Deal Breaker, part 4/?

Author: Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Beta: behrbemine, thanks also to Zab Jade for encouragement and support!

Spoilers: Season 2/3

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or its characters, and am making no money from this.

Warnings and Notes: Wincest, eventual non-con, bondage, language, and violence.  OOC, totally and completely AU by this point XD, General Weirdness.

Additional Notes: Some of you may have noticed I changed the time frame a bit, in regards to attempting to intro at least a little season 3 canon into this.  Mind you, it’ll still end up veering off into AU at some point XD

Summary:  Sometimes to beat one kind of evil, you have to join forces with another… 




Dean and Sam didn’t even bother with breakfast, choosing instead to prepare for the evening.  The brothers worked feverishly to set salt lines, devil’s traps, and anything else they could think of around the room to ward off the demon.  When at last they were finished, Sam sprawled on the bed, sighing deeply.  And I can’t even tell him it’s all for nothing, he thought, eyes narrowing as he stared up at a crack in the plaster.


You think you got problems?  The demon spoke up angrily.  It’s a good thing I’m sated for the moment, as there’s no plausible way I could feed off him with this little setup.  You’d better find a way to distract brother dearest when it’s time for me to feed again, because between his sudden super-paranoia over being fed from, and his ‘Sammy can’t be more than five feet away from me at all times’ protectiveness, we might have a problem.


Dean snapped his fingers, his hand held right over Sam’s face, causing him to jump.  “Snap out of it,” he chuckled, tilting his head and looking down at the younger man.  “I’m gonna go grab us somethin’ to eat at the diner just up the street, what do you want?” 


Sam glanced around the room, the memories of what had happened earlier still fresh in his mind as his eyes raked over Dean’s bed.  “Um, actually I think I’ll go too, I could use the fresh air,” Sam smiled up at him, and then sat up slowly, trying to hide a wince.  Some of his earlier injuries were still stiff and painful, though they’d improved enough for him to help Dean secure the room.  But other, more awkward parts of him were sore after what the demon had forced him to do. 


“No way, Sammy,” Dean shook his head and walked over to the door, leather jacket clutched in his hand.  “I saw the way you were movin’ around earlier, you’re gonna stay here and relax.  You’d better still be in that bed when I get back,” he pointed a finger at Sam, then smirked and waited for the inevitable backtalk. 


Sam looked over at his brother with an incredulous expression.  “Where do you get off telling me what to do?”   


“Because I’m older and wiser,” Dean shot him a grin, opening the door and stepping outside quickly before slamming it shut.  He laughed at Sam’s muffled expletive and walked down the steps, whistling a jaunty tune as he headed for the diner. 


Sam was off the bed the second Dean was gone, pulling on a hoodie and opening the door.  Better be in bed my ass, he thought with a scowl, stepping outside and doing up the zipper.  He was just about to descend the steps, when he got the feeling he was no longer alone.  One hand was already pulling the gun out from the back of his waistband as Sam swung around, a frown on his face when he saw who it was.  “Ruby.” 


Oh great…  Well, might as well get this over with, let me talk to her. The demon sighed and pushed her way to the surface, causing a faint orange glow to light up Sam’s normally hazel-green eyes.  “Well hello there, long time no see,” she drawled in Sam’s voice. 


“Yeah, but not nearly long enough,” came Ruby’s snarky answer.  “I didn’t know you’d made it out of the gate.  I didn’t figure you’d be strong enough.” 


“Yeah, a popular misconception I’m going to enjoy clearing up.”  The demon growled, Sam’s eyes now completely orange. 


“Using Sam’s body?  Uh-uh,” Ruby shook her head and smirked, folding her arms as she leaned against the side of the building.  “I’ve got plans for him, and I’m not about to let you screw them up.” 


“Oh yeah,” the demon snorted, mimicking the blond woman’s posture.  “I can guess exactly what those plans are.  But I’m not out to screw up your big plan for,” she grinned nastily, “‘saving’ the world.  Matter of fact, my being in here until Sammy-boy finds me a new body might actually help you.” 


“An energy-sucking parasitic whore taking over my star player is going to help me?”  Ruby sneered, narrowing her eyes.  “Please, do tell.” 


“Watch it, bitch,” the demon growled, using Sam’s larger size to loom over Ruby.  Okay, crunch time, she thought, eyes narrowing as she reached deep into Sam’s mind, drawing on something interesting she’d discovered that morning while he was sleeping…


“Or you’ll do what?”  Ruby challenged, eyes flashing to black.  She let out a soft, surprised sound as she was pushed back into the wall, as if an invisible fingertip had settled on her chest and given a shove.  Ruby was so surprised the blackness vanished from her eyes as she stared up at the demon.  “What the hell did you just do?” 


“Just tapped into a little something I found in Sammy-boy’s head.  You’d be amazed all the stuff that’s in here.  Including enough issues to keep all the psychiatrists in the world busy for years,” the demon shook her head, then smirked.  “And there’s more where that came from.  I don’t know just how much power’s in here, but I do sense that I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Seems all this stuff didn’t just vanish when Dean killed Azazel.  It went dormant.  I can…dig it up, with a little time.  Don’t worry,” she brought up both hands, palms outward.  “I’ll still vacate the premises when my gracious host finds me a new body.” 


Ruby studied her for several long moments, eyes narrowed.  “Fine, let’s say I’m intrigued.  Those powers might come in handy.  But there’s still the little issue of you feeding on Dean, using Sam.  You want to talk issues; you’re going to break him if you keep doing that.  Not to mention I don’t want Dean dead.  We need all the help we can get from him-”  She cut herself off before she could finish that sentence. 


“Oh please, that is one of Sam’s biggest issues right now.” The demon laughed at the puzzled expression on Ruby’s face.  “He’s so tied up in knots over how he feels about his precious brother, it’s a wonder he can still function around the man.  That’s why feeding off him falls well within the terms of our little deal.  As for harming Dean, not going to happen.  I just wanted a taste of that Winchester life force, pretty powerful stuff,” the demon grinned wickedly. 


“Uh huh, meaning you’ve become enamored with Dean, just like so many other demons.  I’ll never get how he does that.  But you know what else I don’t get?  That strange habit you have of falling for some of your victims, you aren’t a typical demon, so it’s not like you started out the same way most of us did…” Ruby slanted a look at the other demon, then shook her head, pushing away from the wall.  “You’re a variable I didn’t count on, and really don’t need.  I should just send you back to Hell right now...” 


“Yeah, but there’s no way for you to do that without causing harm to your ‘star player’,” the demon smirked, running one hand down Sam’s chest. 


Ruby glared at her, knowing that, for the moment, the other demon was right.  She would need time to come up with a decent plan, perhaps get Dean involved so that she could rid Sam of his ‘passenger’.  “Just remember, I need them alive and functional, both of them.  If anything happens to either one, I can and will kill you.”  That said, she turned and walked away, disappearing around the corner. 


“Yeah, I know all about your little pig-sticker,” the demon sneered, then blinked, eyes fading from orange to green as Dean called Sam’s name, the older man making his way across the parking lot. 


Mind telling me just what the hell that was all about? Sam asked the demon, narrowing his eyes a moment, before he pasted a smile on his face and started toward Dean, noticing the older man’s obvious displeasure at finding him up and about. 


Let’s just say…she and I have had a few run-ins in the past, and leave it at that, shall we? the demon answered, her amusement easily felt by Sam. 


I think it would be in my best interests, to know the particulars of your acquaintance, Sam held up a hand as Dean opened his mouth, the other man’s flashing green eyes promising a Dean-ified version of the worried big brother lecture. 


Hm, alright, when the time’s right, I’ll fill you in, she answered thoughtfully. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about your little ‘friend’ once you find out the whole story.


Sam blinked at that comment, looking confused for a moment before he glanced at Dean, trying to focus on what the older man was saying. 


“I thought I told you to stay put,” Dean scowled up at him, grabbing Sam’s bicep and trying to steer his brother back toward the door.  “Now come on, let’s eat, then we’ll figure out a plan to deal with that thing.” 


Sam leaned back and sighed, shaking his head.  “Dean, I can’t stomach that room right now, it still smells like…” 


Dean glanced back at Sam and frowned, before he nodded slowly. “Alright, stay here a minute,” he said, handing Sam the bag of food before he stalked over to the door.  He unlocked it and flung it open, then strode inside and opened the windows as well.  “Better?”  Dean asked, poking his head out the door and glaring at Sam impatiently. 


Sam huffed and glared back at him.  “Can we give it more than 5 seconds to air out?  You might enjoy a room that smells like that, but I don’t!”


“Prissy bitch,” Dean muttered, ducking back into the room. 


“Excuse me?!” 




After the room had aired out to Sam’s satisfaction, they finally got around to eating breakfast.  Dean had called Bobby to discuss their current problem, and he told them to come to his place on the double.  When they arrived, they found the older man working on the gun. 


You’d better watch it, the demon spoke up just as they came in through the front door.  One misstep and we’ll be caught in that devil’s trap.  She directed Sam’s gaze to the ceiling.  I don’t think we should hang around here too long.


“Here, take these,” Bobby tossed them each a small charm. “Keep them on you at all times, it’ll keep her from finding you.  Once she can’t track you, she’ll have to latch onto somebody else to feed, then you can track her and maybe get it right this time.”  He gave the brothers an exasperated look before he went back to examining the pieces of the gun. 


Dean looked a bit annoyed by the comment, but Sam just shook his head and sighed. 


“Thanks, Bobby,” he said quietly, then glanced over at Dean.  “Guess we should head out again, wait for the signs she’s found a new victim.” 


Bobby shook his head and looked up from the magnifying glass he was using.  “You two should just stay put.  Those things can be almost as bad as vampires if they take a liking to a victim.  They’ll track him by scent, but I think you’re far enough away she won’t be able to follow the trail, and this place,” he gestured around at all the amulets, charms, symbols and devils traps laid out.  “It’s about as well-protected as you’re gonna get right now.” 


Sam bared his teeth, air hissing between them softly.  He hunched his shoulders and shot Dean a tight smile when the other man looked at him curiously.  “Sure, I’m just…gonna go get the laptop, I need to do a little research…” 


Oh great, this is going to be fun, the demon griped, as Sam pulled the laptop out of his duffel bag. 


“Just shut up and let me think, would you?”  Sam growled, sitting down in the car, the door still open as he splayed his legs out, shoes scraping over the gravel. 


We can’t stay here, but we can’t just take off without explanation, either, she continued, as if she hadn’t heard him.  You’d better find a hunt, and quick.


A hunt… Sam blinked, then opened the laptop, fingers tapping impatiently on the corner as he waited for it to start up.  I downloaded a few things the other day; one looked like it might have potential. 


A few minutes later, satisfied he’d put together enough of a case to convince Dean and Bobby, Sam walked back into the house, discreetly avoiding the devil’s trap on the ceiling as he looked in on the other two men.  “Hey, I think I found something,” he said, smiling as Dean looked up at him hopefully.  He told them about the two deaths in a half-dead factory town in Ohio. 


Sam nearly sagged against the wall in relief as Dean got up and seemed eager to get started.  He smiled at the banter between his brother and Bobby, then gave the man a wave.


“If you find anything, or if anything finds you, call me,” Bobby said, then raised his eyes and pinned the brothers with an intent look.  


Sam nodded and swallowed hard, before following Dean out to the car. 




Sam was surprised when he barely got so much as a word from the demon once they left Bobby’s, but he didn’t dwell on it too much, he didn’t have time.  Their current hunt had gone from predictable, to a little strange, to downright bizarre. 


At first, they were thinking it was a simple case of demonic possession, although it did seem a little strange for a demon to destroy its host’s body before moving on.  However, once they witnessed the shooting in the bar, and holy water had no effect on the crazed man, that’s when they were forced to rethink their strategy.  Even Trotter, the lead pointed out to them by Ritchie, didn’t pan out.  A quick visit and a little splash of holy water proved Trotter was human as well. 


It was only when Sam arrived back at the bar, looking for Dean that the demon spoke up again.  I never liked that Ritchie character, she muttered.  I bet he did go and get himself killed by whatever’s doing this.  He seemed like he was completely clueless.  Either that, or he was one hell of a good liar and was actually holding out on you two. 


I doubt he was holding out, I don’t think he was capable of playing a decent hand of poker, much less lying convincingly.  Sam sighed and looked around, frowning as he noticed something.  “Where’s the girl?” He asked, his voice almost drowned out by the music. 


What?  Oh, her.  The demon answered, remembering the bartender.  That skanky thing Dean and Ritchie both… Wait a minute…  I just realized something.


Like what? Sam scowled, gesturing for the man behind the bar to come closer.  The fact that she disappeared the same time Dean noticed Ritchie had taken off, or the fact that she’s gone again, and Dean’s missing too?


I knew there was a reason she creeped me out.  I think you may have just found your demon. 


Sam huffed as he was forced to bribe Casey’s address out of the bartender, then he rushed out of the bar.  So how come you didn’t sense her?  Ruby knew you were here, doesn’t your kind have some kind of…  I don’t know, demon radar or something?


It’s not always that easy.  Sometimes they’re strong and can hide themselves very well.  Besides, I chose to let Ruby see me, the demon said petulantly. 


Whatever, Sam sighed, picking the lock and sneaking into Casey’s house.  Looks like you were right, he ran a finger through the sulphur he’d found.  Now I just have to figure out where the hell she’s taken Dean before it’s too late. 


Sam made his way back to the bar, he and the demon inside him both ready to slug the bartender as he tried to give Sam a drink, rather than tell him where Dean and Casey had gone.  He noticed the priest, and decided to try his luck there.  Surprisingly, the other man not only knew where they’d be, he’d insisted on coming along to help. 


Sam, I’m not sure I like this one anymore, he’s starting to creep me out a little, too, the demon whispered in Sam’s mind as the Father started saying some…rather strange things.


They pulled up to the house and Sam closed his eyes and sighed in relief when he heard Dean’s voice.   “Dean! Hang on, okay? We’re coming down,” he said, looking down through the grate at his brother.


“Who’s we?”


“I’m here with the father,” Sam answered, tensing up as his brother glanced back over his shoulder, then snapped out a warning. 


“Sammy, be careful.” 


I told you so! The demon crowed, then fell silent as Sam got up, walked around the corner and came face-to-face with the priest, who was now sporting jet-black eyes.  Oh crud…


Sam jumped when the statue exploded, eyes widening as he saw Bobby holding the Colt.  The next thing he knew, Bobby was sailing through the air, then stars appeared before his eyes as Sam was flung back as well, hitting the hood of the car with a pained grunt.  He got up and went to check on the other hunter, surprised to see Ruby there as well. 


Sam, be careful, this one’s tough, the demon warned as Sam grabbed the gun and started toward the house. 


It’s nothing I can’t handle, now, he answered, feeling the comforting weight of the gun in his hand. 


I’m just saying, he and the girl were good enough to hide what they were, and he could even spend long periods of time on hallowed ground.  That’s no easy feat for a demon.  Short periods of time, sure, but to take on the role of a priest?  You have to be pretty strong to pull off something like that…


Sam gave a quick nod of his head, then walked down into the basement, jaw clenched when he saw the man holding Dean by his throat.  Without hesitating he fired, killing the demon.  He felt the demon inside of himself urging him to spill more blood, but didn’t have time to think about it as he fired again, killing Casey and the demon possessing her. 


I know you didn’t want to kill the humans, but they were too strong for us to waste time playing around with an exorcism, believe me, the demon told him quietly. 


Sam just swallowed hard, gazing at the floor, unable to meet Dean’s eyes for long. 


Afterward, Sam was in the motel room, packing his things, when Ruby showed up to ‘congratulate’ him on a job well done.  The demon in Sam just listened to the exchange; not making her presence known until after the blond had departed.  Fallen angel on your shoulder my arse, where does she get off?  And you’re right, she does keep dangling Dean’s deal in front of you, without even giving you a hint on how to help him, the demon snorted.  She seems to want a lot of things from you, while giving almost nothing in return.


Yeah well, you haven’t exactly told me your plans for helping Dean either, Sam pointed out. 


Well, rest assured I had one, but things have changed now that you’ve got the Colt back.  If you kill the demon holding the contract before she can react, then the deal should be null and void.  Trapping or binding her as you’d considered before wouldn’t have worked.  She’d have time to either rescind the deal, or pass the contract on.  Now one quick shot with the gun, that’s a different story. 


Then…why do I need to keep you in here again? Sam narrowed his eyes turning to glance into the mirror, frowning as he saw her reflection standing beside him. 


Hm, good point, she sighed, lifting one shoulder in a shrug.  Let’s just say I’m your backup plan, hm?  I’m hoping that gun will negate the contract once the demon that holds it is dead.  However, if it doesn’t, then your only other hope is Ruby and I know for a fact you don’t really trust her, you’re just grasping at straws for any possibility of saving Dean.  I just hope she isn’t blowing smoke up your ass about that. She smirked and folded her arms, head tilted to one side.  Not to mention you’re already aware of the interesting little bits I found inside your head, namely the powers you thought had vanished, along with the yellow-eyed demon.  I can give them back to you, but I’m going to need some time, and energy. 


Why the hell would I want those back?  Sam asked, staring at her incredulously. 


Sam, she sighed, looking at him and speaking slowly and clearly as if she was talking to a child.  You know you’re fighting a war here, and as much as I dislike her at the moment, Ruby’s right.  You will have to do some things you won’t like.  Now, if I can awaken all those powers you would have had, if you’d given in to old yellow eyes’ plans before, it might…make things a little easier, hm? 


Sam frowned, looking away for a few moments, before meeting her gaze in the mirror once again.  And how long is that going to take?


I don’t know, Sam, she answered honestly.  Your mind is very, very strong, and very complex.  Your mental defenses are impressive.  Not to mention, these powers, it’s almost like they were sealed away when Azazel died. 


Sealed away? Sam asked, a puzzled expression on his face. 


Yes, I know, it’s strange.  They’re still in there, I’m just…having a bit of a hard time waking them up. She scowled and folded her arms over her chest, then quirked a brow and gazed out at him from the mirror.  So what say you let me stay in here a spell, see what I can do with those?


Sam gave her a calculating look.  Trying to alter the deal again?


Not at all, I’m just pointing out what should be obvious, she held up her hands and directed a placating smile at him.  Think about it Sam, having not only the Colt, but all those, as one of the other children put it so eloquently ‘jedi mind tricks’ at your disposal.  Wouldn’t that be a very strong advantage for you?


Yeah, I suppose it would, but why are you suddenly so interested in helping me win the war?  Sam asked, head tilted back a bit as he stared at her with a sneer. 


She sighed and let her smile fall.  Because, Sam.  I’m a demon, and no matter what, I’m going to end up getting dragged into this somehow.  So I might as well choose a side.  Now making a deal with you, piggy-backing around and offering my help, well, I’d say that’s a pretty clear sign that I’ve pledged my allegiance to you, wouldn’t you say, your highness?  The demon raised her eyebrows, then gave him a mock-curtsey in the mirror. 


Don’t call me that, Sam snapped, baring his teeth as his eyes widened, fists clenched at his sides.  Don’t you ever call me that. 


Why not?  Like it or not Sam, this is your destiny.  To either lead the horde that will lay waste to the world, then rebuild it in their own image, or lead those of us that are willing to help you save it.


To Be Continued…


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