Deal Breaker, part 3/?

Author: Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Beta: BehrBeMine, thanks also to Zab Jade for encouragement and support!

Spoilers: Season 2/3

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or its characters, and am making no money from this.

Warnings and Notes: WARNING-HET SEX (sort of…), this chapter only.  Wincest, eventual non-con, bondage, language and violence.  OOC, totally and completely AU by this point XD, General Weirdness.

Additional Notes: Don’t expect much in the way of Season 3 canon; I have no clue where the Krypkeeper’s going with all this XD.

Summary:  Sometimes to beat one kind of evil, you have to join forces with another… 




Sam groaned and opened his eyes slowly when he felt the Impala come to a stop once again.  “Dean?  What…” He blinked and scrubbed a hand over his face, taking a moment to remember that they’d been heading for a nearby motel.  “Oh yeah,” he murmured, flinching as he tried to sit up straight in his seat, the injuries he’d sustained having a chance to stiffen up after the two brief stints of sitting in the car. 


“Glad you’re back with us,” Dean said, shooting his younger brother a sidelong glance as he opened his door.  “Means I don’t have to carry you to our room like some girl on her honeymoon.”  He grinned at the scowl Sam directed at him, snickering as he got out of the car and made his way to the office. 


“Jerk!” Sam shot back.  He opened his own door and swung his legs out slowly, steeling himself for the pain he knew would come with standing up.  He closed his eyes and heaved a put-upon sigh at the faint ‘Bitch’ that came from up ahead, trying to keep away the slight smile that tugged at the corners of his lips.  With a wince Sam slowly stood up and straightened, one hand brushing lightly over his ribs.  He closed his eyes tightly and took a few slow breaths then, once the worst of the pain passed, he opened the back door, slowly bending down to pull his bag out of the back seat. 


Hazel eyes narrowed as Sam thought about the creature currently hitching a ride in his body, wondering just how all this was going to play out, when her true motivations would be revealed, and what exactly she was really after.  He gasped softly when she stirred within him, seemingly roused just by his thoughts about her.  “Don’t start,” Sam muttered, closing his eyes and sagging against the side of the Impala when she seemed to settle back into her slumber.  He gently pulled the strap of the bag up over his right shoulder, then slammed the door and turned toward the office, giving Dean a faint smile as the older man strode toward him. 


“You’re in luck,” Dean drew up beside the younger man, smirking at him.  “I managed to get a ground floor room, last one in fact, so you don’t have to climb more stairs.”  He turned his head and pointed to a steep staircase leading up to the second floor, and chuckled quietly at Sam’s sigh of relief.  “Come on, man, let’s get you cleaned up,” Dean murmured, giving Sam a faintly disgusted look.  “You reek.” 


“Well, you’re not exactly springtime fresh yourself.” Sam groused, slanting a look at his older brother.  He scowled at Dean’s laugh, and then started toward the motel, still moving slowly.  He heard the sounds of Dean retrieving the snacks and beer, followed by the sound of the car door being slammed.  By the time he reached the small set of steps leading up to the walkway, the other man had drawn up beside him. 


“How you feelin’?” Dean asked quietly, noticing Sam’s tight grip on the rail as he ascended the stairs. 


“Like crap,” Sam answered honestly, too worn-out to even attempt to put up a brave front at the moment.  He sighed quietly at the worry that crept into Dean’s expression, and quickly amended his answer.  “But it’s nothing a hot shower, some food and a good night’s rest won’t cure.” 


“Got it covered,” Dean smiled and nodded, one hand settling on Sam’s shoulder as he nodded toward the closest room door.  “Let’s get you fixed up.” 


Sam returned the smile, relieved when Dean seemed to visibly relax once given something to do, a tangible way to help him.  He averted his face, brow furrowed as he followed Dean into the room, suddenly reminded of the demon’s observations about Dean, and the older man’s compulsive drive to keep him safe.


“Hey,” the soft voice snapped Sam out of his thoughts, and he turned, slightly startled, toward his brother. 


Dean tilted his head, green eyes narrowed slightly as he noticed that Sam was once again acting very distracted.  The older man had been so concerned with Sam’s safety and getting them away from the police that he hadn’t had time to process everything that had happened.  However, now that the drama was over, questions were surfacing in his mind…  “Go take your shower, I’ll dish out some grub, then you can climb into bed, okay?” 


“Yeah, okay,” Sam nodded slowly, then shuffled off toward the bathroom, shoulders slumped, looking sore and weary.  He closed the bathroom door, then leaned back heavily against it, dragging one hand through his hair with a sigh. 


Two things.  The demon’s voice made Sam jump, hazel eyes popping open wide.  First, you’ve got to save the angsty introspection for later, and second, I’m going to have to remember to limit our interaction to when we’re out of super-brother dearest’s sight.


What are you talking about? Sam frowned, moving over to stand in front of the mirror, as he found it extremely disconcerting to communicate with someone he couldn’t see. 


I mean he’s starting to suspect something’s wrong, she snapped, her reflection appearing directly in front of Sam’s, her petite frame dwarfed by his much taller one.  The demon folded slender arms across her chest and glared up at Sam petulantly.  I can see the questions starting to form in that normally dirty mind of his, and I don’t like it.  I suspect he may have seen more than he should have back in the woods, and if we’re not careful, he may come to the conclusion that you are, in fact, possessed.  Her dark eyes narrowed, her expression turning hard and cold.  You know what will have to happen then.


Sam glared at her, figuring he knew part of the answer.  He’d been secretly hoping that Dean would figure it out and take the appropriate measures, but now it seemed he’d found one of the little ‘clauses’ in this deal. He’ll come after you, try to exorcise you.  And let me guess, if he does, the deal’s off?


That’s right, Sammy, the demon said, nodding slowly.  If he figures us out and tries to get rid of me, all bets are off, and all the benefits offered are cancelled out.  I’ll take whichever of you I can, and things will turn very, very ugly.  So I suggest you start acting like what passes as normal for you, got it?


Fine, then you’d better stop distracting me with needless chatter when he’s around, got it? Sam snapped back, wishing he could reach out and throttle the demon. 


The demon huffed, then gave a jerky nod of her head.  Very well then.  Her reflection faded for a moment, then reappeared.  On second thought, maybe I’d best take a little precaution in case he does decide to try and get rid of me… she smirked, Sam’s eyes changing as she abruptly took full control. 




Dean sat down on the bed once the bathroom door was closed, opening the bag of food and setting chips, sandwiches and some candy bars out on the table.  Once that was done, he set one bottle of beer out for each of them, then lay back on the bed, eyes closed, arms folded beneath his head as he recalled the scene he’d stumbled onto in the woods.


 The thing Dean remembered most vividly was his own terror when he’d spotted Sam sprawled beneath the demon, twitching, feet drumming on the ground as he alternately clawed the ground and lifted his arms to beat at the creature.  He heard his own voice screaming his brother’s name, then recalled the way Sam had gone still, before the demon went limp and fell off of him.   He’d seen the black fog pour out of the body, and for a split second had wondered if it was going to take possession of Sam. 


Green eyes opened slowly as Dean shook his head.  “No,” he murmured to himself, sitting up and frowning.  “She wouldn’t want him, even for just a little while, she’d want a female body.”  He turned his head, gazing at the bathroom door, his expression puzzled.  Then why the hell are you so quiet Sammy?  Dean bit gently at his lower lip, then got up and snagged a beer from the table.  He opened it and took a deep drink, then lowered the bottle and tilted his head, a thought occurring to him.  Was Sam feeling guilty about finishing off the host? 


Dean had to admit, he’d become a little worried about the sudden cold streak Sam had developed with regards to hunting.  The younger man had begun to show a distressing lack of remorse when it came to dispatching dark creatures, or more specifically their human hosts, which contrasted sharply with his usually gentle nature.  As much as Dean hated to see Sam agonizing over things, the younger man showing emotions, particularly his usual angst after having to kill a human, was a welcome change. 




Meanwhile in the bathroom, Sam felt as if he’d swam up through a deep pool of black water and finally broken the surface, regaining control of himself with a loud gasp.  He stumbled away from the door, going down on one knee, one hand flung out to grip the edge of the sink in front of him.  His eyes widened as he looked down, realizing he was no longer fully clothed; he only had a pair of briefs and socks on now.  “What the hell?” He cried out, startled at this bizarre turn of events.  “Crazy bitch,” he muttered, forcing himself to his feet, before tugging off his remaining clothes and wrapping a towel around his waist.  “What the fuck did you do to me?” Sam hissed, glaring into the mirror.  For once, there was no response from the demon, which only served to heighten his unease.  “Answer me, now!” He growled, glaring at the mirror.  Again, he was met with silence. 


Sam closed his eyes, trying to feel for the creature’s presence, but met only stillness, which he surmised meant that whatever she’d done, it had worn her out.  He remembered her last words before taking control, and a sickening thought occurred to him.  With a soft sound Sam opened his eyes and started giving himself a quick once-over in the mirror, looking for a binding ring. 


Dean jerked upright, eyes widening slightly as he heard muffled sounds and curses behind the door.  He rose from the bed and quickly crossed the room, hand reaching for the doorknob.  “Sammy, you alright?” he asked, knocking quietly before he began to turn the knob. 


Sam swallowed hard and pressed one palm against the door, holding it shut.  “Yeah, I’m fine,” he answered, wincing slightly at the strained quality of his voice.  “I just…tripped on these stupid mats.  I’m okay, just getting into the shower now.” 


Dean frowned, tilting his head and repeating the word ‘mats’ silently.  “Alright, well, hurry up in there,” he said, turning away from the door.  “I want to check you over once more before you go to sleep, make sure there’s nothing that needs patching up.”  With a sigh Dean pushed away from the door, dropping down onto the nearest bed and reaching for his beer.  He gave a small, barely audible sigh of relief when he heard the water running, shaking his head slowly.  “What the hell’s goin’ on in that head of yours, Sam?”  The elder Winchester sat up and scowled, snatching up the remote and turning on the TV.


In the shower, Sam lathered himself up slowly, taking the opportunity to give himself another thorough examination.  “Oh great,” Sam muttered, finding the mark set on his inner right thigh, dangerously close to his groin.  “We are NOT burning that one…” He sighed as his fingers traced over the mark left by Meg’s binding ring on his forearm, and the burn Bobby had inflicted in order to break it so she could be exorcised.   He wondered if Dean would catch onto what was happening in time, and manage to find a way to get rid of her.  Sam shuddered to think of what horrors she would put Dean through if she managed to take possession of him, or worse, if she used Sam’s body against Dean and managed to escape.  He didn’t exactly relish the thought of losing a week or more of his life, ending up as yet another demon’s puppet.    


Meg just used me to kill, this one would do a lot worse than that… Sam thought, closing his eyes and sighing heavily.  Wait a minute… He narrowed his eyes, then shut off the water and grabbed his towel, wrapping it tightly around his waist.  She probably used up the last of her reserves to make the ring.  She’s dormant for now, until she can feed again! Sam shook his head, chuckling at his own stupidity as he prepared to march out of the room and tell Dean everything.  He hoped with every fiber of his being that Dean would be able to break the ring, and exorcise her before she could take him over again.  Just as he pulled open the door, Sam felt a faint flutter inside, and narrowed his eyes, trying to keep the weakened demon from rousing herself enough to keep him from talking.


Dean blinked and sat up straighter as the door to the bathroom slammed open and his brother called out for him. “Sam?” He frowned, quickly standing up while the younger man took one step toward him, then froze.  “What’s wrong?” Dean took a few hesitant steps forward, then paused when Sam’s expression suddenly shifted, going from angry to frightened to simply blank, before the taller man sagged and leaned heavily against the doorframe.  “Sam!” Dean rushed forward, setting his hands on the other man’s shoulders and giving him a gentle shake. 


A smirk twisted Sam’s lips, and one large hand came up to cup Dean’s cheek.  When he lifted his head, Sam’s eyes were no longer hazel; they were that awful shade of orange Dean already knew too well.  “I’m sorry,” Sam’s voice was deceptively soft and light, while his hand slipped down to Dean’s throat, gripping suddenly.  “But Sam’s not available right now.  He wanted to give you a message, but all outgoing calls are currently being screened.” 


Green eyes widened as Dean’s air supply was abruptly cut off, the older man making a few choked sounds before he was forcefully pushed back into the wall, eyes nearly rolling back as his head made harsh contact with it.  His hands came up to grip Sam’s wrist tightly, trying to pry the strong fingers away from his neck, but it was no use.  He started to lash out with his feet and fists, teeth bared as Sam merely chuckled at his efforts.  His lungs burned and Dean’s head started to pound, his struggles rapidly growing weaker. 


Just as his vision began to swim, the pressure on his throat suddenly vanished.  Dean gasped, then coughed harshly.  He stared up at Sam, chest heaving as he drew in a couple of long, ragged breaths.  Before he could lash out or try to get away, he was pinned back against the wall by his brother’s larger frame, the heat and dampness from Sam’s bare, wet skin seeping into Dean’s clothes. 


“Oh, don’t be like that, big brother,” the demon taunted, grasping Dean’s wrists in Sam’s large hands, pinning them roughly over the man’s head.  “Little brother’s hungry, won’t you help him out?” 


Dean cried out as he felt Sam’s hips rock against him, the other man’s state of arousal quickly becoming obvious.  “Sammy,” he rasped, twisting and trying to pull away.  “Fight it!” 


“Oh, but he can’t.”  The smirk on Sam’s face, coupled with those burning eyes, made for a terrifying sight.  “Neither can you.”  Sam’s free hand cupped Dean’s cheek, forcing him to look up into those hellfire eyes.  “Relax, Dean,” the demon murmured, gazing down at him intently. 


Dean groaned as her words seemed to echo, and he felt himself being drawn into the demon’s gaze.  Bitch…she’s using mind control.  Got to fight it, he thought frantically, but it was no use.  He couldn’t even jerk his head away when Sam’s fingertips ghosted over his face, tracing across one cheekbone before skimming down the line of his jaw.  His eyelids fluttered, then grew heavy, his head spinning as she took control.  “Sammy,” he groaned, then closed his eyes, knees buckling as he lost consciousness. 


That’s right, give in to me, Dean, the demon grinned as the man slumped forward, catching him easily and carrying him over to the bed.  You’re about to have a very, very good dream.


When Dean opened his eyes again, it was to the sight of a naked, gorgeous brunette straddling his waist.  The woman gazed down at him with cat-like hazel eyes, her short, curly hair framing an impish face. 


“Hi there…” He blinked, and then grinned as she gave him a coy smile.  “Hey, don’t be shy, sweetheart,” he said softly, then groaned as she splayed both hands on his chest, before she leaned down, lips latching onto his in a hungry kiss.  Dean whimpered as she broke the kiss and started grinding down against him, his cock already hard and aching where it was pressed against the crease of her thigh.  His hands shot out, gripping her hips as he rocked up slightly, eyes closed, lower lip caught between his teeth.  “Don’t tease me, baby,” he growled softly, looking up through the thick fringe of his lashes, green eyes darkened with need. 


Deft, quick fingers worked the button of his jeans open, and she slid down his thighs to undo the zipper.  Those long fingers then slid into his boxers, wrapping around his cock and stroking slowly, making Dean pant as he jerked his head back and moaned loudly. 


He gave a wordless cry of protest as her hand suddenly pulled away.  A smirk settled on his lips a moment later when the woman curled her fingers in the waistband of his jeans.  Dean canted his hips up, then gasped as she roughly pulled the jeans and his boxers down.  “Little impatient, are we?” He murmured, then bit his lip, watching as she positioned herself over him.  “Yeah…”  Dean groaned, eyes sliding closed, a shiver running through him as he was engulfed in tight heat.  His fingers kneaded and stroked her hips as she gripped his shoulders and rose up, then thrust down hard, drawing a low moan from him. 


His hands slid up her sides, stroking gently, then moved to cup her breasts as she began to move, Dean giving a low murmur of encouragement.  “Feels good,” he said softly, then inhaled sharply when she started to pick up the pace.  He lifted his head when the woman leaned down to kiss him, moaning against her lips, one hand cupping the back of her head.  “Ngh…just like that,” he grunted and jerked his hips up, watching as she sat up once more, loving the way her body arched and writhed above him. 


Dean bared his teeth and panted, trying to match the woman’s pace as she moved faster, thrusting down hard against him, meeting each buck of his hips.  He arched his neck, sweat beading on his face as he continued to move.  He knew he wasn’t going to last long at this pace, but before he could speak she suddenly threw her head back and climaxed with a hoarse cry, muscles tightening around him. 


That was all it took to send him over the edge with a guttural cry of his own.  His hands dropped down to settle on her thighs, fingers digging into the soft, tan flesh so hard he was sure there would be bruises.   He gave one last hard thrust and when he came Dean felt, just for a split second, as if she were draining more from him than just his seed.  Then he collapsed onto the bed, breath harsh and ragged as he stared up at her, spent, his eyelids growing heavy.  He tried to speak, but the words were lost as he tumbled into an exhausted sleep.



It was six hours later when Dean finally woke up, the morning light trying to force its way through the heavy curtains.  He groaned and stretched, a smile tilting his still-swollen lips, as the memories of his ‘dream’ were still fresh in his mind.  He inhaled deeply, arms over his head, and frowned when he swore he could smell the musky odor of sex.  Green eyes suddenly snapped wide open as Dean realized he was feeling a slight chill in a rather…intimate place, and his jeans didn’t seem to be sitting quite right.  “What the…?” 


With a gasp he glanced down, cursing under his breath as he saw the state of his clothes.  “Son of a bitch!” He swore, then quickly pulled up his pants, wincing as he realized he was a little…sensitive.  “That can’t be good,” he muttered, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. 


He froze at the sight that greeted him. 


Sam was sprawled on his own bed, naked except for the towel draped over one thigh, long arms and legs splayed and dangling over the sides of the too-small bed. 


“Sam?” Dean rose to his feet, leaning over and setting a hand on his brother’s shoulder, shaking him gently.  “Sammy, wake up!” 


"Mm..." Sam stirred and stretched, then winced, bending his legs and turning onto his side.  "Ow...," he murmured, then looked up at Dean with wide eyes.  "Dean?" Oh God, Dean… he thought, as the memories came flooding back. 


The last thing he remembered was opening the bathroom door, fully prepared to march out and tell Dean everything, and try to help him get rid of the demon while she was incapacitated.  He realized he’d made a grave error, sorely underestimating her when he felt her power surging inside him, wresting control away once again. 


Next thing Sam knew, Dean was flat on his back on one of the twin beds, and Sam was straddling his waist, kissing him senseless while his hands roamed over his older brother’s chest.  Sam realized it wasn’t him Dean was seeing; the demon must have hypnotized him somehow.  He railed and fought against the demon, powerless to stop what his body was doing, growing angrier by the second when she refused to even acknowledge his struggles and vehement protests.


Sam, you’re distracting me, the demon finally said with infuriating smugness as she yanked down Dean’s jeans, then raised Sam’s hand, two fingers sliding past his lips. 


No, don’t do this, not to Dean!  You can’t feed from him like this! Sam protested, as the demon pulled the spit-slicked fingers away, reaching down.  He would have gasped had he been able when he felt those fingers pressing into him one at a time, stretching gently. 


I need to feed, properly,  now.  This is the gentlest way.  If I do what I did to that cop, I’d put Dean in a coma.   The demon countered, positioning Sam over Dean’s length, one hand cupping the older man’s face as the other wrapped around the base of his brother’s shaft. 


Sam would have protested further, but fell silent at the stretching, burning pain as he slid down Dean’s length, muscles tightening, protesting the intrusion.  He heard the moan falling from his own lips, and would have blushed at the sound, not to mention the fact that Dean’s answering groan did things to him that…it really shouldn’t have. 


Stop it… Sam protested again when he felt his hands slide up, gripping Dean’s shoulders.  He felt his hips lifting, then tried to cry out as they drove back down again, forcing Dean’s cock in deep.  He was shocked when he realized the cry had actually made it past his lips.


Oh no, I don’t think so, the demon’s answer was downright smarmy.  We’re just getting started. 


Sam was helpless to stop her as his hips started to move, slowly at first, then with more force as he began to ride Dean hard.  Sweat glistened on his skin, breath coming in harsh gasps and pants from the effort.  He was forced to lean down and kiss Dean again, teeth clicking, tongues brushing before Sam pulled away, sitting up and then leaning back a bit. 


Mm, been awhile since I was forced to inhabit a male, now where is that…the demon mused, tilting Sam’s hips slightly.   


A keening sound fell from Sam’s lips as Dean’s length brushed something inside that nearly had him seeing stars. 


That’s it.  Enjoy it,  she urged, forcing one of his hands down and making Sam stroke himself to completion as he continued to move atop his brother.


He came with a hoarse cry, hips still jerking, muscles clenched as he trembled, free hand braced on Dean’s chest to keep himself balanced.  He felt his brother’s last hard, uneven thrusts, and shivered at the deep, erotic growl/moan that was torn from Dean’s throat as the other man climaxed.


Sam stared down helplessly as his brother’s eyelids fluttered, then closed, the other man immediately falling asleep.  Just how much did you take from him? Sam demanded, as the demon urged him to slowly pull up and away from Dean.  He staggered off the bed and collapsed onto the other one.   Not very much, if I’m feeling this tired… he mused, his own eyes closing as he too started to drift off. 


You’d be surprised, but it’s nothing he won’t regain with a few hours sleep, the demon answered, sounding pleased.  Now rest, you need it.  I can’t be expending all the energy I collect trying to move your overgrown ass around.  



Dean sighed heavily and sat down on the edge of the bed, ignoring Sam’s state of undress.  " Sam, I think...we screwed up.  We didn't kill the demon," he murmured, dragging one hand down his face, "and I think it's after us now.  Trouble is how did it manage to knock both of us out, and drain us?  Usually these things just focus on one victim." He gave Sam a wary look.  "You don't think...these things can travel in pairs do you?" 


Sam shifted on the bed, wincing again as pain radiated from his backside.  He glanced up at Dean and felt bile rising in his throat.  You bitch! He cursed inwardly, feeling hate welling inside him toward the demon.  You said you wouldn't hurt anyone!


And I didn't, the demon answered smugly.  I just took a bit of energy from Dean, and a bit from you.  Frankly the sexual energy you two generate is incredible.  I could easily feed off you two for months with barely any effect on either of you.  Not that I intend to stay here that long…  I’m not much for being male.


I guess your deal really was worthless, which means I can send you packing! Sam's brows drew together as he scowled angrily. You said part of the deal was that you wouldn't force me into that.


I said I wouldn't force you to have sex with anyone you didn't want on your own. Sam could feel the demon's mental smirk.  But we both know you’ve always wanted Dean somewhere in those dark, twisted corners of your mind.  Therefore I stayed well within the parameters of our arrangement. 


Sam was snapped out of his internal argument when Dean's hand rested on his bare shoulder.  He looked up, surprised, then regained his composure.  ", I don't think these things would travel in pairs, too much competition," he said lamely.  "I think it must have gotten to me first, because let's face it, I'm still wiped out from earlier." 


Dean nodded, then dragged a hand down his face.  “Alright, first thing’s first, let’s try and seal off the room, lay some traps.  I want this thing caught and sent back to hell, tonight.” 


To Be Continued…


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