Deal Breaker, part 2/?

Author: Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Beta: BehrBeMine, Reiver Vicious, thanks also to Zab Jade for encouragement and support!

Spoilers: Season 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or its characters, and am making no money from this.

Warnings and Notes: wincest, mild non-con, bondage, language and violence.  OOC, AU, General Weirdness.

Additional Notes: Don’t expect much in the way of Season 3 canon XD.

Summary:  Sometimes to beat one kind of evil, you have to join forces with another… 





Dean darted between trees, stumbling over a fallen branch as he raced through the shadows, trying to find Sam.  He had been so caught up in locating the demon that he hadn’t realized how far apart he and his brother had drifted, until it was too late.  Dean had heard Sam’s call, and tried to shout back to him, but when Sam didn’t respond he became worried. 


“Sam?” Dean called again, alarm building inside him as once again the younger man failed to respond. 


Dean burst out into a small clearing, eyes widening in shock, his chest tightening in fear as he saw Sam pinned beneath the demon, writing and making small choking sounds.  Sam’s fingers dug into the soft soil at his sides, while his legs drummed erratically on the ground. 


“No!” Dean shouted, raising the gun and intending to shoot the demon off his brother.  A curse fell from his lips as he realized he couldn’t shoot her without risking hitting Sam as well.  “Dammit!” He ran forward, pulling the bottle of holy water from the inside pocket of his jacket.  Before Dean reached them there was a burst of black mist, the last of the demon leaving the host body.  From Dean’s vantage point it looked like she’d escaped.  He was unable to see the transfer with her body blocking his view.  The demon then went limp and slid off Sam, who lay still and silent, eyes closed, blood smeared over his face, neck and chest. 


“Sam!” Dean cried, dropping to his knees and sliding an arm under his brother’s shoulders, lifting him up and holding Sam against his chest.  He set the gun down and ran his free hand over Sam’s face, staring down at him.  “Sammy, wake up,” he urged, voice wavering, as he looked the other man over, unsure just yet whom all that blood had come from. 


He closed his eyes and held back a soft sound of relief when Sam suddenly jerked in his arms; the brunet’s back arching as he gasped for air, one hand rising to weakly claw at his throat.  Thank god… Dean thought, briefly resting his cheek against Sam’s hair, before he opened his eyes, acutely aware of the smell of blood and sulfur radiating from the other man. “You okay?” He asked, fingers brushing lightly over Sam’s chest, checking for wounds. 


After a few moments, Sam nodded slowly, hand coming up to grasp at Dean’s shoulder.  “Yeah,” he said, both men blinking at the raspy, grating quality of Sam’s voice.  He groaned and held on tightly as Dean wrapped both arms firmly around him and stood up slowly, pulling Sam to his feet.  Then they both gazed down at the demon, Sam’s eyes narrowing as Dean retrieved his gun and aimed it at the corpse.  “She’s gone, Dean,” he murmured, hand gripping the other man’s forearm. 


“Yeah, but the bitch almost took you with her,” Dean snarled, needing something to take his frustrations out on.  He settled for kicking a fallen stump, tearing a chunk out of the rotting wood with the toe of his boot as he cursed under his breath. 


“But she didn’t,” Sam reminded him quietly, then let Dean have a moment to deal with his own frustration and, Sam presumed, anger at himself for not being there to protect him.  


Dean stood a few steps away, staring off into the gloom with narrowed eyes, heart still beating a little too fast, blood still singing in his veins as his emotions slowly settled, the fear and anger dissipating, leaving him worn-out and almost apathetic.  “Yeah, guess you’re right,” he muttered, then turned to face Sam, his eyes hooded, mask firmly in place.  “Come on, we’d better head back and pack our stuff.  We need to get out of here before the cops show up.  Someone’s bound to have reported the shots in the manager’s office.”  


Sam nodded, then widened his eyes slightly. “I dropped my gun during the fight.  We can’t just leave it behind,” he said, turning and looking around, even though he knew it was futile in the darkness.  He blinked as Dean pulled a small flashlight from his pocket and shone it at the ground. 


“Where were you when you dropped it?” Dean asked, moving over to stand where Sam pointed, shining the light around in slowly widening circles.  “Okay, what happened, she tackle you or somethin’?” 


“Yeah,” Sam said quietly, trying to remember which way he’d been facing, and where his arm had connected with the ground, knocking it from his grip. 


“What are you doin’?”  Dean asked, one eyebrow raised as Sam slowly stretched out on the ground, wincing as he moved.  He lifted his right arm up over his head, moving his wrist and pointing his hand until at last he settled on a direction. 


“There, my hand was pointing that way when she took me down,” Sam said, looking sure of himself as he sat up and painfully got to his feet, turning to watch as Dean pointed the flashlight where Sam had indicated. 


“Good memory,” Dean commented as the light bounced off something shiny hidden in the underbrush.  The older man strode forward, retrieving Sam’s gun and handing it to him.  “Come on, we don’t have much time.” 


Sam nodded, sliding the gun into the waistband of his jeans, sighing as it’s slight weight pressed comfortingly against the small of his back again.  He pulled out his clothing, letting it fall to cover the gun before he fell into step beside his brother, weaving a bit from exertion and the injuries he’d suffered. 


“Whoa, easy Sammy,” Dean murmured, catching his brother as Sam swayed too far to one side, ending up pressed against his shoulder.  “Come on, we’ll take it slow,” he winced, knowing they couldn’t really afford to, but Dean didn’t want anyone questioning Sam’s awkward movements. 


The two men slowly made their way back through the trees, stopping short at the sight of colored lights cutting through the gloom from what must have been several cruisers parked in front of the motel.  The manager was standing behind the building, gesturing from the broken window to their general direction and talking loudly.  They overheard a few of his words, and realized he was trying to tell the officers in front of him about the thing that had been stalking him.   Dean sighed, seeing the look that passed between the two policemen.


“Great, now they’re gonna think the guy’s a total nut job that’s gone crazy from too many late nights and not enough sleep,” Dean groused, lip curled in a sneer.  “How the hell are we supposed to get past them and back up to our room?” 


“We’ll have to think of something,” Sam glanced over at Dean.  “Our stuff is already in the room, spare weapons, the journal, my computer, all of it.  If they find it, we’re sunk.”


“I don’t think they’ll search it, they’ll probably be more interested in talking to the people next to the office right now,” Dean said, keeping to the shadows as he tried to move closer and hear what they were saying. 


“They might, Dean, think about it.  Wouldn’t you find it suspicious if the guests that just checked in tonight are missing already?”  Sam asked, following his brother closely.  “Besides, the Impala’s there, all we need is for one of them to look at it a little too closely and that would be it for us.”


Dean turned his head and opened his mouth, then made a face, covering his nose and mouth.  “Jesus, Sam, would you take off a couple of layers?  All I can smell is blood and that damn demon.”  He eyed Sam’s sweatshirt and sighed.  “Please tell me you’re wearing at least one dark shirt in all that.” 


Sam nodded, stripping off the sweatshirt, then taking off the long-sleeved shirt underneath just for good measure, leaving himself in nothing but a slightly oversized black t-shirt.  “There, happy now?”  He asked, then shivered slightly, as the night air was a bit cool. 


Dean smirked and nodded, taking the shirts from his brother.  “We’ll find a place to stash these, and find our way back to the room,” he shook his head and muttered another curse.  “I don’t like this, man.  If we get one cop that’s a little too observant, we’re screwed.”  He led Sam back into the trees, breaking into a quick walk.  “Come on, if we stay in the trees until we reach the road, we can sneak around the side of the building and get to the stairs.” 


Sam struggled to keep up with his brother, one hand holding his chest, the other on his side.  He’d hit something hard and pointed on the ground when he’d been pinned, leaving the brunet with a pain in his ribs that left him off balance as he tried not to twist or bend the wrong way.  Sam glanced over when Dean stopped, the older man’s arm sliding along his back, making him shiver again.    


“You sure you’re okay?” Dean asked quietly, drawing Sam along with him as he walked, the older man’s pace noticeably slower.  He looked up at his brother in concern, then sighed, noticing the blood that still stained Sam’s cheek and the side of his neck.  “Damn, this’ll draw unwanted attention for sure,” he murmured, running a thumb gently running along the dried blood. 


Sam looked at him with narrowed eyes, feeling an unfamiliar stirring within him.  He knew the demon was rousing itself, and he hoped he could control her long enough for them to get back to the room safely. 


They made their way carefully through the trees, staying close together, until the road was visible.  “Well, we made it this far,” Dean whispered, then glanced over at Sam, raising his eyebrows. 


“Let’s hope our luck holds,” Sam muttered, mindful of the light, trying to keep to the shadows.  As he walked, he scrubbed a hand over the side of his face, wincing in distaste when he felt flakes of dried blood on his fingertips.  “Ugh, I hate this.”


“Take it easy,” Dean said, taking a step back and grasping his brother’s bicep, steering him behind a few trees.  “We’re almost home free.  Just gotta get around this corner, up the stairs and we’re good.  You can take these clothes into the bathroom and hop right into the shower.”  Dean glanced around quickly, making sure that the officers were still around back talking to the manager.  “Okay, let’s go!”  He darted out of the shadows, nearly dragging Sam along beside him, despite the younger man’s soft gasp of pain. 


Sam pressed one hand to his ribs again, flinching as he took long steps to keep up with Dean’s near-run.  He didn’t complain though, knowing Dean was right, they didn’t have time to coddle injuries now.  He leaned heavily against the wall when they reached the corner, breathing hard, lips pulled back in a grimace. 


Dean peered around the corner, relieved when he saw nothing but two empty cruisers parked in front of the office.  “Okay, first thing’s first, we get you clean and patched up, then I’ll worry about moving the car,” he murmured, grasping Sam’s arm again and leading the younger man quickly toward the stairs.  “We’ll keep the lights low inside, if we say we didn’t hear anything, they shouldn’t bother us too much.  We’ll just have to hope like hell we don’t get recognized.” 


“We should leave now,” Sam said, still cradling one arm around his ribs as he moved toward the stairs, keeping close to Dean’s side.  “I’ll be fine until we can find another motel.  It’s mostly a hot bath I need, get this blood off me and work the kinks out.” 


Dean sighed and nodded, glancing over at Sam.  “Yeah, I know, but-”


“Hey! Who are you?” A sharp voice spoke behind them, startling both men.  The officer held up a flashlight, shining it in both their faces, eyes widening fractionally as they settled on Dean.  “I know you-” His words were cut off as Sam spun and wrapped a hand around his throat.  The cop would have gasped in fear had he been able, as he stared into eyes the likes of which he’d never seen. 


Looks like I have to start taking care of my new vessel already, hm? the demon’s voice was quiet in Sam’s mind, making his eyes glow that peculiar hellfire orange as she continued to choke the cop, draining some of his energy as well.  You saw no one, and you will remember nothing.  She planted the suggestion just before the man fell unconscious in her grip, then she used Sam’s strength to throw the cop into the bushes, hiding him for the moment.  The orange glow faded back to brown as the demon receded, leaving Sam with the memory of what she’d just done.  See?  This won’t be so bad after all.  Like I said, I can feed without sex or killing, when I want to.


“Sam?” Dean asked, looking shocked as he stared up at his younger brother in disbelief.  “What the hell did you…?” He shook his head and grabbed Sam by the elbow.  “You know what?  Never mind.  Let’s just get the hell out of here.” 


“Wait,” Sam said, looking into open door of the office, spotting the register lying open on the desk.  He glanced to the smashed window, making sure nobody was looking in, then Sam strode over to the desk, tearing out the page that contained the fake name he’d used to book the room, not to mention his fingerprints.  “Now all they’ll have is the manager’s description of me to go on, and considering the state he was in when we got here, I don’t think it’ll be good enough for them to put two and two together.” 


“Good thinkin’,” Dean turned and jogged up the stairs, hearing Sam following close behind.  He opened the door quickly, letting Sam pack up their bags while he wiped down any surfaces they’d touched during their short stay.  He then managed to pack their snacks into one bag, which he handed to Sam, before Dean grabbed the beer, giving Sam a grin. “Can’t leave this behind,” he quipped.


“Of course not,” Sam shook his head with a slight smile, closing the door behind them after Dean slipped out of the room, both men glancing down the stairs to make sure the coast was clear.  He followed Dean down to the parking lot, setting the bags in the backseat and sitting down with a wince, leaning back and running a hand lightly over his ribs.  Sam’s eyes slid shut as Dean settled into the seat beside him, closing the door and starting the car. 


“Time to go,” Dean said quietly, looking a bit apprehensive as he swung the car around, driving slowly across the parking lot to the driveway, then turning onto the road.  Once they were on their way he switched on the headlights and pressed down on the accelerator, breathing a heavy sigh of relief.  “Well, we made it.”  He reached out and switched on the radio, tapping his fingers idly on the steering wheel as they raced away from the motel.  When he didn’t get an answer after a few moments, Dean glanced over at Sam, blinking in surprise when he realized the other man was fast asleep.  He frowned and looked back at the road, silently wondering if letting the younger man sleep before Dean had a chance to check his injuries was such a good idea. 


He kept driving until they’d left the last town far behind and entered the next.  Finally Dean’s concern got the better of him, and with a frustrated growl he pulled the Impala into a gas station, coming to a near screeching halt in front of one of the pumps.


Sam came awake with a start, looking around blearily, eyes blinking several times. “Wha..?” He asked sleepily, peering at Dean with bloodshot eyes.  He tried to scowl but in his current state only managed a rather cute pout as Dean got out of the car, walked around to Sam’s side and opened the door, before pulling the younger man out and onto his feet.  


“Come on, we’re gonna use the washroom to clean you up and check those injuries,” Dean said firmly, steering Sam over to the side of the building.  “I’ll get the key, wait in front of the door and don’t let anybody see that,” he pointed to the stains still marring Sam’s skin. 


Sam nodded and watched Dean walk into the gas bar, then obediently stood by the door to the men’s room, too tired to argue.  He turned away from the parking lot, trying to move out of the bright overhead lights as he waited for Dean to return. 


“Got it,” Dean said, coming back and holding up the key, “and we’re in luck, the guy in there says if we take the next right there’s a motel about a half mile up the road.”  He opened the door, then ushered Sam in, slamming it behind them.  “Get that shirt off, lemme see.”  He stood back and watched his younger brother strip the dark material off, wincing slightly as he saw the bruise spreading across Sam’s side.  “They broken or bruised?” Dean asked, gesturing to Sam’s ribs as he stepped forward for a closer look. 


“Nothing’s broken, just bruised up pretty good,” Sam said, flinching as he reached down for the taps to turn them on.  He smiled faintly and shot Dean a grateful look when the older man reached out and turned them for him.  “Thanks,” he murmured, then watched as Dean grabbed a handful of the cheap, course paper towel and wet it for him, holding it up.  Sam nodded and took it, scrubbing at his face, neck and chest. 


Dean sighed softly and nodded, relieved that the younger man’s injuries didn’t seem serious.  “Good,” he said quietly, grabbing more paper towel and wetting it again, this time adding soap to the mix.  “All that’s left is to try and make you presentable.  ‘Course, you’d need a haircut to be truly presentable, I swear sometimes this stuff makes it look like your head’s tryin’ to sprout wings and fly away,” he teased, flicking at an errant lock of Sam’s hair.


Sam’s smile widened a bit at Dean’s words, and he looked back at the mirror, gasping in surprise at what he saw.  There was a third person in the mirror’s image, a petite woman with large dark eyes and long, wavy black hair.  She wore a white sundress, and a simple strand of pearls around her neck, a sharp contrast to her bronze skin.  “What…?” he croaked, then looked at Dean in alarm. 


Don’t bother, Sam, the demon’s voice filled his mind.  He can’t see or hear me.  I’m in you, remember?  That means only you can hear me, unless of course I feel like taking control of you for a while.  The woman in the mirror smirked at him wickedly, then crossed her arms. 


You… But you don’t look the same, Sam thought, narrowing his eyes at their reflection. 


“Easy, just kidding, man,” Dean said, frowning as he watched Sam for a moment.  “Come on, I know this is grossing you out.  The sooner we get this stuff off, the better,” he sighed, making a face as he took the paper towel and scrubbed at the remaining bloodstains. 


No, this was the body I had before I was forced to inhabit that unattractive blond, she scowled fiercely.  Some other hunter managed to track me down and nearly killed me.  Lucky for me this girl happened onto the scene, and she and I made short work of him.  Too bad, really, she sighed, smoothing down the dress a bit.  This was a lovely shell.  I hope you can find me one comparable to it.  That’s part of our deal, remember. 


I didn’t think you’d be so picky about it, Sam thought smarmily, narrowing his eyes at her.  He shifted a bit, aware of Dean’s assistance, wondering how long he could keep up this mental conversation before the other man caught on that something was wrong.  You just remember your parts of the bargain, and I’ll keep mine.  He looked from the mirror to Dean, grateful for the distraction of the other man’s brisk scrubbing. 


The demon nodded, her gaze shifting from Sam to Dean. You know, it really is amazing, she mused, narrowing her dark eyes as she watched Dean’s hands, the older man continuing to clean the blood from Sam’s skin.


What? Sam demanded, looking quickly from the mirror to Dean, then back again. 


 He’s so blunt, so crude at times, completely lacking any sense of tact or decorum.  He’s tough, a real rough and tumble cowboy type, at least he tries hard to appear that way to others.  But when you look below that rude, nasty attitude, he’s really a disgustingly sweet guy.  She reached out as if to touch Dean, but pulled back at Sam’s mental growl.  Just look at the way he treats you.  He’s always looking out for you, trying to keep you safe, he even gave up his own soul to save you.  I’ve never seen someone so horrendously self-sacrificing.  His life means nothing to him unless you’re in it.  That annoying sense of loyalty, his unshakable love for his family… The demon gave a little shudder and shook her head.  Then there’s the constant need he seems to have to keep you by his side, the affection, the way he always tries to get a smile out of you, it’s just so cute, it makes me ill.  I wish I could see a little more of his dark side for a change, I think he’d be really hot if he let that part of himself out, the demon said wistfully. 


Don’t get any ideas, you leave my brother the hell alone! Sam snapped at her, glaring at her reflection. 


Oh, you should at least know me well enough by now to realize I’ve always got ideas, she grinned at him, then looked back at Dean.  But really, it should be you getting the ideas.  She laughed at the confused look on Sam’s face, then shook her head.  Never mind, we’ll get to that some other time.  Right now I suppose I’ll have to let my new vessel have some rest, hm?    With that, her image faded from the mirror, and Sam felt that odd sense of duality he’d been experiencing fade away. 


Sam sighed heavily, suddenly feeling weak and tired. “Let’s find that motel, I really need sleep,” he murmured, slinging am arm around Dean’s shoulders as the older man stepped closer to offer support. 


Dean nodded, one arm around Sam’s waist as he guided the younger man out of the dingy, cramped washroom and back to the Impala.  “I’ll be right back,” he said, holding up the key before he turned and went back into the small store.  Once inside he frowned, glancing out the window and watching Sam.  He was still worried about the way Sam was behaving, so subdued, and distracted.  With a shake of his head, Dean brushed it off, buying some painkillers and a few other things to top up their first aid kit, before he made his way back out to the car.  “Jeez, you really are wiped out,” he murmured, noticing Sam had once again slumped over in his seat, cheek resting against the passenger side window as he slept.  He got in and started the car, shooting a look at the younger man before he pulled out of the parking lot. “If you expect me to carry your lanky ass to the room, boy are you ever in for a rude awakening,” he griped, lips pursed as he headed for the motel. 


To Be Continued…

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