Style, Part 6.

Author: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Beta: Reiver Vicious

Spoilers: Season 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or its characters, and am making no money from this.

Warnings and Notes: Yaoi, lemon, lime, language.  OOC, TWT, AU, General Weirdness.  This was just a little something that tickled my funny bone after watching a rerun of ‘Tall Tales’. 

Summary: Time’s almost up, and Dean’s deal comes due.  But it seems that sometimes the right words spoken at the right time can mean more than you ever thought possible. 

“ ” Speaking

* * Thoughts

~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV   




          Sam woke up the next morning, a soft moan spilling from his lips while his body curled more tightly around the warm, solid form that lay next to him.  He smiled and opened his eyes, affection clearly written on his face as he trailed a fingertip lightly down the side of Dean’s jaw, over the rough stubble that left the pad of his finger tingling.  Aside from a slight tick in the muscle of the other man’s jaw, Dean didn’t stir, so Sam disentangled himself from their embrace and slipped out of bed.  He grinned and leaned down to press a kiss to Dean’s temple before slipping on his boxers, then his jeans.  “I’ll even be nice and let you sleep in,” he murmured, grabbing his shoes before he left the room, closing the door most of the way behind him. 


          On his way to the kitchen, Sam veered into the bathroom and started hot water running in the massive bathtub, adding some bubble bath to it, just to see Dean’s reaction.  He laughed softly as he found some massage oils, setting them along one edge of the tub, and putting two large, fluffy towels within easy reach.  “You really did think of everything, didn’t you?” he sighed, thinking of the trickster.  Now that he wasn’t distracted by need or desire, he found himself feeling strange again about accepting all the creature’s gifts, as if they’d both made a deal with another kind of devil.


          With a shake of his head he brushed that thought aside, wandering out to the kitchen and searching through the cupboards, and the fridge.  He pondered the question of what to make for breakfast for a few moments, trying to decide between a large meal, or just something light.  Wrinkling his nose, Sam just put on a pot of coffee, deciding it would probably be better to just ask Dean what he wanted to eat when the other man woke up.  He did however set out cups, plates, and cutlery, moving two chairs together on one side of the table rather than letting them stay at opposite ends of it.  Sam chuckled, knowing Dean would probably tease him about getting all soft on him, or worse, getting clingy like a love-struck girl.  But he didn’t care.  Today he was going to spend every bit of time he had with his brother, being as close as possible.     


          He sighed, a frown on his face as Sam slid his feet into his sneakers, then walked out to the Impala, grabbing his computer and two duffel bags, bringing everything inside.  He felt a bit guilty over telling Dean that he had something in mind regarding the deal last night, remembering the small spark of hope that had appeared in his brother’s green eyes.  A large hand ran through unruly brown hair while Sam booted up his laptop, intending to do a bit more research while he waited for the tub to fill, and the coffee to brew.  *I’m not going to make myself into a liar, I WILL get him out of this,* Sam thought to himself fiercely, opening up one of the bags and pulling out chalk, salt, a bag of  gofer dust, and a small box he’d managed to keep hidden from his brother thus far, knowing if Dean saw the bones, soil and other things inside, he would have hit the roof.  Sam told himself time and again the box would only be used as a last resort.  He’d rather take a chance on using the Colt and opening that gateway to hell in the old cemetery, than making a deal. 


          “What’s all that for?” the smooth, deep voice spoke just behind his right ear, making Sam tumble off the couch in surprise, gaping up at Dean, face pale, brown eyes wide as he tried to hide the box from his big brother’s view. 


          “D…Dean?” Sam stammered, trying to slip the box under the couch, but his stomach sank when he saw narrowed green eyes following its progress.  The sight of his big brother standing over him, wearing nothing but a pair of well-worn, loose blue jeans that hung low on his hips was playing havoc with Sam’s libido even as he pushed down the fear that came with being discovered.


          “You thinkin’ of breaking your word, Sam?  To your own brother?  How could you?” The other man hunched down and snatched up the box, setting it on the table once again.  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell him,” he murmured, smirking wickedly. Suddenly the other person’s form shimmered, then shifted back into the woman that had confronted Sam outside the night before, although this time she was wearing a great deal more, namely a white t-shirt, tight blue jeans and sneakers as opposed to the red and black negligee.  “Gotcha.” 


          Sam lay sprawled on the floor, feeling a confusing jumble of apprehension and relief.  “You scared the hell out of me!” he rasped, slowly getting up again, sitting back on the sofa, head tilted up to stare at the trickster suspiciously.  “What do you want?”   


          “What, I can’t come and check up on my new buddies, see how they enjoyed their night?” she asked, tilting her head and lifting an eyebrow.  “Although if this,” the woman traced a fingertip over the side of Sam’s neck, then down his bare shoulder, circling the love bites left by Dean during their second bout of lovemaking, “is any indication, I’d say you had a pretty good one, hm?” 


          “Buddies, yeah…” Sam shook his head, turning away and closing his eyes.  He felt heat rising in his cheeks, body stirring at the memories of the previous evening, of Dean writhing in his lap, head flung back, cheeks darkened as he panted and cried out Sam’s name.  “I have work to do, so what else are you after?” he asked, narrowing his eyes and willing away his body’s reactions. 


          “Well, I did leave you two alone last night, so I wasn’t even sure if you’d taken my gift and stayed here, or not.  I was curious,” she chuckled, leaning against the back of the couch.  “I almost wish now I had stayed to see the show,” she teased, reaching out and tugging gently at a lock of his hair.  “Don’t worry, I can tell by that water running in the tub, and the nice little romantic setup you’ve got out there for breakfast, that your plans extend into today, too.  So I’ll be leaving soon enough.  I really did just come by to see if you two had a good night.” 


          Sam stared at her hard for several moments, trying not to be moved by the sincere, open expression on her face as she gazed back at him steadily.  “You know I still don’t get why you’re trying to be so…” he trailed off, narrowing his eyes.


          “Helpful?” she chuckled, standing up and placing both hands on her hips.  “I already told you, Sam, I like you guys,” she gave him a small smile at that, tilting her head and lifting one shoulder in a shrug.  “I find mortals in general fascinating, and, I admit, an endless source of amusement.  But you guys, well, I always liked your type, the ones that stalk those things that go bump in the night, that dedicate their lives to the hunt.  But you two are definitely my favorites.” 


          Sam rested his forearms on his bent knees, staring at his computer screen for a few moments.  Then he turned toward her again, lips parting.  He tried to phrase a question, but just couldn’t seem to get the words to come out right. 


          “Mm,” she nodded slowly, narrowing her blue eyes thoughtfully.  “I know what you’re thinking.  You’re wondering about what we talked about, me helping Dean out of the deal, right?” she sighed and shook her head, walking around to stand before him on the other side of the coffee table, arms folded over her chest as she gazed down at him.  “Like I told you, Sam, I don’t do the whole good Samaritan thing.  Heck, even everything I’ve given you guys here goes against my grain a little.  This whole setup is so sweet, I think I’ve given myself a cavity,” the trickster lifted her hand and rubbed her cheek, looking mildly annoyed, before she dropped her hand and started pacing back and forth in front of the coffee table, steps quick and light.  “As for helping your brother, well, let’s face it,” she turned and gave him an imploring look.  “It’s a demon, and even given what I am, stepping in to break a deal just for one mortal?  I’m not sure I want to borrow that much trouble, to be honest with you.” 


          Sam nodded slowly, gaze dropping to the floor as he cursed himself for the small spark of hope that kept trying to alight in his chest.  He knew he couldn’t actually consider relying on the creature in front of him, but part of him wanted to keep coaxing, pleading with it even.  He’d set aside his pride, give up anything he had to in order to save Dean.  Sam’s brow furrowed, teeth nibbling at his bottom lip as a thought struck him, a remembrance of how much the other trickster had liked Dean.  Maybe, just maybe he was going about things the wrong way.  Dean’s sarcastic sense of humor and appreciation for the trickster’s style had taken him a long way with the other one.  Dean had even known just how to appeal to the trickster’s sense of vanity, his pride in his ‘work’.  “Well, I guess you’re right.  But anyway, thanks for all this,” he gestured around himself, indicating the cabin.  “This is a really great setup, everything was perfect. The food, the beer, the furnishings, everything was awesome.  I have to say, I like your style.” 


          The trickster grinned and laced her fingers together, hands behind her back as she turned her upper body slightly from side to side, practically eating up the small praise.  “I knew you’d like it.  I had a pretty good idea of what would appeal to you two.  Tell me, what’d you guys think of the bedroom, huh?  I put a lot of thought into that.” 


          “Mhm, I could tell,” Sam chuckled, looking up at her.  “We loved it.  The ice bucket was a nice touch, so was the lube, and Dean especially liked the magic fingers,” Sam laughed softly, sitting back and folding his hands over his stomach as he watched her.  He hesitated a moment, wondering if he could successfully pull this next part off.  He knew Dean could have smoothly inserted it, and probably even made her feel guilty enough to help, but he just didn’t have Dean’s brazen charm.  But nonetheless, it was worth the attempt.  “Like I said, we appreciate everything you’ve given us, we’re just going to enjoy the day here together, before…” he trailed off, not having to fake the despondent expression that crossed his face. 


The trickster gave him a pouty look, batting her long eyelashes at him.  “I wish I could help you out with that, really I do,” she sighed, moving over and sitting down on one arm of the sofa. 


“Yeah,” he said quietly, running one hand through his hair.  “But I guess even for you would be a pretty bad idea to take on the crossroads demon, I know she’s powerful, and vicious.” Sam sighed, sitting back.  “We learned that the first time we dealt with her.”


“Oh yeah?” she glanced over at him, looking interested, her long legs crossed, arms over her lap as she leaned forward slightly.  “You guys…make deals with demons often, do you?”  The trickster laughed softly, eyeing Sam, one eyebrow raised.  


“No, it wasn’t us making deals the first time, other people were.”  Sam told her about the three people they’d tracked down that had made deals, and then recounted how he had stayed behind to keep the hellhounds away from the last one, while Dean went and summoned the demon to confront it and try to free the man.  He told her the story of Dean’s trick just as Dean himself had explained it, letting Dean’s sense of humor color the story as much as he was able. 


“Wait, wait, wait…” the trickster braced both feet on the floor to keep herself from falling off the arm of the sofa as she snickered, shoulders shaking.  “So he let her see the devil’s trap under the car, then let her think she was leading him away, when all the time he was just leading her into another trap?” 


Sam nodded, unable to keep from laughing himself as he was reminded of just how crafty his brother could be, and just what an ironic sense of humor Dean could have.  “Yeah, he really had her fooled.  She had no idea what hit her.” 


“Hah!  Now that’s funny!” she threw back her head and laughed, one hand on her stomach.  “Ah, that Dean.  What a guy.  I do love his sense of humor, and his knack for a good trick.  He’s the only mortal I’ve known firsthand that’s ever…” she paused then, slanting a look at Sam, “managed to trick an immortal like that.”  *Watch it, the game’s not over quite yet,*  the trickster thought with a smirk.  “I think you could call us mutual fans at this point.” 


“Yeah,” Sam said with a wistful smile.  “I wonder even now if that’s the reason she only gave him one year, instead of the ten she gives everyone else, because she was still pissed off at him for managing to trap her.”  He shook his head, then gazed up at the trickster. 


“Probably,” she nodded slowly, getting up off the arm of the sofa and taking a few slow steps toward the kitchen, smiling as she peeked into the bathroom and saw the water almost three quarters of the way up the side.  “Some immortal beings have absolutely no sense of humor, and that’s a shame.  After all, what good is eternal life if you can’t enjoy a good laugh once in awhile?”  She glanced back and Sam and pointed into the room.  “You might want to check your bath water, and I think your coffee’s ready, too.” 


Sam got up and nodded, walking past her into the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub and turning the taps slowly, unable to see what the trickster was doing, therefore missing the sudden images that flashed across his computer screen as the woman narrowed her eyes, studying the information presented.  By the time he got up and walked out of the bathroom, heading for the kitchen, she was leaning against the back of the sofa once again, smiling at him as if nothing had occurred. 


“Well, looks like it’s almost time to wake your brother up and start your day, so I’ll leave you two alone.”  She straightened up and moved across the room, following Sam into the kitchen, pausing beside the table and chuckling at the way Sam had rearranged the chairs.  “Tell you what, as a last parting gift, breakfast is on me.”  The trickster waved her hand toward the table, and a moment later it was laden with trays bearing everything Sam had considered making, eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, even home fries among a few other things Sam was sure Dean would be all too happy to enjoy. 


Sam gave her a small smile, nodding his head.  “Yeah, thanks, this is great.  I’m sure Dean’s going to love it,” he murmured, swallowing his pride and trying to give her his best puppy dog look, the one he’d seen his brother use to talk women into almost anything on many occasions. 


The trickster glanced back at him and sighed at the look, finding it difficult to keep up the ambiguous nature of the game being played.  She shook her head and gave him a wan smile in return, before lifting her hand in a wave, heading toward the front door.  “Don’t mention it.  Have a good day with your brother, maybe I’ll catch you later,” she said noncommittaly, opening the door and slipping out without so much as a backward glance. 


Sam moved over to the window and watched her leave, looking down and turning away as she seemed to fade into the trees.  “Well, that’s that, I guess,” he muttered, shaking his head and trying to dispel that annoying feeling of hope that simply wouldn’t leave him.  He really didn’t think anything he’d said or done had made a difference; the trickster was not going to help anymore than it already had.  With an annoyed sigh he pushed aside his lingering thoughts of the trickster, moving back to the living room to put away his computer, and hide the preparations he’d made for tonight. 




          The woman walked away from the cabin, barely holding back a laugh as she moved into the trees, hiding herself from Sam’s view.  Her form shimmered, slowly changing back to that of the police officer.  “You’re so much fun to play with, you still haven’t got a clue,” he snickered, unwrapping a candy bar and taking a bite.  He was joined a moment later by two familiar women, one blond, one brunette, both wearing t-shirts and jeans similar to the clothing the trickster had worn when he spoke with Sam. 


          “You’re having more fun with those two than I’ve seen you have in a long time,” the brunette purred, as she and the blond pressed themselves against his sides, arms wrapped around him. 


          “Yeah, those two can always be counted on to provide a good game,” the trickster chuckled, turning slowly and leading them away from the cabin.    “That was a fun visit, productive, too,” he mused, tilting his head back, before he grinned wickedly.  “I thought the idea I had for tonight was good, but Sam just gave me an even better one.  That brother of his can be a real inspiration to a guy like me.”  He took off his cap and tilted it toward the cabin.  “It’s going to be a hell of a good night.”  The three figures burst out laughing, then vanished, leaving nothing behind but a candy bar wrapper in the grass. 


To Be Continued…


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