles.  Between the candles was a small silver tray, heaped with several kinds of chocolate, truffles, and some small bite-sized cakes.   Green eyes raked over the scene, noting there was even a case of his favorite beer sitting on the counter.  “It’s a setup,” he said quietly, turning to glance at Sam, before he yelled out a challenge, brandishing his stake.  “Alright, come on out, you son of a bitch!” 


          “Dean,” Sam said quietly, closing his eyes with a soft sigh.  He reached out a hand, setting it lightly on the other’s shoulder.  Worrying his lower lip gently with his teeth, the younger man debated telling his brother what had happened outside.


          Dean sneered and shook off Sam’s hand, striding through the kitchen into a small living room.  The room was decorated with paintings of rustic scenes, the walls were covered in rich wood paneling, and a large burgundy area rug covered most of the wooden floor.  Instead of a couch and chair, there was just one long sectional sofa, its dark color blending in with the rest of the room’s décor.  “Yeah, you’ve really gone out of your way to set things up nice, haven’t you?” he muttered, noting the entertainment center that dominated one side of the room, complete with a big screen TV that Dean was certain would tune to anything he wanted to watch right now.  There were several bags of chips, pretzels and other snacks scattered on the long wooden coffee table, and a few bowls lay out to pour them into as well.  “You guys are really into that whole peace offering thing,” he muttered, moving across the room, eyes darting around, scanning every corner as he passed the bathroom, giving it a quick once-over.   


          Dean sighed as he saw the antique white claw-footed dual bathtub that sat against one wall.  It was easily big enough to hold three people.  He’d always had a certain fantasy involving himself and some pretty little thing testing out just how many positions one could pull off in a tub like that, immersed in hot water and pleasantly scented bubbles.  With a growl Dean shook his head, trying to dispel the images in his mind when he realized that the fantasy had changed, and it was Sam joining him in that tub, those long slender limbs he always referred to as gangly fitting easily into the large tub, slick with water and soap as the steam made Sam’s hair stick to his flushed face...  “Damned thing’s really gotten into my head,” he said angrily, stalking past the bathroom door. 


          To Dean’s right was the only room they hadn’t checked yet.  The door looked harmless enough, light colored wood with an intricate grain, brass hinges and an antique knob that gave off a dull gleam in the room’s soft light.  “It’s gotta be in here.  Get ready, Sammy…” 


          Sam watched his brother inspecting the rooms, leaning against the kitchen doorway as Dean glanced into the bathroom.  He closed his eyes a moment, hands jammed into his pockets as he tried to keep himself from blurting out the truth.  The younger man really didn’t mind the idea of accepting the trickster’s gift.  He didn’t want to spend tonight on the road, there were so many other things he felt needed to be said and done, before the demon came for Dean.  Not to mention before Dean could get his walls back in place and start keeping Sam at arm’s length again.  He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even hear Dean call his name.


          In retrospect, now that Sam thought about it, the things that had occurred between them tonight, first the kiss in the parking lot, then the touches back at the hotel, didn’t seem so surprising.  It was almost like a natural progression, really.  He’d always been aware of his brother in many ways, aware of every touch, every fond glance, and the way Dean always seemed to drag Sam around with him, like he really needed Sam at his side. Not to mention the way he was so protective of Sam, almost desperately so.  Sam blushed faintly as he thought about the way he always returned those glances and touches, openly showing his need to have Dean close.  He also thought about the times he himself had disregarded his own safety when his brother was in danger, that familiar rage that would fill him whenever something threatened to harm the older man. 


          Images came to mind of times of when Sam had been hurt by some creature or entity, or when he would have visions that nearly made him collapse, and there was Dean pulling Sam into his arms.  And hadn’t Sam always reached out to Dean in return?  Touching his face, his chest, hands grasping gently at his brother’s clothing during those brief moments of affection, sometimes even unconsciously pulling the other man closer.  The memory of those strong, warm arms around him, a solid shoulder or chest against his cheek made Sam blush even harder.  Sam never thought he was into guys; he’d been ready to marry Jessica, hadn’t he?  But this wasn’t just any guy.  It was Dean.  Dean, who could comfort him with just a touch or an emotion-filled glance, who always watched over him and would give his life in an instant, hell, he had already in a sense, to protect Sam.  The same Dean that not only understood but shared this dark, dangerous life with Sam, who knew what it meant to be a Winchester.


          Sam’s jaw clenched as he made his decision.  He would follow the trickster’s ‘friendly advice’ and coax Dean into crossing that last line with him.  Other people’s sense of morality be damned.  Sam knew he and his brother shared something special.  Their protective instinct toward each other went far beyond most other families, their loyalty and love for each other something that the closest of lovers could only dream about. 



          Meanwhile, Dean approached the door to the bedroom slowly, cautiously; muscles tensed and ready to lash out as his hand reached out for the knob.  He turned and glanced over his shoulder quickly, making sure Sam was still watching his back, the older man giving a slight start as he saw his brother hanging back on the other side of the room.  Dean frowned as he noticed Sam’s eyes were closed, the younger man’s hands stuffed into his pockets, weapons put away.  “Sam,” he murmured, leaving the door and going back to stand in front of his brother, gazing up at the younger man with a puzzled expression.  “What the hell are you doin?” 


          Brown eyes opened quickly, Sam’s cheeks darkening further as he realized Dean was right in front of him.  “I was just…thinking,” he said quietly, pulling his hands out of his pockets and reaching out, grasping Dean’s shoulders gently.  “Dean, listen to me, there’s something I have to-”


          But the older man shrugged him off, looking up at Sam with a scowl.  “Sam, look, I know you said you wanted to give up on this thing, but come on!  It’s here, you know it, I know it, so let’s finish this.  That thing is practically begging for a fight, so let’s give it one.  Then maybe we can finally have some damn peace and quiet,” he snarled out the last three words, glaring up at Sam. 


          The younger man just swallowed, nodding mutely and following as Dean stalked over to the door, pausing in front of it.  They took up the same positions they’d assumed at the front door, one brother on each side, holding a stake, before Sam reached out and turned the knob, quickly giving it a push to open it before he ducked back a bit. 


          Dean peered around the doorframe, then moved quickly into the room.  His toe caught on the thick shag rug that started just in the doorway, nearly sending the older man sprawling.  With a grunt he managed to right himself, only going down on one knee before he was back up on his feet, stake held aloft.  “Oh, you gotta be kiddin’ me!” He said, gazing around the room in disbelief.  Dean’s eyebrows shot up as he was struck with a strong sense of déjà vu; he’d seen something very like this particular room before. 


Sam stepped into the room right after his brother, brown eyes widening as he looked around in surprise.  The room looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t figure out why. The younger man took a few steps closer to the bed, one hand gingerly reaching out to touch a post that ran nearly from floor to ceiling.  


 The large four-poster bed dominated the small room, covered by a red bedspread that swept over the sides, right down to the floor. Lengths of sheer red fabric ran up the posts at each corner of the bed, and numerous pillows had been strewn across the head of the bed, as well.


          Beside the bed were end tables covered in what looked like some kind of vinyl material, giving it a quilted effect, and atop the one on the right sat a red lava lamp.  On the left, was a small ice bucket, with two bottles of beer set in the ice.  From the ceiling in the center of the room hung a small disco ball, and mirror panels had been set into the ceiling above the bed. 


          Dean swallowed hard as something clicked in his head.  He thought back to the kind of pranks being used to kill people, and the comments he and Sam had made about it almost feeling the same as the last trickster they’d faced.  He also remembered the cop at the one crime scene that looked so familiar, and the annoying prank they’d had to put up with.  This bedroom clinched it, proving to Dean that they weren’t just dealing with any trickster.  This was the same one they thought they’d defeated back at the college campus.   Dean finally recognized his style.  *Bobby was right about one thing, they are immortal, * Dean thought, a cold chill running through his body as he turned around, seeing Sam approaching the bed.  “Sam…” he said hoarsely, unsure of how to put his thoughts into words, part of him not even wanting to.  He suddenly thought that letting the trickster go might not be such a bad idea, considering they’d already failed to kill it once. 


          “It’s not in here, Dean,” Sam said softly, fingers toying with a piece of the gossamer fabric wrapped around the post closest to him, suddenly fascinated with it as he couldn’t bring himself to meet his brother’s eyes.  “The trickster’s long gone.  We can stay here and just…have a peaceful night for a change.” 


          “We don’t know that,” Dean rasped, his narrowed eyes raking over the room once more.  It was then that he noticed a folded piece of red paper that had been set before the ice bucket, bearing his name on the front in silver calligraphy. 


          “I do, Dean,” murmured Sam, lifting his head and gazing at his brother, looking slightly pained.  “I didn’t tell you the whole tr-” he fell silent as Dean held up a finger, before the older man walked over to the bedside table and snatched up the paper.  “What’s that?” Sam asked, tilting his head and looking at it curiously.


          Dean had tuned out his little brother when he saw the letter, so he didn’t catch the implications of what the other man had started to say, yet.  He unfolded the paper, feeling that icy cold shiver running through him again at the words printed inside.



You must realize by now who you’re dealing with.  That’s right, you thought you wasted me back at the college, well the joke’s on you.  Turns out I saved my best trick for last, letting you think I could actually be killed by a mere mortal. Don’t worry, there are no hard feelings about that whole staking thing, I still like you guys.


Which is why I arranged for you two to spend the night here.  I tried to make it nice for you.  I would have left a couple of pretty girls here, but after what I’ve seen between you and Sam tonight, I figured all you’d need was each other.  Consider it another peace offering; one I hope you’ll take this time, for your brother as well as yourself. 


As I said to Sam out front earlier, you need to unwind, and have some quality time before your little deal comes to a close. Enjoy yourself, Dean, you deserve it, not to mention we both know Sammy’s just dying to help you out with that.  Let him.  I think he needs you tonight as much as you need him.


 Well, that’s all I wanted to say.  I’d give anything to be able to see the expression on your face right now; it’s probably priceless!  But even I have enough class to let you two have some privacy, especially tonight, of all nights.  So relax, have some fun!  Nobody’s going to disturb you, I’ve already seen to that.   Have a good night, Dean.


A friend


          The elder Winchester stared at the letter, thoughts churning wildly.  It bothered him that the trickster knew the things it did, about the deal, and about the new and confusing aspects of his and Sam’s relationship.  What disturbed him even more was the friendly, almost helpful tone of the trickster’s letter.  “Son of a bitch…” he murmured.  He knew all this was just a distraction, something to keep him and Sam busy while the trickster moved on to the next town, finding itself a new batch of victims.  He felt rage welling in him at the fact that the trickster was trying to use his feelings for Sam against him.  With an angry sound he scanned the letter again, eyes catching on one particular phrase.  His body went still, expression turning to one of mild shock. 


Sam watched Dean holding the letter, his brown eyes widening a bit when he saw Dean’s hand start to shake.  “Dean…what is it?” He asked softly, moving around the end of the bed and reaching out, trying to grab the letter.  Both men gasped as the red paper seemed to evaporate in Dean’s fingers the moment Sam touched it.  Sam switched his gaze to his brother’s face, tensing as he saw the way Dean’s jaw was clenched, green eyes narrowed as the other man gave him a hard, accusing stare.  “Dean…” 


“You lied to me.”  It wasn’t a question, but a statement of fact. 


Sam sighed softly, tilting his head down as he cautiously moved to stand in front of his brother, keeping his hands at his sides for fear the other would snap if Sam tried to touch him right now.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered, already knowing what his brother was referring to.  He dropped his gaze to the floor for a moment, then met Dean’s eyes, inhaling sharply as he saw the coldness there. 


“As I said to Sam out front earlier?” Dean repeated the phrase from the letter, scowling angrily as a sense of betrayal filled him.  “What the hell did he mean by that, huh?  You saw him, talked to him, and you couldn’t be bothered to tell me?”  He was yelling now, shifting around Sam, slamming his shoulder into the other man’s to push Sam aside, the younger man ending up falling onto the bed.  “After everything this thing has done, you talked to it, trusted it?”  Dean turned and gave Sam a baleful glare.  “We could have waltzed right into a trap.  Dammit, for all you knew, this place could have exploded the second we set foot in the door, taking both of us with it!  How could you be so naive, Sam?” 


Sam gave a start as Dean bumped into him, flailing as he toppled over onto the bed.  His hands gripped the bedspread tightly as he pulled himself into a sitting position, and he watched with a shame-filled expression as Dean began to pace the room in an agitated fashion, one hand still clutching the stake, the other arm waving in angry gestures when he spoke.  He took a deep breath, then spoke up the moment Dean fell silent.  “Yes, I did, okay?  She came out of nowhere, she could have killed me with just a thought, if the last one we ran into was anything to go by!”  He pushed himself to his feet, striding across the room to tower over his brother, glaring right back at Dean, angry, hurt and a little ashamed. 


Dean tilted his head back to look up at Sam, taking a deep breath and preparing to launch into another tirade.  He paused though, as something struck him as odd.  “She…?” he asked with a puzzled frown. 


But Sam just continued talking, building himself up into a full-blown rant.  “Hell, she could have killed us a dozen times over if she wanted to.  Instead the prank she played was relatively harmless,” he paused, running both hands through his hair as he turned away slightly.  “It was more annoying than dangerous.”


“Yeah, so?”  Dean challenged, tilting his head and staring at Sam, thoroughly confused now.  He thought back to the crime scene, knowing that from what he’d seen, the trickster hadn’t altered his appearance much, save for a moustache, slightly longer hair, and he was now wearing a police uniform instead a janitor’s.  So it seemed strange to him that the form Sam had been presented with was that of a woman.  He narrowed his eyes, lips pursed as he realized that Sam had no idea they were dealing with the same trickster as before, the creature had deliberately seen to that.  What he didn’t get was why the trickster had revealed its identity to him, and him alone, even going so far as to destroy the letter it had left for him so Sam wouldn’t read it. 


“So?” Sam cried, spinning around to look at Dean once more.  “She didn’t want to hurt us, her actions proved it.  She said that to me outside, as well,” he said, voice dropping in volume.  “She said she liked us, that’s why she helped us.  She told me she didn’t want to kill us.  But she didn’t want to be killed by us, either.”   


*Not much chance of that,* Dean thought sourly.  *Been there, tried that.*  “Helped?” Dean asked incredulously.  “How the hell did she help us, exactly?”  He listened, posture growing rigid, a muscle in his jaw ticking as Sam recounted the confrontation with the trickster, leaving out the part about her suggesting he seduce Dean, of course.  Suddenly it all became clear why the trickster didn’t reveal himself to Sam.  It was taunting Dean, tormenting him with the knowledge he’d failed, that it was still out there, killing people, and would continue to do so even after he was gone. 


Sam stared at his brother warily after he’d finished, shoulders hunched a bit, growing nervous when Dean grew still and quiet.  A stony silence settled in the room, and as it stretched on the tension became nearly unbearable for the younger man.  He almost sighed in relief when Dean finally spoke again, then blanched at the other’s words. 


“So that’s what all this is, huh?  Some kind of pity party?” Dean said, voice low, with a hard edge to it.  “Oh, look, poor Dean Winchester, that red-eyed bitch is comin’ to drag him down to hell tomorrow night.  Why don’t we show him a good time before he has to leave?”  His voice turned bitter, a humorless smile on his lips as he began to pace again.   “I need to move on anyway, so why don’t I just give him something better to do than chase me.  Instead he can chase that brother he’s so hard up for, nail him to every available surface, and at least make sure he deserves to be where he ends up!”  Dean’s voice rose to a shout as he turned and threw the stake with a snarl, embedding it in the wall.   “And what about you?”  He demanded harshly, trying to glare at Sam despite the burning tears he felt building.  “Is that why you trusted it, and accepted this little gift it left for us?  Feeling a little pity for your big brother, and you wanna give him a little something special on his last night?” 


Tears sprang to Sam’s eyes as he watched his brother coming apart.  Without thought he stepped forward, grabbing Dean by the shoulders, hands fisting in the material of the other man’s jacket.  “No, Dean,” he whispered, closing his eyes and stubbornly pulling Dean closer and wrapping his arms tightly around him.  The shorter man started to struggle, making a few enraged, inarticulate sounds.  Sam knew Dean was just as scared as he was of what would happen tomorrow night, perhaps even more so.  He also knew that Dean was still wrestling with confusion and guilt over what was happening between them.  He resolved to put an end to the guilt and confusion, and do what he could to keep his brother’s mind off the fear.  “This isn’t about pity.” 


Dean’s chest heaved, breath coming in ragged pants, then he braced his hands against Sam’s biceps and tried to push away. “Then what the hell is it about?” he demanded, the words muffled against Sam’s chest.  


“Love,” the younger man said quietly, tilting his head down and resting his cheek against Dean’s hair, refusing to loosen his arms when Dean started to squirm, trying to break his hold again. 


“Love?” Dean echoed, sounding skeptical.  He ceased his struggles, knowing Sam wasn’t going to allow him to pull away, physically or emotionally right now. 


“Yeah, love,” Sam sighed, nuzzling Dean’s temple, still holding him close.  “I don’t know why the trickster gave this to us, and right now I don’t care,” he loosened his grip on Dean and allowed the other to pull back slightly. “I don’t care about anything else right now, but you.  I just want tonight, I want…I need this, with you,” he murmured, leaning down and brushing their noses together as his hands moved to cup Dean’s face gently. 


“Sam,” Dean whispered, eyes closed as their noses touched.  He sighed heavily, giving his brother’s arms a light squeeze.  “This wouldn’t even be happening if it wasn’t for the deal,” he said bluntly, tilting his head up and meeting the other man’s gaze.  “If it wasn’t hanging over our heads, we’d never have…gotten close like this.  It’s fear Sam, fear of losing each other that’s makin’ us do this,” he sighed heavily.  “We shouldn’t even have taken it as far as we did.” 


Sam frowned a bit, running his thumb gently down Dean’s jaw.  “What ifs, should haves, shouldn’t haves, none of that matters right now, Dean,” he said urgently.  “It is happening, and I don’t want it to stop.  Neither do you.”  He tilted his head, trying to press a gentle kiss to Dean’s lips, a frustrated growl escaping when the other man jerked his head away.  “I felt it at the bar, when you kissed me, and back at the motel, when you touched me,” he pressed, cupping Dean’s chin and forcing the other man to meet his eyes again.  “It’s not fear, Dean, it’s need.  I need you, and I know you need me,” Sam said firmly, watching as Dean desperately tried to hold onto his resolve.  “I’ve needed you for a long time.”


“I can’t do this Sam, please,” he whispered, feeling Sam’s hands sliding down his chest, those long arms wrapping around his waist.  “I told you before, we’ve crossed too many lines already.”  He licked his lips, fighting down the emotions that were trying to hard to surface.  He wasn’t sure just when his feelings toward his little brother had changed, but he knew it was long before tonight.  His natural reflex to reach out and touch Sam, ruffle his hair, hold him whenever he was hurt had only gotten more frequent since they’d started traveling together, but the shift from brotherly affection to sexual attraction had been so subtle he hadn’t even noticed until it was too late.  It had started well before he’d made the deal with the demon, and it had become harder and harder this past year to hold it in.  He hadn’t wanted to burden his brother with this before he ended up leaving him.  But it seemed Sam shared his feelings, and now Dean regretted not speaking up sooner. 


“Dean!” Sam nearly shouted in frustration, taking a step back as he held the other man at arm’s length.  “I don’t care what the rest of the world’s view is on this, I just-”


“Neither do I,” Dean said, his expression torn between longing and pain as he stared up at Sam.  “I don’t give a rat’s ass what the rest of the world thinks about what happened between us.”  He broke free of Sam’s grasp and turned away, running one hand roughly through his hair.  “That’s not the reason...” 


“Then tell me what it is!”  Sam demanded, grabbing Dean by the arm and forcing him to turn around again.  His eyebrows shot up, the younger man startled by the sadness in his brother’s hooded green eyes. 


“I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t see through,” Dean said quietly, looking away.  “It’s tomorrow night, Sam.  I can’t just…one night isn’t enough.” 


Sam swallowed hard, gazing down at Dean.  “I know,” he said, voice hoarse with emotion.  He pulled his brother closer, relieved when Dean didn’t resist.  “But until I find an answer, it’s all we have.  Please, Dean…” he begged softly, “I want both of us to have something to hold onto until I find a way to save you.  And I will save you,” he said, brown eyes flashing with determination. 


“I already told you Sammy, don’t you dare go and make a deal with that bitch to bring me back.”  Dean’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked up at his brother, hands moving up to touch the other man’s shoulders, fingers digging in slightly. He felt his resistance crumbling in the face of Sam’s raw determination, giving in and leaning forward, body pressing against the length of Sam’s when the younger man’s arm slid possessively around his waist.  He realized then that he couldn’t deny himself, or his brother any longer.


Sam gave him a faint smile, reaching up and placing one fingertip gently over Dean’s lips.  “I won’t.  I remember what you said earlier.  I won’t make a deal with her, okay?” he said, then spoke up again as Dean parted his lips.  “I already have something else in mind…”


Dean gazed up at his brother, brows drawn together, looking uncertain for a moment, then he nodded slowly, seeing the hint of assurance in Sam’s eyes.  “I’ll hold you to that,” he said, finally giving Sam a small smile in return.  With a soft moan he tilted his head up as Sam leaned down toward him, accepting the tender, lingering kiss the younger man pressed to his lips.   “Now, speaking of deals,” Dean murmured, then dragged his hands roughly over Sam’s chest.  “I thought we had one.  I pick tonight’s activities, you get to pick tomorrow’s.  I got my games of pool, but as for getting soused, and my…after hours entertainment, well so far that’s been a bust.” 


Sam shivered at the touch, then laughed softly, leaning down and capturing his brother’s lips again in a heated kiss, hands stroking down the other man’s sides.  “I think I can fix that,” he murmured against Dean’s lips, before he broke the kiss nodded toward the beer on the bedside table.  “There’s your beer, and here’s your entertainment,” he said, grinning evilly before he lifted Dean up and dropped him onto the bed.  “But we’ll save the drinking for later, wouldn’t want it to interfere with our performance,” he snickered, crawling onto the bed.  


Dean chuckled as he remembered the beer, then his eyes widened in surprise, hands clutching at Sam’s shirt as he was picked up and all but tossed onto the bed.  “Hm, it’s comfy, I will say that,” he murmured, stretching out and arching his back, arms over his head. 


Sam watched the other man for a moment, color rising in his cheeks as his eyes darkened with lust.  He settled on the bed beside him, their legs tangling as Sam pressed himself to Dean’s side, one hand slipping up under the other man’s shirt as he tilted his head, sucking, licking and nibbling at the soft skin of Dean’s throat. 


Dean groaned, tilting his head back as he slipped one arm around Sam’s shoulders, pulling him closer.  His other arm reached up, gripping at the pillows under his head as Sam’s teeth scraped over the juncture of neck and shoulder.  “Sam…” he growled, the hand at his brother’s waist tugging impatiently at his shirt. 


Sam chuckled, breath fanning over Dean’s throat, making the other man shiver.  He pulled away from his brother, kneeling on the bed beside him and gazing down at Dean hungrily.  “I think we’re a little overdressed,” he murmured, grabbing the hem of his shirt and slowly peeling it off, arching his back and giving Dean a bit of a show. 


Dean’s eyes roamed over the other man’s torso as it was revealed to him inch by tantalizing inch, and when the shirt slid up over Sam’s nipples, the temptation became too great.  He sat up and wrapped an arm around Sam’s waist, holding him close as he attacked the other man’s chest with his teeth and tongue, wrenching a strangled cry from his brother.  A moment later he felt insistent hands grasping at his jacket, sliding it roughly down his shoulders, and with a grin Dean released Sam, tossing the jacket aside.  Then he reached for Sam’s t-shirt, pushing it up over the younger man’s head and most of the way off his arms.  At the last moment however, he wrapped the material around Sam’s wrists, knotting it and binding his brother’s hands together before he pushed the other man down onto the bed, settling his weight on top of Sam and nudging his legs apart.  “I’d have to agree with you there,” he smirked, grinding his hips down slowly, the bulge in his jeans rubbing against the one tenting his brother’s pants, drawing a low moan from both of them. 


Sam blinked in surprise when his wrists were bound, sprawling on the bed and shivering as his brother’s weight settled on him.  He spread his legs quickly at the other man’s urging, arching his back and bucking his hips as Dean ground against him.  “Please!” he gasped, one leg sliding up to wrap around Dean’s hips as he moved his arms, trying to squirm out of his bonds.  His eyes widened at the feeling of strong fingers on his wrists, holding the material in place.  “Dean…?”


“Trust me,” Dean whispered, rocking his hips again, smirking as he felt a shiver run through Sam’s frame.  He gazed down at his brother, raising his eyebrows and tilting his head.  “Keep them there for me,” he said quietly, holding Sam’s arms over his head.  When he was satisfied Sam wouldn’t try to move, he released the other’s wrists, trailing his hands down Sam’s chest, pausing to pinch and stroke the younger man’s nipples. 


Sam gasped at the touches, arching up toward Dean’s hands and rocking his hips, seeking more friction.  “Dean, need to lose the clothes, now,” he groaned, voice low and rough with need as he stared up at his brother with half-lidded eyes, cheeks flushed.


Dean watched his brother’s reactions, heat and desire welling inside him when Sam whimpered and writhed beneath him.  “Yeah, now’s good,” he rasped, leaning down and kissing his brother hungrily.  His tongue traced a quick path across the other man’s lower lip before brushing against Sam’s, lightly at first, then more insistently as Dean dominated the kiss, mapping the inside of his brother’s mouth and pulling a keening whine from Sam. A low growl bubbled up in his throat as he felt his brother’s legs sliding up to grip his waist, and he pulled away from the kiss, staring down at him intently. “Stretch those long legs out for me,” he murmured, brushing his nose against Sam’s while the younger man slowly complied, reluctantly giving up his grip on Dean’s body.  


Sam panted and blinked, looking a bit dazed as Dean pulled back.  He stared back at the other man for a moment, parting his lips to speak, but instead only a surprised sound escaped him when strong hands moved to his waist, roughly undoing his belt, then his jeans, tugging them down insistently.  He closed his eyes, lifting his hips and allowing Dean to pull down his jeans and boxers with one strong tug, feeling them pooling at his ankles.  A smile settled on his lips at Dean’s muffled curse, then came the feeling of Dean yanking off his shoes and socks.  Sam stretched and flexed his legs slightly once the last of his clothing was all but torn from his body, enjoying the feel of the air on his bare skin.  He was aware of the sound of clothes being tossed carelessly aside, brown eyes snapping open when one of his shoes hit the far wall with a bang. 


“Sorry,” Dean chuckled, seeing Sam’s eyes open, the younger man’s body instinctively tensing at the sound.  He smiled and kneeled beside his brother, hands sliding up Sam’s legs slowly, fingertips tickling the insides of the other man’s thighs, trying to soothe him again.  Once Sam relaxed again, he leaned down and nuzzled the younger man’s chest.  At Sam’s sharp inhalation he nipped at the smooth, tanned skin, teeth catching and tugging gently.  “You look good enough to eat,” he murmured, one hand stroking Sam’s shoulder as the other slid down over his brother’s taut abdomen, pausing just before he reached Sam’s length.  “Hm…” 


Sam relaxed once more under his brother’s gentle touch, then bared his own teeth in a hiss when Dean nipped at his chest.  “Dean, you-” he bit back a curse and opened his eyes when the nipping abruptly stopped, glancing up and biting his lip at the naughty grin his brother was sporting.  “What are you doing?” he asked, not daring to move just yet. 


“You’ll see,” Dean snickered, climbing off the bed and walking over to the door, casting a look over his shoulder at the younger man, his grin widening.  “Stay there, I’ll be right back.”  With that he ducked out of the room, his soft laughter fading as he strode through the living room, heading for the kitchen.


“Dean!”  Sam called.  He frowned a bit, then pulled his arms down and turned onto his side, resting his weight on one bent arm.  “What the hell are you up to?” he muttered, sighing as he glanced down at his own body, acutely aware of his almost painful state of arousal. He glanced up when Dean returned just a few moments later, carrying the tray of sweets from the kitchen, and two more bottles of beer. 


“Thought I’d make sure we had a little extra for afterward,” Dean chuckled, striding over and dropping the bottles into the ice bucket.  Then he set the tray on the bed and grinned, leaning down to kiss the top of Sam’s head.  “Hungry? I know I am…” he bit back a laugh at the look of pure frustration on Sam’s face. 


“How can you think of food right now!” Sam bellowed, sitting up and trying to undo the knotted t-shirt that still bound his wrists.  “Dean, I swear, I’m gonna kick your-” He gasped as Dean lunged and literally pounced on him, strong hands gripping his forearms and forcing them back over his head while Sam was shoved down onto his back again, one of Dean’s knees wedged between his legs, shoving them apart.  The younger man stared up at Dean with wide eyes, cheeks flushed, breath quickened.  His anger dissipating, arousal returning full-force and he moaned as Dean stretched out on top of him and ground their hips together, the rough denim separating their cocks almost painful when Sam bucked up against him. 


Just as he felt Sam starting to respond, Dean pulled back once again, loving the way his brother shifted and writhed impatiently beneath him.  He climbed off the bed once more, ignoring Sam’s wordless cry of protest.  He looked down at himself, then back at his brother, lust-darkened eyes taking in every inch of the other man’s body.  “I guess I’m still a little overdressed, huh?” he asked softly, before grabbing the hem of his shirt and slowly pulling it off, giving Sam a little show of his own by running his hands over his chest, closing his eyes with a soft groan while he pinched his own nipples gently, working them into hard peaks.  He smirked in satisfaction at the moan that came from the bed, gaze moving to Sam’s face, feeling another sharp spike of need as he saw the look of pure desire etched there.  Without another word he toed off his shoes, then undid his belt and jeans, pushing them down and stepping out of them, before he bent down and pulled off his socks.  He straightened up and stood still, watching while Sam’s eyes traveled over his chest and stomach, then dropped down to stare at his hardened length for the space of several heartbeats, a low moan escaping him as Dean swore he could feel the weight of the other’s stare like a caress. 


Sam licked his lips, heat coursing through him.  He studied his brother, raking his gaze over the other man’s body appreciatively, before his eyes dropped to Dean’s cock, and he bit down on his lower lip, wanting nothing more than to touch and taste the other man.  “Get over here, now,” he growled, narrowing his eyes, arching his back and spreading his legs in a rather enticing display. 


“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Dean grinned, crawling onto the bed and straddling Sam’s hips, dragging a strangled cry from the other man when he deliberately brushed his own length against Sam’s, barely holding back his own low groan.  He leaned down and nuzzled the younger man’s cheek, then laughed softly.  When brown eyes met his, confusion mingling with lust, he smirked down at his brother, reaching for the tray.  “As I said earlier, you look good enough to eat, and I’m starved,” Dean said quietly, singling out one of the small cakes and swirling his fingertips in the icing.  “So I figured why not combine the two?” 


Sam’s lips tilted in a smile as Dean reached up, fingertips tracing his lips gently, smearing a thick layer of icing over them.  He turned his head suddenly when the other man’s hand started to move away, capturing Dean’s finger in his mouth and sucking hard, cheeks hollowing as he pulled it in deeper. He gave a wanton moan, looking up at his brother while his tongue ran lightly over the tip of the trapped digit.


“Oh, Sammy, you have no idea what you’re doing to me right now,” Dean murmured, his tone light, a soft smile on his lips that belied the raw passion that flared in his green eyes when he stared down at Sam.  Then he tilted his head and kissed the other man, tongue swirling, teeth nipping gently as he cleaned every trace of icing off Sam’s lips, leaving the younger man breathless and unable to do anything more than stare up at him with hooded eyes.  “Kissed senseless is a really good look for you,” he chuckled, then reached out with his free hand and gathered more icing on his fingertips, spreading a line of it down the side of Sam’s throat, before he bent his head down to suck and lick the tender skin clean. 


Sam shivered and tilted his head back to give Dean better access, releasing the other man’s finger with a loud groan.  He felt another line of icing quickly being smeared down his chest, then his brother’s lips followed the trail.  Baring his teeth, Sam jerked his head to one side, feeling the light scrape of teeth over one nipple, while his brother’s fingers smeared yet another line of icing down his lower abdomen, stopping just a scant inch from the base of his cock.  He cried out when he felt Dean moving down his body, seeming to deliberately brush against Sam’s length as he went, until Dean’s chin bumped against it while he was licking away the last of the icing.  “Dean…please!” he moaned, rocking his hips, desperate for more than just the agonizing teasing his brother seemed intent on dishing out.  His hands grasped at the pillows, tugging at them, sliding under them to grasp at the sheets.  He blinked as he felt several small, oddly shaped objects under the pillow.  “Wha…?” he murmured, grasping and pulling them out, bringing his arms down to have a look.  With a soft laugh he reached down, dropping three tubes of flavored lube where Dean could see them, before he stretched his arms back over his head, smirking at Dean.  “That might work better than what we had last time,” he commented, then gasped when Dean lifted his head, flicking his tongue over the tip of Sam’s length. 


Dean narrowed his eyes at Sam’s reaction, then picked up the tubes, one at a time.  “Hm, chocolate,” he grinned, setting that one on Sam’s chest, chuckling as the younger man’s muscles jumped from the coolness of it.  “I think we’ll go with that.”  He tilted his head and looked at the other two, setting one to the side, then tossing the last one over the edge of the bed with a look of distaste.  “Ugh, grape, we’ll use that only if we run out of the chocolate and cherry,” he murmured, smiling when Sam laughed again.  He picked up the tube of chocolate flavored lube, squeezing some onto his fingers, then wrapped them around Sam’s length, stroking slowly, delighting in the way the other man’s laughter broke off into a choked moan.   He kissed his way slowly up Sam’s abdomen, then his chest, pausing to lick and nip gently at first one nipple, then the other, before he moved up and grazed his teeth along the other man’s collarbone. 


Sam moaned and shifted restlessly beneath his brother, eyes falling closed, breathing heavily.  He felt Dean settle between his spread legs, hand gently cupping both their lengths, before the other man rocked his hips, providing glorious friction that nearly made Sam scream.  He jerked his arms up, hands slipping between two pillows, then the younger man winced as his fingers banged against something square and sharp-edged jutting out from the wall, hidden behind the line of pillows.  “Ouch,” he hissed, pulling his hands down a bit to glance at his fingers. 


Dean stopped as he felt his brother jerk, hearing the small sound of pain. “Hey, you okay?” he asked, reaching up and cupping his brother’s cheek, thinking he’d hurt Sam.  He frowned a bit, looking at Sam’s fingers when the younger man pulled his hands down, seeing a faint red mark across two of them.  “What happened?” he asked, grasping Sam’s hand, unconsciously bringing it to his lips, brushing them lightly over the younger man’s fingers.


Sam nodded, seeing the concern in his brother’s expression, smiling a bit. “Yeah, it wasn’t you, I hit something hidden behind the pillows” he murmured, then tilted his head up, watching as Dean reached over his head and cleared away one of the pillows, revealing a gray single-button switchbox set on the wall.  He gazed at it, brow furrowed when he realized there were no words on the box, just the small, round, silver button. 


“What the hell is that?” Dean muttered, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head, staring at it for a few moments, both hands now braced on the bed on either side of Sam’s chest.  He lowered his gaze and studied Sam a moment, and the younger man could see Dean’s natural caution overriding his curiosity. 


Sam lifted his arms, bound wrists settling lightly on the back of Dean’s neck.  “I don’t know, want to try it out?” he teased with a grin, already knowing the answer.  He knew there was something familiar about it, but he wasn’t willing to spend too much time dwelling on it right now. 


“Not likely,” Dean scoffed, “we can figure it out later.” That said, he lowered himself onto the other man and kissed him deeply, one hand threading through Sam’s hair, the other hand wrapping around both their arousals once more, drawing a groan from each of them. 


Sam made another soft sound and bucked his hips eagerly, marveling at the feel of Dean’s fingers stroking and squeezing his length in all the right places, and then, with a sudden flash of inspiration, he realized what that box was for.  He smirked against Dean’s lips, legs lifting to grasp the other man’s hips again as he curled his fingers, tugging at the knotted material around his wrists and managing to work his hands free of the t-shirt.  With a soft laugh he quickly twisted his body, flipping them over and pinning his brother down on his back, holding Dean’s arms out at his sides. 


“Sam?” Dean stiffed in surprise, struggling briefly as he was flipped over.  He shivered and relaxed when he felt the other man’s weight settling on his hips, before Sam’s long fingers curling around his wrists.  He looked up at his brother with wide eyes, watching mutely as Sam slowly reached one hand up to press the button.  “Wait, Sam, we don’t know what that-nngh!  Dean’s words trailed off into a groan as the bed started gently vibrating beneath him, Sam’s weight pressing him down more firmly against the mattress.  “Oh my God,” he murmured, a pleased smile settling on his lips.  “Magic fingers…” 


“I knew it,” Sam grinned, watching his brother’s eyes slip closed, an expression of near-bliss on Dean’s face.  He decided to take advantage of the other’s relaxed state, reaching for the lube as he slowly changed his position, moving from straddling Dean’s hips, to pushing his legs apart and settling between them, one hand caressing Dean’s length, fingertip stroking from tip to base, then back to the tip, circling around the head.  When the older man bucked into the touches he stopped, chuckling at Dean’s muffled expletive before he spread some lube onto his fingertips, biting his lip as he reached down between Dean’s spread legs. 


Dean bared his teeth and exhaled shakily, hands coming up to grip Sam’s biceps while the other man stretched out on top of him, pushing him down full length into the soothing vibrations.  He felt himself going boneless from the massage at his back, and Sam’s solid heat and teasing touches from the front.  Green eyes popped open when he felt something cool and slick ghosting over his entrance, and he gazed up at his brother, eyes narrowed to glittering slits.  “What makes you think you’re gonna be on top?” he asked, voice low and unsteady as Sam’s other hand encircled his cock, moving up and down in slow, languid strokes. 


“Cause I’m bigger than you,” Sam teased, laughing softly, before running his tongue slowly along his brother’s lower lip.  As Dean opened his mouth to argue the point, Sam pressed an almost bruising kiss to the other man’s lips, then tilted his head so his breath fanned over the other’s ear.  “I’ll tell you what,” he murmured, giving Dean’s cock a gentle squeeze, before he pressed one finger into him.  “If I top tonight, then tomorrow, I’m all yours.  Anywhere, any time, any way,” he smirked when he felt the other man’s length twitch slightly in his hand.  “I saw the way you looked at that bathtub, I can’t wait to find out what you’re gonna do to me in it.” 


Dean bared his teeth again at the intrusion, the gentle squeeze to his length distracting him.  He slid his hands up further, curling them around Sam’s shoulders, shivering at the feel of his brother’s breath against his ear.  “J…Jesus, Sammy!” he stammered, voice husky with desire, erotic images flooding his mind as Sam spoke.  “Fine, I’m all yours,” he managed shakily, opening his legs wider and trying to relax when he felt a second finger stroking his entrance, seeking the join the first. 


A sharp spike of arousal shot through Sam at Dean’s words, teeth latching onto the edge of the other man’s ear and nipping gently.  “Damn right you are,” he whispered, scissoring his fingers gently, stretching and stroking the tight ring of muscle, before he probed deeper, seeking his brother’s sweet spot.  He knew he found it when Dean’s muscles tensed, the older man inhaling sharply as his fingers dug into Sam’s shoulders. 


Dean arched his neck and let out a rasping cry as Sam’s fingers brushed over his prostate repeatedly, hands gripping, pulling at the other man’s shoulders.  “Sam…just do it!” he demanded, staring up at his brother and panting, cheeks flushed. 


Sam gave Dean a mischievous smile, before he breathed into his ear again.  “Now you know how I felt.”  He grinned when Dean’s hips bucked, legs tangling with his, Dean’s blunt fingernails nearly biting into his skin.  “As much as I’d love to get my revenge for all that teasing earlier, if I have to wait much longer, I’m gonna go nuts.”  Sam’s voice dropped to a growl at the last four words, a third finger pressing into Dean gently while Sam started to rock against him, his own breathing labored as he tried to hold himself back. 


Dean bared his teeth and grunted at the additional stretching, lifting his head and pressing his forehead to Sam’s shoulder.  His hands slid back down to grasp Sam’s arms again, legs untangling from Sam’s, knees bent as Dean braced them on the bed.  He felt Sam’s fingers pulling out, a wordless sound of protest spilling from his lips.  A moment later he heard a soft moan, and he tilted his head, looking down, the color in his cheeks deepening at what he saw. “God, Sam…” he murmured, eyes trained on the younger man’s length while he watched Sam spreading a liberal amount of lube over the thick shaft, Sam’s hand moving quickly, jerkily, showing the younger man’s passion was reaching a fever pitch.  Dean kneaded his brother’s shoulders, kiss-swollen lips parted, then he shivered with anticipation.  “Hurry the hell up, would you?” he demanded, voice quavering with his own need. 


Sam froze at the words, eyes narrowing at the bolt of arousal that shot through him at the sound of Dean’s voice.  With a low groan he settled on top of his brother, one arm braced on the bed beside his brother’s head, the other hand still wrapped around his own length, guiding it to Dean’s entrance.  Both men cried out softly when the head of his cock breached the still tight ring of muscle, before Sam rocked his hips gently, pushing most of his shaft inside with a choked moan.  The younger man paused a moment, head resting on Dean’s shoulder while a faint tremor ran through his body. 


Dean gritted his teeth, grasping Sam’s shoulders tightly, his head tilted back, breathing deeply as the thick, blunt length pushed into him.  Green eyes widened at the sensation of fullness, a soft moan spilling from his lips when Sam’s cock brushed his prostate, offsetting his discomfort with a ripple of pleasure.  They lay still and silent for a moment, the only sound in the room their own soft panting, until Dean fisted one hand in the younger man’s hair, urging Sam’s head up so he could lock eyes with him.  “Move,” he snarled, rocking his own hips slightly for emphasis. 


“Wait,” Sam murmured, gazing down at his brother, breath still labored as he fought the instinct to ram his length into the searing heat that gripped him.  “Dean!” he rasped, clenching his eyes shut and letting out a whimper when the other man started to move beneath him, the small movements causing friction that had his hands fisting in the sheets while he shivered in pleasure. 


“Sam,” Dean growled, a leg tangling with the other man’s again while he arched up toward him.  He gasped when Sam suddenly bucked his hips, thrusting the rest of the way inside, brushing his prostate as he did so.  Dean moaned quietly, eyes sliding shut, hands slipping down Sam’s back. 


Sam swallowed hard, dropping his head down to nuzzle Dean’s shoulder, still panting softly.  He felt Dean’s fingers curl, digging into his back as the other man made a quiet, frustrated sound, trying to move his hips. “Stop…” he whispered, sliding his hands over Dean’s arms, grasping his wrists and attempting to pin his hands down on either side of the other man’s head.


Dean looked up at his brother with hooded eyes, smirking when his hands were pressed gently down against the mattress. He entwined their fingers, giving Sam’s hands a little squeeze, then chuckled softly.  “Thought you weren’t gonna tease,” he murmured, turning his head and pressing a kiss to Sam’s hair. 


Sam laughed breathlessly, lifting his head and giving Dean an incredulous look.  “I wasn’t, I just want a minute to,” he blushed slightly, “calm down a bit, I really don’t want to cum within five thrusts.” 


Dean snickered, leaning up so he could capture Sam’s lower lip gently between his teeth. “Yeah, I’d like a little more than that, but I’d be happy to switch if you’re worried about your lack of…staying power,” he chuckled, then groaned, eyes snapping shut as Sam rolled his hips, sending another wave of pleasure coursing through him. 


Sam narrowed his eyes at the tease, lowering his weight onto Dean, then releasing the other man’s hand so he could slide an arm around his brother’s waist.  “I think I’ve got enough to satisfy you,” he murmured, before slowly pulling out, then thrusting back into Dean gently.  Sam froze, brown eyes widened in surprise when Dean grunted and jerked his hips up off the bed, his free arm snapping around Sam’s shoulders.  “You okay?” he whispered, thinking he’d hurt the other man. 


Dean stared up at the mirrored ceiling for a few seconds, then nodded shakily, moving his gaze back to his brother’s face before he tried to tug Sam down more firmly on top of himself.  “Just like that,” he said, voice hoarse as he rocked up toward Sam again, moaning when his cock was trapped between them, sliding along smooth, sweaty skin.  He reached up suddenly and punched the button on the switchbox, stopping the vibrations beneath them, before he moaned softly, moving his hips again.  


Sam blinked as he felt the magic fingers stop, blinking in confusion.  “Why?” he managed to say, voice rough, breathing unevenly as he lowered his head, brushing the tip of his nose against Dean’s. 


Dean swallowed hard, closing his eyes a moment.  He lowered his hand from the switchbox, running blunt nails lightly down Sam’s back as he smiled and rubbed noses.  “We can play with that later,” he murmured, “right now I just want to feel you.”


 Sam nodded, looking down and feeling Dean’s length pressing into his stomach, then he smiled faintly, leaning his head down and capturing the other man’s lips in a heated kiss.  He felt Dean’s movements become more insistent, and he tightened the arm around his brother’s waist, pressing their bodies closer as he began to move inside the other man, setting a slow, teasing rhythm. 


Dean panted harshly, letting out a strangled groan against Sam’s lips.  Pleasure swept through him with each thrust, Sam’s length brushing his prostate combined with his own cock trapped between their moving bodies reducing him to wordless cries and growls.  Sweat beaded on his forehead, a light sheen of it forming on his skin while he continued to buck and writhe, trying to match Sam’s rhythm.  


Sam moaned into the kiss, feeling his control slipping a little more with each buck of Dean’s hips, and each erotic sound that spilled from the older man’s lips. He broke the kiss after a few moments, lifting his head to gaze at the other man.  “Dean,” he whimpered, feeling his control go up in flames at the sight of his brother staring up at him, green eyes half-lidded, cheeks dark, those sensuous lips swollen and red from their fevered kisses.   Dean arched up toward him, silently pleading for more, and Sam was only too happy to comply.  His thrusts became harder, faster, breath coming in harsh gasps as Sam felt nails scraping over his back, the hand still entwined with his tightening its grip, nails biting into the back of Sam’s hand. 


Dean closed his eyes tightly, chest heaving, every muscle tensing, his climax fast approaching.  His legs slid up, tightening around Sam’s hips, urging him on silently.  The arm around Sam’s shoulders slid up, fingers twining in the younger man’s sweaty hair before Dean leaned up and kissed him hungrily, tongues brushing, teeth clicking together lightly, making both of them moan.  Suddenly he stiffened, Sam’s name bursting from his lips in a hoarse shout while his body bucked, arched and shuddered, seed spilling between them, coating Sam’s and his own abdomen. 


Sam felt his brother’s release coating his stomach, the other man’s muscles tightening around his length, wringing a choked cry from him.  He clenched his eyes shut, teeth bared, thrusts becoming uneven, before with one last hard buck of his hips he climaxed with a wordless scream, muscles standing out beneath sweat-soaked skin as he arched, head flung back. Panting harshly, he collapsed on top of Dean, a tired smile appearing on his lips as he felt Dean’s heart racing along with his own. 


Dean lay still and quiet, arm still around Sam’s shoulders.  He flinched slightly as Sam moved his hips, slowly pulling out, before stretching out over him again.  When their heartbeat and breathing began to calm, he gently pulled his hand from Sam’s so he could run it through his brother’s hair affectionately.  He smiled when he was rewarded with a nuzzle to the side of his throat; Sam’s lips pressing a gentle kiss there afterward.  He took a deep breath and released it in a contented sigh, arms tightening around Sam.  A companionable silence settled between them, then a few moments later, it was broken by a quiet, still-hoarse voice.  "Hey Sam, gimme a beer, would you?"


Sam burst out laughing, nuzzling his brother's cheek, his eyes closed.  "How'd I know that was coming?" he asked, sliding one hand over Dean's chest, before he kissed the other man's temple.  "Should have known you would remember the getting soused part."


"Course I would, now gimme my damn beer," Dean snapped, but his voice was warm, and one hand moved down to Sam's hip, stroking the younger man's smooth skin gently, taking the sting out of his words.  A smile settled on his lips as he nuzzled Sam's hair, then kissed the top of his head.  


"Alright, jeez.  Never pegged you as being so cranky after sex," Sam chuckled, then turned over a bit, reaching for the ice bucket and grabbing two beers, opening them and handing one to his brother.  He started to sit up, catching Dean's wince when the other man did the same.  "Here," he said quietly, grabbing several of the pillows around them and stacking them up so Dean could lean back in a semi-sitting position.  


Dean nodded his thanks, leaning back on the pillows and letting out the breath he'd been holding in a shaky sigh.  He frowned a moment, then tilted his head back, spotting the switchbox on the wall.  With a grin he reached up and punched it again, starting up the soothing vibrations beneath them once more.  "Ah...much better," he murmured, reaching an arm around Sam's waist and drawing the younger man closer before he tapped their bottles together gently, taking a deep drink. 


Sam shifted over and pressed the length of his body to Dean's side, tangling their legs once again, sporting a wide, satisfied grin.  He took a sip of his beer, then rested his cheek against Dean's hair, his free arm slung around the other man's shoulders.  "I hope you don't think this means we're done for the night," he chuckled, rubbing the chilled bottle against Dean's nipple teasingly. 


"No, but I know exactly what it does mean," Dean growled, before returning the smirk, then leaning up toward Sam, pausing just before their lips touched. 


"Oh?  And what's that?"  Sam asked quietly, one eyebrow raised as he slid the bottle lower, feeling Dean's abdominal muscles jumping at the sudden cold. 


"It means that you’re now, literally, my pain in the ass little brother," he quipped, both of them laughing as they shared a kiss. 



To Be Continued…

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