Fallen: 4/4

Author: Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Beta: reiver vicious, frodobagginz

Spoilers: Season 3

Disclaimer: Kripke created this universe; I just enjoy warping it and borrowing his boys for my own twisted amusement. None of it is mine, sadly.

Warnings and Notes: Slash, wincest, language and violence. AU, possible OOC, and General Weirdness.

Summary: Is it possible to fall from grace, and find the one thing left that can keep you from caring?

"Well, that's where things get a little tricky," Ruby smirked, getting up and walking over toward the door. "See, he didn't intend it? But Sam led a demon revolution that changed things, forever. He's a hero." Ruby's smile was positively evil as she watched Dean's eyes widen slightly. "Sam Winchester, Demon King, who single-handedly destroyed countless demons, led a demon army to victory, brought his beloved brother back from the pit and then left the gate open, giving his entire army free rein to wreak havoc on the world."

"What?" Dean cried, struggling to get up, staring at her in horror.

"Yeah, nice, huh? It's hell on earth now, and your brother? He rules it all."


Dean shook his head and sighed heavily. It had occurred to him after Ruby had revealed everything that this was probably her plan all along, the real reason she'd helped them survive. Because like so many other demons, she thought it would be better to live under Sam's rule, than some of the other aspiring leaders.

But Dean wasn't so sure of that. He'd witnessed Sam's ruthlessness in dealing with his minions, first with shock, then with tentative acceptance. After all, it wasn't as if Dean could do anything about it, and why would he want to? They were demons, things he'd hunted all his life. Even now, as the Demon King's brother/lover, and something of a demon himself, he couldn't shake the teachings he'd been raised with. He would feel no sympathy for these creatures; most of whom, unlike him, had long since forgotten their humanity, and would never regain any semblance of it.

I wonder just how much humanity Sammy and I have left sometimes. There was hardly anything normal about our lives, or us, before I went to Hell. But now? It's as far from normal as you can get… He thought with a troubled frown, fingers tangled in the blanket as he remembered what had happened immediately after Ruby's shocking revelations.


"Wait!" Dean shouted as he rose to his feet, the blanket still clutched to his waist as he took a stiff, tentative step toward the door. He growled when the only response he got from the blond was another infuriating smirk before she opened the door.

"Better take it easy, Dean. Death can be pretty hard on a guy. Wouldn't want to hurt yourself, would you? After all, Sam's probably got plans for the two of you tonight. I imagine the only person he wants causing you pain is himself." Dean was sure that for just a moment her smirk faltered, and there was a flash of something in her eyes, unease, or was it a warning, perhaps? Before he could be sure, she slipped out of the room.

Dean blinked and jumped as the heavy door slammed shut with a boom. "Jesus…this can't be happening," he rasped, legs shaking as he looked around, then sank into the chair beside the bed and dragged one hand roughly through his hair, his eyes tightly shut. "God, how did things get so screwed up?" His voice was small and shaky as Dean tried to absorb the full implications of what Ruby had told him.

"I don't think either one of them is going to be much help to us right now," Sam's voice, directly in front of him made Dean jump again, black eyes snapping open as he stared up at his brother. "I brought you some food," Sam gestured to the table, where a bucket of chicken, some pie and beer were set out. "Figured you'd appreciate some of your old favorites your first night back."

Dean pushed himself up out of the chair, his stiffness, aches and pains forgotten as he glared up at the other man. "Is all that crap she said true?" he demanded, reaching out and grasping the front of the plain black hoodie Sam was wearing, tugging hard. "How could you do that, Sammy?" The cool, calm expression on Sam's face, coupled with the hint of yellow still shining in his normally green eyes further fueled Dean's anger. "Answer me, damnit!"

Sam looked down at the hand fisted in his shirt, then gently wrapped his long fingers around Dean's wrist, squeezing until Dean's obsidian eyes widened in surprise. Then Sam pulled the other man's hand away, giving his brother a faint smile as he reached out to grip Dean's shoulders, forcibly guiding the other man over to the bed. "Yeah, it's all true," he answered quietly, his expression changing to a frown as he stared into Dean's eyes. He cupped his brother's face, thumb running lightly along the older man's cheekbone as he sighed softly. "I'm sorry I was too late to stop this," Sam whispered, leaning forward to rest his forehead against Dean's.

"That doesn't matter now," Dean said, voice low and harsh as he pulled away, snatching up a pair of jeans draped over the back of the nearest chair and putting them on quickly. Once he was at least partially dressed, he felt a little more comfortable, less vulnerable. "I'm still me! I remember who I am, what I am, at least, what I used to be. And I still hate demons! Even if…" He looked over at the mirror and cringed at his reflection. "I am one now."

"Dean, I know," Sam smiled a bit, the yellow fading completely as he stepped forward and set his hands on Dean's shoulders again. "That's what makes you different from the rest of them, you-"

Dean cut him off with a harsh laugh. "Yeah, but are you?" He tried to ignore the flash of pain in Sam's eyes at the accusation, and the stab of pain he felt as well for putting it there. "Even though you didn't die and go to Hell, you just…what? You just suddenly turned into yellow-eyed Psychic Boy? Well," Dean gave a weak laugh, running both hands through his hair as he paced the small space between Sam and the bed. "More like Psycho Boy, wasn't it? Killed two people, then went from wasting demons, to leading them." He glanced over at Sam with a scowl.

"I killed those people to protect you," Sam said angrily as the yellow light reappeared in his narrowed eyes. "As for leading the demons, I didn't have a choice, Dean! Even if I'd gathered up every remaining hunter in the country, we wouldn't have stood a chance against Lilith and her army. I had to fight fire with fire!" Sam reached out and placed his fingertips over Dean's lips when the other man tried to speak again. "Dean, listen to me. I had no choice. I had to take down Lilith, it was the only way I could save you," he murmured, fingers sliding down to cup the older man's chin when Dean made to turn away.

"Am I really worth that much, Sammy, that you'd rather destroy the rest of the world, than live without me?" Dean's voice was raw, his eyes shining with unshed tears as he stared up at Sam.

"You really have no idea, do you?" Sam laughed softly, then grew serious. "Think back, Dean, to when Jake killed me. How it felt when I died in your arms, and you were left with nothing but your memories and a corpse."

Dean flinched at Sam's words, then narrowed his eyes, tilting his chin up and growling when Sam's fingers followed the movement and tightened against his skin.

"You had to live without me, what, a few hours, at the most? Then you went and did the unthinkable, you sold your soul and broke the one rule Dad drilled into our heads the hardest, what's dead should stay dead." Sam's jaw clenched as Dean tried to step away, then his hands shot out and gripped the older man's biceps. Before the older man could protest, Sam forced him to sit down on the bed. "I had to watch you die over a hundred times thanks to the Trickster, then spent months on my own trying to track him down and make him bring you back."

Dean looked up at him in surprise, a little shocked that Sam had chosen to withhold that rather important bit of information from him all this time. "What? Months?"

Sam released Dean's arms and stood up straight, swallowing hard as he stared down at his brother. "Then, just when I'd started to put that behind me, the demons came for you, and I had to sit there and hold you while you died in my arms, again, despite everything I'd tried to get you out of it. I just couldn't take it anymore." He moved over and sat down beside Dean, their shoulders touching lightly. "Look me in the eye, Dean, and tell me that you wouldn't have done the same. Tell me that you would have just left me down there, and gone off on a useless suicide mission to face Lilith and her army of demons with only a handful of humans and one demon at your side."

Dean was silent for several moments, his gaze trained on the floor as he thought about it. "You're right," he finally whispered, lifting his head and looking over at Sam. "I probably would have gone more than a little crazy if I'd gone through all that. And yeah, I probably would have done the same, march in there, kill every evil son of a bitch I could, then haul your ass up outta there. But I never would have left that gate open, Sammy! Why did you do that? How could you let those damned things loose on the world?"

Sam smiled wanly, looking over at his brother and sighing heavily. "Well, at least I got you to wrap your head around the first part of it. As for the gate," he looked away, lips pulled back from his teeth in a slight grimace. "I didn't have a choice in that, either. I had to walk away and leave it open, as a show of good faith."

"Good faith? What kind of bullshit is that?!" Dean demanded, staring at Sam incredulously.

"It's not bullshit, Dean!" Sam cried, bringing a fist down on the bed in frustration. "Don't you get it? Those demons rallied behind me and followed me not only into battle against Lilith, but right into Hell itself to battle an even bigger army. What do you think would have happened if I'd brought you out of there, then slammed the door in their faces and left them all trapped down there after all that?"

Dean tilted his head, brow furrowed. "Hm, let's see. Maybe I'd be alive, you wouldn't be the Demon King, and the world would be safe?"

Sam chuckled and shook his head, leaning over slightly so he was pressed more firmly against Dean. "Not quite. I needed to be the leader, so I could bend a few rules to have you brought back without making a deal. As for the world being safe, no. If I'd betrayed them all like that, things would be about a thousand times worse than they are now."

"And just how do you figure that?" Dean asked, looking down to where Sam pressed against him, relief welling inside him now that Sam was by his side again, even if the circumstances were…less than ideal.

Sam's smile widened when Dean didn't pull away, and he boldly slipped an arm around his brother's shoulders, pulling him closer. "You remember when Meg crawled up out of Hell to get revenge on us, how vicious she was?" At Dean's nod, he continued. "Well, imagine several hundred Megs after they've been betrayed by the leader they believed in, all clawing their way out together, gunning for us. Well, mainly me."

Dean's eyebrows shot up at Sam's words, and he allowed himself to be pulled closer to his brother, one arm unconsciously slipping around the younger man's waist. "Okay, that's…disturbing," he admitted quietly.

"Mhm, now you see why I couldn't do it. I needed them to defeat Lilith, and get you back. In return, they wanted out, they wanted their shot at a life up here, out of the pit. It was a deal I couldn't go back on," Sam said quietly, hand brushing over Dean's back lightly. "And just so you know, Ruby exaggerated things a bit. Once you get out there and see the world for yourself, you'll know it's not as bad as you're imagining it right now. Trust me, the world didn't blow up, there was no huge apocalypse, it's…a lot like what happened after the gate was opened the first time, little bits here and there, but it seems almost too quiet sometimes in other places."

"So, what happened to the gate? Is it…useless now, or what?" Dean asked warily, wanting to believe Sam, but unable to convince himself that things could work out so smoothly.

"No," Sam shook his head and smirked. "Turns out Bobby and Jo were going to try and seal the gate with all of us in there, good thing I had some sentries posted," he paused, frowning severely.

Dean looked over at Sam, his expression troubled. "Those two were actually gonna seal the gate, with you still down there?"

"Yeah, they didn't take too kindly to me joining forces with demons, regardless of the reasons. I guess Bobby decided that even though I'd defeated Lilith, I was a bad guy now," Sam said quietly, eyes trained on the floor as his arm tightened around Dean's shoulders. "I suppose the way Ellen and a couple of other hunters were lost during that battle had something to do with their anger and bitterness toward me. I told them all to keep their distance once the fighting started, that it'd be no place for humans, but they didn't listen."

"Aw, shit, Ellen?" Dean winced. "Well, I could see why Jo might be a little pissed, she had issues with our family already," he said, then looked over at Sam apprehensively. "Those sentries, did they…?"

"No," Sam murmured, shaking his head. "They didn't kill them, just held them off until I brought you out, and the remaining demons that had followed me in escaped. Then we took off and let them shut the gate."

Dean sighed in relief. "Well, at least you didn't let every damn thing down there get out, that's something, I guess… Where are Bobby and the others now?"

"Hiding, if they're smart," Sam growled, eyes narrowing as he looked away. "I haven't exactly been feeling warm and fuzzy where they're concerned, considering they'd been ready to seal both of us away in Hell when I was just steps away from getting you back." He turned to Dean and cupped the back of his head, leaning closer and rubbing noses with him. "But I can let it go for now, considering I got what I wanted," Sam smiled, eyes flashing yellow a moment before he tilted his head and sealed his lips to Dean's in a possessive kiss.

"What do you mean for-" Dean stiffened, then inhaled sharply when their lips met, hands moving to Sam's sides as he hesitated, torn between pushing the other man away or pulling him closer. It was so, so tempting just to sink into the warmth and love his brother offered, but therein lay the problem. Dean knew Sammy wasn't the same person anymore. The man holding him was different, harsher, tainted somehow, changes that had begun before Dean had died. Sure, most of his basic personality, and his feelings toward Dean were obviously the same, if those roaming hands, one threading through his hair, while the other slipped under his shirt to stroke his chest were any indication. But he could already tell that core of gentleness, the basic goodness and strong conscience that had characterized his brother had been forever altered. He just hoped they hadn't been stripped away forever by the powers he now possessed. Looks like I've got to save you again, Sammy, this time from yourself… he thought as he slid his hands up, fingers tangling in Sam's hair.

He shivered, a whimper escaping as Sam's teeth nipping gently at his lower lip pulled him from his thoughts. Dean's lips parted on a gasp when Sam's fingers found and pinched a nipple, a moan torn from him when Sam deepened the kiss, tongue tracing his lips, before delving inside to stroke the tip of his own. He leaned forward and grasped at Sam's shirt, then pushed it up, baring soft, golden skin. His lips and fingertips practically tingled in anticipation of exploring the smooth expanse of Sam's chest and abdomen when Sam broke the kiss, then leaned back and smiled softly at him.

It was those mottled yellow eyes that brought the enormity of the situation crashing down on Dean again, having the approximate effect of a pail of ice water being dumped over his head. With a frustrated sound he wrenched himself away, rising quickly to his feet and staring at Sam.

"What's wrong?" Sam looked up at him, brow furrowed in concern.

"I can't, Sammy…I just…God," Dean muttered, then he turned away and ran both hands through his hair. He took a few steps forward, then stopped when he was faced with his own reflection once again, staring into the black eyes that glared back at him from the mirror.

"I told you, he's not going to be much help to us anymore," Sam said tersely, moving back on the bed before he stripped off his shirt and tossed it to the floor. "Come on, Dean, enough worrying about the past, let's celebrate the present, mainly your return to life, and to me. Come here."

"Sammy, I'm not exactly in a celebratin' mood after waking up as a demon and finding out the world has been taken over by demons, with my brother leading the charge, okay?" Dean's voice was harsh as he kept his back to the other man.

Sam's face clearly reflected his displeasure as he watched his brother silently for a few moments. "Fine, I see we're gonna have to do this the hard way," he murmured, yellow eyes sliding closed as Sam's head tilted down, his expression one of concentration.

Dean turned around and was halfway back to the bed before he even realized he'd taken a single step. Once he did, however, he balked, forcing himself to come to a stop. "What the hell was that?" He clenched his fists and shot an accusing glare at Sam. "Dude, did you just pull a whammy on me?"

Sam scowled and opened his eyes, looking up at his brother before his eyes widened in surprise. "How were you able to…?" Sam gave Dean a puzzled look, tilting his head to one side, before he grinned suddenly, looking relieved. "Finally, they're gone. I was wondering how long it would take you to learn to change them back."

"What are you talkin' about?" Dean asked, one eyebrow raised as he stared at Sam, confused by the sudden change in his demeanor. When the younger man jerked his chin up and glanced at the mirror, Dean looked over at it again, sucking in a sharp breath when he saw that the creepy black eyes were gone and his own clear, green eyes reflected back at him. "Whoa, what happened?"

"Seems like you're back to your old self again," Sam said quietly, moving up on the bed and leaning back against the headboard. "Yet another reason for us to celebrate," his smile turned wicked then, as he moved over to make room for Dean beside him. "Now, come here."

Dean's expression softened slightly as the last two words Sam spoke seemed to echo and as before, he moved forward without conscious thought. Just as he was about to sit down on the bed, something rose up within him and again Dean forced himself to stop. "Sam!" He shouted, before he took a step back and directed an enraged glare at his brother, his eyes black once more. "I'm gonna start throwin' punches if you pull that mind control crap again, you hear me?"

Sam stared at Dean, first in shock, then in irritation. "Okay, that's getting annoying," he muttered. "Fine, no mind control. I see now it doesn't work on you anyway. I'm not quite sure how you're managing that neat little trick, but we'll discuss it later. I've got more important things on my mind right now, like seducing the brother I fought so hard to reclaim." He rose to his feet and closed the distance between them, then grabbed Dean by the shoulders, using his greater size to his advantage as he wrestled the other man over onto the bed, trying to pin him down.

"Sam!" Dean cried, hands gripping his brother's biceps as he was swung over onto the bed. He flailed and bucked wildly when Sam's weight settled on top of him, trying unsuccessfully to push the other man away. "Sammy, would you qui-" His protest was muffled as Sam gripped his chin and captured his lips in a bruising kiss. Dean growled under his breath, hands digging into the other man's shoulders as he once again tried to throw his brother off.

Sam merely smirked and held Dean down as he used one long leg to slowly force his brother's apart before Sam settled between them. He moaned quietly, grinding against him. "Please Dean, I need you," he murmured against Dean's lips.

Dean tried to gain some leverage, feet planted on the bed as he attempted to roll the larger man off him. He curled his fingers, knowing full well the pressure he was applying to Sam's shoulders must be getting painful by now. At least it should be, if he's still human… Dean thought apprehensively. Anger welled up inside him as his continued struggles only elicited a chuckle from Sam, and without hesitation Dean sank his teeth into the other man's bottom lip, bucking hard when Sam gave a pained gasp and stiffened in surprise.

Sam managed, just barely, to stay on top of Dean, his hands sliding up to grip the older man's wrists tightly before pinning Dean's hands to the bed. "You really want things to be like this your first night back?" Sam asked softly, gazing down at him with a disappointed frown.

Dean glared up at him. "No, I don't want anything to be like this!" he shouted, renewing his struggles in earnest. "I don't want to be a demon, I don't want you being some freaky Demon King, and I don't want the world to be overrun with the damn things! Last but definitely not least, I don't want to celebrate right now, because the way I see it, there's not a whole hell of a lot to celebrate!"

"I wish you'd trust me, Dean. You don't understand the way things really are, but you will, soon enough." Sam leaned down and nuzzled Dean's cheek, or rather tried to, then reared back to avoid the headbutt the other man attempted. "Wow, seems your anger brings out the demon in you, full force. That's going to be interesting," he said thoughtfully, then he sat up, straddling Dean's hips, still keeping his brother's hands pinned. "It's almost like there's two of you. Regular Dean, and Demon Dean, like the demon side is some kind of power you can draw on when you need it. I wonder if purging the memories did that," Sam murmured, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he gazed down at the other man. "I'll bet that's why you can shake off mind control attempts so easily now. Hm," he laughed softly, looking down at him with interest. "Would it be possible to take control of both sides at once?" His smile turned to a full-fledged grin as Dean's glare turned murderous.

"Sam, I warned you, if you try that-" Dean started, then snarled as Sam cut him off with another possessive kiss. His eyes widened in surprise when his hands were suddenly released, and Sam broke the kiss and moved away.

Sam stood at the foot of the bed, yellow-eyed gaze roaming over Dean's partially clad body hungrily. "I know, I know," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "No more mind control. But," the smirk that settled on his lips was pure wickedness. "That doesn't mean I can't use some of my other…abilities."

Dean grunted as he was pushed down hard against the bed. His eyes widened in shock as he stared up at Sam, the breath being forced out of his lungs as the mattress dipped beneath him. Dean fought to draw breath, feeling as if a giant hand had settled on his chest and was now pinning him down, fingers digging into the sheet beneath him while he once again used his legs in an attempt to gain leverage.

"Stop fighting me, Dean, please?" Sam's voice was like velvet as he moved closer, fingers trailing up Dean's calves, a frown on his face when Sam encountered rough denim instead of warm skin. "These have definitely got to go."

Dean drew in air with a loud gasp when the weight on his chest suddenly lifted a bit. He opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a hoarse, surprised cry as Sam's fingers deftly unbuttoned his jeans before the offending garment was all but torn from his body.

"Much better," Sam murmured, taking a moment to hastily remove his own clothing, eyes never leaving Dean's as he did. When the last of his clothing joined the haphazard pile beside the bed, Sam took a moment to simply let his gaze wander over Dean's body. His own arousal was made quite clear by the way his breath quickened, pupils slightly dilated as one large hand skimmed over his own chest, then down his abdomen, following the line of dark hair down to his cock. He wrapped long fingers around the hardened length, squeezing gently, a soft moan spilling from his lips. "I've waited so long for you, for this," Sam said quietly, before his eyes darted up to meet Dean's again.

Dean had been watching Sam's display, protests momentarily forgotten as his traitorous body responded to it, cheeks flushed, his own breath speeding up as his cock stood at rigid attention. He silently cursed his reactions, and then looked up, about to make another attempt to reason with his brother. However the words died on his lips when he saw the look on Sam's face, the same look Sam had given him the night he'd died, when he'd been standing in the protective circle, telling Sam to go, to save himself.

It was an expression of heartbreaking sadness and vulnerability, green, yes green eyes filled with need, longing, and haunted by loneliness. Dean's own expression softened as he gazed at his brother silently. How long was I gone this time, Sammy? He wondered, seeing the other man's sudden hesitation, as if the forceful, cold Sam was gone, leaving behind a gentler Sam, one that almost seemed to be waiting for Dean's permission before continuing.

Black eyes slid closed as Dean sighed softly, then let of his misgivings, deciding to trust in his brother's earlier words. Sam said it wasn't that bad, that I'd understand once I got out there and saw for myself, Dean thought. Why shouldn't I trust him? His decision made, Dean simply opened his now-green eyes and held one hand out, reaching for Sam, silently beckoning him closer.

Sam didn't need to be told twice. With a soft sound and a smile that radiated love and relief he strode forward, cupping Dean's face in his hands as he leaned down to kiss him.

Dean moaned quietly and slid his arms around Sam's shoulders, leaning up into the kiss, surprised a moment later to realize he was in fact able to move. With a growl he took full advantage of the fact, flipping them over and straddling the younger man. "Since this is my welcome back party I think I should be in charge," he said with a slight smirk, then jerked in surprise as Sam flipped them back over and draped himself over Dean, effectively pinning him once again with his weight.

"Not a chance," Sam chuckled, shaking his head, brushing the tips of their noses together in the process. He saw Dean's eyebrows shoot up, his brother's chin jutting up in that almost defiant tilt and Sam grinned, pressing a quick kiss to his brother's full, soft lips. "Next round's your show, alright? I promise."

Dean nodded, placated for the moment. Then he tilted his head back and looked up, mischief in his narrowed eyes as Sam nuzzled and kissed down the side of his throat. He slid his hands over Sam's back, left hand moving up between Sam's shoulder blades, the right slipping down to the curve of his lower back. His fingers curled, then Dean raked his fingernails across the smooth skin.

Sam threw his head back and gasped, hips jerking forward instinctively as a shudder ran through his long frame, drawing a groan from both men. "Dean…" he whimpered, shivering when the other man's fingertips lightly stroked the stinging trails left behind.

Dean smirked and watched his brother intently. "That still gets to you, hm?" he asked softly, still surprised that such a simple trick could change Sam from sweet and considerate, to raw and passionate. "Always did love what it does to you," he murmured, both hands moving to cup Sam's rear, before he dragged his nails up the length of Sam's back, pressing a bit harder this time and leaving faint welts on the bronzed skin.

Sam groaned and arched into Dean's fingers before grinding down against him, head dropping to rest against the other man's shoulder as he panted softly. He closed his eyes and smiled at Dean's answering moan, rocking his hips again and nipping gently at the other man's throat, enjoying the way Dean arched beneath him. "You know," he said shakily, continuing to grind his hips down in slow circles, their lengths rubbing together gently, making Dean squirm and buck his hips. "I'd planned this all out, lots of teasing, lots of foreplay, then a nice, slow ride, but I'm getting the impression you're not really into that right now," he murmured, lips brushing against the side of Dean's neck as he spoke.

"Not really," Dean rasped, cheeks flushed and his eyes hooded as he gazed up at the ceiling.

"You always were a pushy bottom," Sam smirked, lifting his head and looking over at the bedside table before his hand shot out, carelessly knocking things off until he found what he wanted, holding up a tube for Dean's inspection.

"Seems someone was confidant things were gonna go his way tonight," Dean smirked, then he slanted a look at the tube and nodded.

"I prefer to think of it as cautiously optimistic," Sam smirked back, before he leaned down and captured Dean's lips in a kiss. The only sounds in the room were their heavy breathing and the slight creak of bedsprings as they continued to grind against each other, until Sam opened the lube. The soft snap of the lid acted as a catalyst, causing both brothers to moan softly when the kiss, which had started a slow, sensual brushing of lips turned to a hard press of lips, teeth clicking as tongues darted out, teased, brushed and mapped out soft, warm recesses before battling briefly for dominance.

Dean raised his hands and threaded his fingers through Sam's hair. "Come on, Sammy," he whispered against the younger man's lips, before nipping at them gently. His hips jerked up, a gasp torn from him when a cool, slick fingertip ghosted down the underside of his cock, then slid further down, teasing his balls. "Christ, that's cold," he whispered, squirming a bit before he opened his legs. A shiver ran through him as Sam's hand moved lower, fingers stroking lightly over his entrance. He growled as Sam teased him, one fingertip pressing lightly against the tight ring of muscle, but not breaching it. "Move it along, Sammy," he ground out the warning before he slid one leg up, hooking it over his brother's hip. "Or I will."

Sam smirked down at Dean, obviously enjoying the other man's impatience. "Alright, alright," he whispered as Dean tensed beneath him. He kissed Dean hungrily and used his weight to press his brother more firmly against the bed.

Dean moaned softly against Sam's lips as one finger pushed inside gently. He rocked his hips, silently demanding more, a whimper escaping him as Sam immediately responded, a second thick finger pressing into him, sliding deep and seeking out his prostate. He gasped when Sam's fingertips brushed over it, hips jerking up, and then pressing down against Sam's hand as Dean groaned. He broke the kiss and shook his head as Sam started to scissor his fingers gently, stretching him carefully. "That's enough," Dean said, voice low and shaky as he gazed up at his brother. "I'm more than ready."

"Dean," Sam pulled back slightly and looked down at him, brow furrowed. "I don't want to-"his protest was cut off when Dean leaned up and caught his lips in an almost bruising kiss.

"I know you've been waitin' a long time for this, Sammy," Dean murmured, lips moving lightly against Sam's as he spoke, his hands sliding down, fingertips brushing over the back of the younger man's neck. "I can see it in the way you've been looking at me, and I may have had my memories erased, but I've got the feeling I've been waiting even longer." He let his head fall back onto the pillow and stared up at his brother with hooded eyes. "Please, Sammy, need to feel you…"

Sam stared down at Dean, tears in his eyes as he nodded slowly. "Yeah…" his voice was strained, and Sam's pained expression showed there was so much more he wanted to say. Instead he lowered his head and kissed the older man, one hand threading through Dean's hair as the other picked up the tube, squeezing some onto his fingertips. He inhaled sharply against Dean's lips, shivering for a moment as he wrapped slick fingers around his own length, coating it with lube. "You're right, that is damn cold," he grinned at Dean's quiet laugh, then deepened the kiss, one hand braced on the bed as he positioned himself and rocked his hips forward.

Dean's eyes flew open and he gasped as Sam pushed in slowly, body tensing up once more at the burning pain as he was stretched and filled. He bit back a groan, his eyes never leaving Sam's as he forced himself to relax, the tension slowly draining away as he adjusted to the intrusion.

Sam groaned, pressing forward until he was buried to the hilt. He bared his teeth, staring down at Dean as he panted softly, fighting the urge to slam into the exquisite heat surrounding him. "Dean," Sam said shakily, leaning down and kissing his brother softly. "Feels-"

"So damn good," Dean finished with a low growl, leaning up and kissing the younger man eagerly as his hands cupped the back of Sam's neck. "C'mon, Sammy," he breathed, eyes narrowed to glittering slits as he touched the tip of his nose to Sam's, tangling their legs together. "Gimme more…" He bucked his hips for emphasis, pulling a startled groan from the other man.

Sam managed a smile and then kissed the end of Dean's nose. "You got it," he murmured, before he reached up and gently pulled one of Dean's hands away from the back of his neck, twining their fingers together and pinning Dean's hand to the bed. His other arm slid around Dean's waist, pulling the older man closer as he started to move, his thrusts almost maddeningly slow and gentle.

Dean arched beneath him, moaning softly each time Sam's cock brushed his sweet spot. He gripped Sam's hand tightly, the other hand moving to curl around Sam's bicep as he rocked his hips up to meet each thrust.

Sam tilted his head, lips latching onto the side of Dean's throat before he bit down lightly, leaving faint marks on the smooth skin. He kept his pace slow, breath loud and uneven in Dean's ear as he nuzzled the other man's cheek.

Dean arched his back, panting softly as he slid his legs up to hook around Sam's hips. His fingers tightened around Sam's, free hand sliding up into the younger man's hair. "Sammy," he murmured, then turned his head and nipped along his brother's jaw.

Sam shivered at the feel of Dean's teeth raking along his skin, his arm tightening around Dean's waist, pulling him closer. He crushed his lips to Dean's in a heated kiss, his thrusts coming harder, deeper.

Dean tilted his head back, teeth bared as he sucked in a sharp breath. He moaned as Sam pressed down against him, his cock trapped between their bodies. The friction caused by Sam's movements soon had him squirming, a light sheen of sweat breaking out on his skin as Dean moaned and jerked his hips. "Faster!" He barked out the word, voice hoarse as he tightened his grip on Sam's hand, his other arm sliding around the other man's shoulders and pulling him closer. "Please…"

Sam squeezed his eyes shut, tugging his hand free and wrapping both arms around Dean, holding him close as he sped up his thrusts. Sweat beaded on his forehead and upper lip, desperate little noises falling from his swollen, kiss-reddened lips with each hard jerk of his hips. "Close…can't hold it," he rasped, muscles tensing as he neared release.

Dean cried out hoarsely when Sam's rhythm became erratic, his own hips snapping up in an attempt to match the younger man's thrusts. The dual pleasure of his cock trapped between their bodies as they moved combined with Sam's length brushing his prostate made Dean shudder, a trickle of sweat rolling down the side of his face. "S…Sammy," Dean panted harshly, trying to speak but instead his voice trailed off into a wordless shout while he flung his head back, fingers digging into Sam's shoulders. His muscles tightened as he came, back and neck arched, arms locked around his brother. He gave an almost violent shudder, hips bucking, his seed spilling between them in a warm, sticky mess before he collapsed on the bed, chest heaving, eyes closed.

Sam trembled, then his body stiffened, Dean's name spilling from his lips before he jerked his hips once, twice, face pressed to the side of Dean's throat as he climaxed with a hoarse cry. He held his brother close for a few moments, then his hold loosened, body feeling boneless, as he lay sprawled on top of the other man, panting harshly.

The two of them simply laid together for several moments afterward, heartbeats slowing, breathing returning to normal. Then hands started roaming in slow, gentle caresses, heads turning and lips brushing in light kisses.

Dean blinked slowly, looking up with hooded eyes, cheeks still flushed as Sam pulled back a bit, gazing down at him with a smile.

"This is how I want it to be between us," Sam whispered, the pad of his thumb gently stroking under Dean's left eye as he gazed down into emerald depths. "Not yellow looking into black, just…you and me. No matter what, I want this, I want…us. Just us."

Dean nodded slowly, turning his head into Sam's hand as it cupped his cheek. "Me too," he answered quietly, then unwrapped his legs from around Sam's hips, wincing as the younger man slowly pulled out and moved to lie beside him. He turned toward his brother as Sam pulled him into an embrace. "That's the way it's supposed to be."

They stayed like that for several moments, simply enjoying the companionable silence, before Sam turned his head and looked toward the table, where the beer, chicken and pizza still waited. He made to pull away, but Dean's arms simply tightened around him, the older man murmuring something against his chest that he didn't quite catch. "Just gonna get us a beer," he said quietly, pressing a kiss to Dean's hair.

"Beer can wait, tired," Dean yawned, burrowing further into Sam's embrace, his eyes still closed as he enjoyed holding his brother.

"Wow, never thought I'd see the day that Dean Winchester turned down a beer," Sam smirked, one hand stroking up and down the other man's back lightly.

"M'not turning it down," Dean murmured. "Just too tired to move, and I don't wanna lose my blanket and pillow."

Sam chuckled softly, looking down at the top of Dean's head. "Well then how am I supposed to get a beer?"

"You could always use the freaky Psychic Boy powers to bring the beer over here," Dean said smartly, still refusing to relinquish his hold on Sam, tangling his legs with Sam's and pressing closer.

Sam quirked an eyebrow, then narrowed his eyes, trying to focus on one of the bottles as he held out his hand. The bottle suddenly launched itself off the table, and Sam winced when it hit his hand with the force of a good baseball pitch. "Guess I still need to work on the finer stuff," he sighed.

Dean peeked up as Sam flinched and, without missing a beat, plucked the bottle from Sam's still-tingling fingers. "Nice one, Sammy. Now, you think you can get that bucket of chicken over here without spillin' it all over us?"

Sam looked down and huffed, then blinked when Dean shot him a cheeky grin.

"Hey, come on, I just came back from the dead, found the world turned upside-down, then had mind-blowing sex. I've had a rough night, I'm famished, now gimme somethin' to eat already. Besides, I'm gonna need my strength for round two, right?"

Sam shook his head, a grin on his own face as he started to laugh. "Jerk."



Dean smiled faintly, feeling a bit of warm color rising in his cheeks. The memory of his first night back was always one of his most bittersweet, because he saw both the changes wrought on Sam since his death, and the gentler part of his brother that was still trying to justify his actions and believed that they were for the greater good.

"You always were hopelessly naïve and optimistic," Dean chuckled, shaking his head as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. He glanced in the mirror and ran long fingers through his hair, then stood and walked over to the door. "I need a beer," he murmured with a smirk, knowing full well that he could get what he wanted without having to leave the room, but Dean just wasn't the sit around and command minions type of guy.

The heavy wooden door burst open with a crash, Dean smirking as he strode out into the gloomy corridor. He felt a hint of amusement as a couple of lesser demons that had been startled at the sound jumped again when the door slammed shut behind him.

He strode down the corridor, pinning the demons with a dark, intense glare. They bowed their heads to him in deference, then quickly moved on. Double-crossing, sneaky sons of bitches, Dean thought to himself, remembering their faces for later. He'd had a feeling that some of the demons had been plotting against his brother, and the increasing presence of these lower ranked demons near their private quarters only served to further fuel his suspicion. That's fine, I'll deal with them later, he narrowed his eyes, fingers tracing the knife hanging from his belt. It was much the same as the demon-killing knife that belonged to Ruby; presented to him by the blonde on Sam's orders.

He knew the knife wasn't so much for his own protection; the powers he'd acquired during his stay in Hell were more than adequate to keep him safe. Plus, there was the fact that Sam had made it clear to everyone his in his army; if one of them tried to harm Dean, all would pay. No, the knife was a gift, Sam's way of indulging his brother. Dean may have become one of them, but, like Ruby, he still possessed some semblance of his humanity. He also still possessed his training, not to mention his life-long hatred and mistrust of all demons.

The demons in Sam's army learned very quickly just how deep that hatred ran. Anyone he saw as not loyal to Sam, was killed. Anyone that he saw as a threat in any way, even an imagined threat, was also killed. Not to mention those few that had been brave, or stupid enough, depending on your perspective, to join in using some of the more…derogatory nicknames for Sam's brother, including 'The Leader's Concubine' or 'Boy King's Whore'. Dean didn't kill those ones right away… He savored their deaths, tormenting them in ways that made even Sam raise an eyebrow before suggesting Dean just put them out of their misery already, their screams were giving him a headache.

With a sigh he stepped outside, looking around and noticing the slight pall that hung over everything, as the sun was just dipping below the horizon. He glanced to the left, smiling faintly as he caught the last burst of color in the sky, orange, pink, graduating to purple and blue as the first stars became visible.

"Hey, baby," Dean murmured, walking over to the Impala and running a hand along the roof of the car. He moved around to the front, inspecting it for more damage, a scowl on his face as his eyes were drawn to where he'd had to replace a headlight thanks to one of the demons that had a bit of a grudge against him.

The scowl faded as he remembered Sam coming out and spotting him working on the car, asking him why he still broke out the tools and spent so much time on it.


"I just don't get why you're still practically obsessed with the car," Sam sighed, folding his arms, a trace of impatience in his voice.

"Sammy," Dean said, then shook his head and fell silent a moment, tamping down a brief flash of annoyance. "I like workin' on her, okay? She's one of only two things I've got left. I just…I need to take care of her." He rose to his feet, wiping his hands on a rag and tossing it to the ground at his feet. He parted his lips, about to speak again, but a fingertip resting lightly against his lips stopped him.

Sam gave Dean a thoughtful look, then nodded and smiled affectionately, hand cupping his brother's cheek. "I guess I can understand that," he said quietly.


"Nice to see you again." A soft voice coming from directly behind Dean interrupted his musings and made him jump. He spun around quickly, his knife drawn.

"Oh, it's just you," Dean said quietly, leaning back against the driver's side door as he glared at Ruby. "You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that. God only knows what Sam'd do to you if you gave me a heart attack."

Ruby smirked and shook her head slowly. "Not really possible, you and I both know. Anyway, as I said, it's nice to see you, the real you," she murmured, raising a hand and gesturing toward her eyes with one finger at Dean's confused look.

Dean frowned, then bent down and looked at his eyes in the mirror. Sure enough, the black had faded once again; leaving his eyes a bright green. He'd noticed that lately, they were black for longer and longer periods of time, and it worried him. "Yeah, it is," he said quietly, standing up straight and gazing over at her. "Hey, by the way, thanks for lookin' out for my baby," he patted the hood of the Impala gently. "I wouldn't expect you to kill a demon just for smashing out a headlight. Strange how you were so quick to defend the car when you've never even set foot in her."

"Yeah well, when I was human cars weren't exactly a big deal yet." Ruby's eyes narrowed as she slowly moved closer, arms folded over her chest. "Oh and don't flatter yourself, I wasn't doing it for you personally," she sneered.

"Oh, so that was for Sam? I'd love to hear the logic in that," Dean sneered right back, one eyebrow raised.

"Fine. It's like this. Neither of us ever wants to see Sam go totally darkside again. We both know what would happen to what's left of the world if he did," Ruby began, walking over and resting her fingertips lightly on the hood of the car. "Weird as it sounds, this car humanizes you, and you do the same for Sam. That's why I protected it."

Dean mulled that over silently for several long moments, then nodded quickly. "Fair enough." He pulled open the door, then paused, looking over at the blond. "Never thought I'd be sayin' this, but you wanna take a ride?"

Ruby shook her head with a faint smile. "Never much cared for cars, too noisy, too easy to lose control of. I much prefer our...standard method of travel," she smirked, gazing over at him. "You know, I'll never figure out how you not only held onto your most prized human possession, but managed to incorporate it into your new abilities."

"Hey, what can I say? I'm just that good." Dean grinned, getting into the car and closing the door. He gave her a quick salute and then started the engine, a satisfied smile on his lips as it roared to life. He glanced up from the wheel, but Ruby was already gone. "Your loss, don't know what you're missing," he shrugged, putting the car in gear and flooring the accelerator.

He reached down and grabbed the first tape that he found, popping it into the stereo. Soon the familiar strains of 'Back in Black' filled the silence, making Dean tap his fingers against the wheel in time with the music.

A moment later the sensation of fingertips brushing his cheek made Dean jump, the car swerving a bit as he accidentally jerked the wheel. "Son of a bitch!" He glared over at Sam, who was smirking as he sat sprawled in the passenger seat, his hand dropping down to rest on Dean's thigh. "Don't do that!"

"Sorry," Sam grinned, looking completely unapologetic. "I just wanted to come and see what you were up to."

"Yeah, sure you are," Dean shook his head. "I'm just goin' to get a beer," Dean shrugged, slanting a look at Sam and chuckling as the younger man's fingers tapped the dash in time to the beat. He glanced down at the hand resting on his thigh, then covered it with his own, squeezing gently.

They drove on in companionable silence, the tape ending, and Sam leaned his head back and turned toward Dean. "Kinda feels like old times," he said quietly. "You, me, the car, and the classic rock."

Dean smiled faintly. "Yeah, it does, almost feels like none of it happened when it's like this, just you, me and her."

Sam nodded, then looked around the interior of the car and chuckled softly. "Yeah, I wonder sometimes if I should just leave the two of you alone," he teased. "I almost think you love her more than me." He slanted a look at Dean, holding back a laugh.

"Aw, don't be like that, you know it's not fair to compare the two of you," Dean sighed in mock exasperation. "Maybe you ought to spend more time here, then you wouldn't have to worry so much."

"Well, maybe if I didn't know for a fact that you'd already christened almost every inch of 'her' with everything from high school cheerleaders to barmaids, I would spend more time here," Sam answered smarmily, folding his arms and putting on his best Bitch!face.

Dean looked over at his brother and burst out laughing at the expression on the younger man's face. "Sammy, Sammy, Sammy," he shook his head slowly, a smirk settling on his lips. "That was before the crash. I've hardly had anyone but you in here since the rebuild, remember? She's clean and still waiting to be christened all over again."

Sam's eyebrows shot up, surprise written all over his face. That thought honestly hadn't occurred to him. "Huh," he frowned in thought. "Well then, I might just have to help you two out with that," he snickered.

Dean grinned and nodded. "Nice to know I can count on you." He reached to turn on the headlights, then paused, his smile turning wicked. "Feel like taking a road trip, Sammy?"

Sam tensed up slightly, hand gripping the dash. "Uh…"

Dean didn't wait for an answer, jerking the wheel hard to the right. The car swung off the highway, heading straight for a grove of trees. The Impala vanished into the shadows cast by the tall trees, the tail lights simply disappearing, the sound of the engine cutting out, nothing left behind but an eerie silence.

Several miles away, in the parking lot of a small convenience store, the lights began to flicker wildly, before going out for several seconds. The trio of young men hanging out in front of the store, scaring away the few customers that came by this late, looked around uneasily.

People jumped and ran, a couple screaming in surprise as the glare of bright lights suddenly pierced the darkness at the far side of the lot. The Impala roared out of the shadows, though there was no road for it to have driven in on, only a brick wall hidden in the darkness.

Sam shook his head and laughed, giving Dean an amused look. "You just love doing the phantom vehicle thing, don't you?"

"Aw come on, Sammy, you can't tell me you don't enjoy seeing people jump a little at the sight of her," Dean snickered, turning the wheel sharply to one side, the tires squealing as he forced the car into a hard left turn.

The car came to a screeching halt in front of the doors, the small gang of men glaring as Dean kept the headlights shining on them for a few seconds. "Well well, what do we have here?" Dean tilted his head back and appraised them with a smirk.

"Dean," Sam said quietly, watching as his brother turned off the engine and got out, walking up to the three men. He knew that they didn't stand much chance of killing Dean, not anymore, but he didn't want his brother's body damaged, either. He sighed and got out of the car, walking around it to stand beside Dean.

Two of the men watched Dean with lazy sneers, while the third one, a short blond with too-long greasy hair wearing dirty, faded jeans and a black hoodie, took a step back. He knew there was no road at the far end of the parking lot, which meant the car had literally appeared out of the shadows, and that could mean only one thing… "Uh, guys?" His eyes darted back and forth between Dean, Sam and his friends nervously.

"Shut up, Jerry," said one of the men, a tall redhead with patches of dark freckles across his nose, cheeks and forehead. "I ain't in the mood to listen to your pansy-ass bullshit tonight." He took a step forward, all aggression and cockiness as he pulled one side of his dark leather jacket back, revealing the gun tucked into the waistband of his jeans. "Nice car," the redhead smirked, tilting his head to one side. "How about letting me take it for a test drive?"

"Rick!" Jerry hissed, blue eyes widening as his gaze locked on Sam, not at all liking the cold expression in the other man's eyes. He knew this was going to end badly, very badly.

"Pansy or not," Sam murmured to the blond. "You're the smartest one here. I'd leave now if I were you."

The brunette standing beside Rick eyed Dean appraisingly. "How about letting me take that jacket for a little test run while you're at it?"

Jerry looked helplessly at Sam, then over at his friends. "Mike, don't man…come on," he said pleadingly, then shot another look at Sam. What he saw in the other man's face had him turning ashen, and without another word he turned and started walking away quickly, not even daring to look back over his shoulder.

Dean looked up at the two men with a sly smirk, eyes narrowed. "So, you two wanna go for a ride, do you?" he asked quietly, eyes closing. "Fine." His eyes snapped back open, now jet-black, teeth bared as he glared up at them.

"Oh shit, it's one of those fucking freaks!" Rick snarled, reaching for his gun.

Dean's eyes widened, power surging forward, merely intending to pin Rick against the wall and put a good scare into him. He gasped in shock as Rick was slammed into the brick with much more force than Dean had intended, his head hitting with a solid 'thunk', blood spraying along the pale gray cement blocks behind him.

Mike looked on in horror as Rick's feet left the ground, and at the first sight of blood he let loose a terrified scream before he turned tail and ran, blowing past Jerry so fast it looked like the smaller man was standing still.

Dean released his hold on Rick's body, frowning when it didn't fall to the ground. "I could have handled that, you know," he closed his eyes, then reopened them and slanted a look at Sam, green eyes narrowed.

Sam blinked and looked over at Dean guiltily, the yellow fading from his eyes. "Yeah, well, he was going for his gun, I just…" Sam shrugged. "Reacted."

Dean pursed his lips and shook his head. He knew this was just Sam's protectiveness toward him surfacing again, and as much as Dean hated to see humans bear the brunt of it, part of him was always glad to see the proof that at least their feelings, their dedication toward each other hadn't changed.

"Well, much as I hate to say this, 'cause it makes me sound like one cold son of a bitch," Dean sighed. "The world's got enough problems without adding punks like this into the works." Managing a smile he draped an arm over Sam's shoulders and steered him toward the door. "Come on, let's get some beer and go have some fun, hm?"

Sam followed him inside and slid an arm around his waist. "I can't stay," he murmured, pressing a kiss to Dean's temple. "I just wanted to come and see what you were doing."

"Aw, what's the matter, one of the horde causin' trouble again?" Dean chuckled, walking back toward the coolers and pulling out a twelve-pack.

"Somebody's always causing trouble," Sam said, trying for an angry look but only managing a pout that looked adorable to Dean, though he'd never have admitted that out loud. "It's hard to keep any kind of order around here sometimes."

"Yeah, yeah, you and your order, ya neat freak," Dean grinned, setting the beer on the counter, then blinking in surprise as the man behind the counter simply waved toward the door and told him it was alright. "What?" He blinked at the man in confusion.

The man stared at them, clearly frightened, having seen what had transpired out front. "It's okay…you got rid of those damn kids, they were robbing me blind, hurting people sometimes, I wanted them gone…so just…that's fine. Please."

Sam and Dean shared a look, then sighed in unison and left. "Yes, me and my order," Sam said quietly, leaning his forearms on the roof of the Impala as he watched Dean set the beer on the back seat. "No offence, Dean, but I shudder to think of what kind of 'order' there'd be with you in charge," he grinned at Dean's put-out look. "It'd be chaos."

"And this isn't?" Dean spread his arms, all trace of humor vanishing. "Look around, Sammy, the world's already in chaos. Natural disasters you can almost set your watch by, plagues wiping out half a major city in a couple of weeks, crime at an all-time high, hell, half the world's already declared martial law." He sighed heavily and ran one hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, Sammy. I just…I do trust you, but I'm not really seein' the plan here."

"I'm trying to strike a balance, Dean," Sam said patiently. "You know that's not always easy."

"There can't really be a balance with demons runnin' around everywhere," Dean said, clearly becoming frustrated.

Sam smiled and walked around the front of the car, reaching out and tugging Dean closer, arms winding around the other man's shoulders. " I know you didn't always pay as much attention in History class, as you should have," he chuckled at Dean's sour look at the mention of that particular subject. "But if you had, you'd know that humanity's strong, their faith and hope have seen them through countless trails." He wrinkled his nose and looked away. "I will admit that faith has sometimes been a little misplaced, and not always expressed in entirely the right way, but it's always been there through plagues, wars, natural disasters, you name it."

Dean looked up at Sam, green eyes widened slightly as realization hit.

Sam nodded slowly at the look on Dean's face. "I'm trying to give them a chance to see their way through this, too. That's the big plan. To keep the demons in check long enough to give the world a fighting chance. It's about as far from Azazel's original plan as you can get, but hey, he's not in charge anymore. I am."

Dean nodded slowly, arms sliding around Sam's waist. "I don't even want to know how long ago you came up with that little scheme. What I am curious about, is why the hell you waited so long to let me in on it!" He scowled up at his brother, but there was mirth in his eyes.

Sam smirked and lifted one hand, tapping the end of Dean's nose with a fingertip. "Well, I had to wait until you were ready to hear it, and understand what it all meant. Sometimes you can be a little slow on the uptake," he goaded, then stepped away quickly when the older man swatted at his chest.

"Yeah? Just you wait, I'll show you slow!" Dean growled, advancing on him slowly.

"Mm, much as I love it when you go all butch on me," Sam snickered, stepping forward and cupping Dean's face before he captured his brother's lips in a quick kiss. "I have to go and deal with things. I'll call you when I'm done, alright?"

"Yeah yeah, promises, promises," Dean muttered against Sam's lips, hands resting on the younger man's waist. "Sure you don't want any help?"

"Uh, no?" Sam laughed softly. "Last time I let you help me 'deal with things' I had a headache for days from the screaming. Most people say I'm supposed to be the ruthless one, but they've never seen you deal with a demon that steps out of line."

"Hey, once a hunter, always a hunter, " Dean smirked, then he shrugged, stepping back as Sam's hands dropped from his face. "I'll head back soon, just needed some air. I've been cooped up in that place too long." He turned around and got into the car, starting the engine. Glancing out the window, he wasn't surprised to see Sam had disappeared. "Later," Dean murmured, pulling out of the parking lot and heading for one of his favorite spots, a nearby scenic lookout that would have been the perfect spot for a lover's lane, before the world had quite literally gone to hell.

Dean parked the Impala as close to the edge as he dared, then grabbed a beer and opened it, flinging the top off to one side. He sat on the hood, staring up at the stars for a few moments, before he lay back on the hood, the warmth of the engine seeping into his back, the soft sounds of the night nearly lulling him to sleep.

His eyes snapped open when he noticed a shooting star, and he briefly considered making a wish. Just as he was about to, however, a tingle ran through his body, making him shiver. Dean smirked, eyes flashing black as he realized he'd just been summoned. He slid into the driver's seat and started the car; gravel flying as he shifted into reverse, swinging it around quickly. With a smile Dean drove the Impala into the shadows, once again he and the car vanishing into the night.

Several miles away on a dark stretch of highway, the Impala roared out of the shadows, appearing on the wrong side of the road, swerving into the right lane just in time to avoid a collision with another vehicle. The other car spun out, the panicked driver losing control and sliding into the ditch.

"Sorry!" Dean shouted, then chuckled as he floored the accelerator, loving the powerful surge of the engine as the car lunged forward. The tires squealed, smoke drifting through the air as he swerved off the road and came to a stop before the imposing old house that now served as their home, or Demon Central as Dean fondly referred to it.

He got out of the car and strode inside, walking down the long corridor, noticing right away that one of the same demons that had been hanging around earlier was still lurking about. Without a second thought he pulled out his knife and sank it into the man's throat, watching the flashes of light and puffs of smoke as the demon made wet choking sounds, grasping weakly at his forearm. Dean yanked out the knife and glared at another demon, this one in a female body, as she poked her head around the corner to investigate the noise.

"Clean that up for me, would you sweetheart?" he growled, narrowing his eyes as he stalked past her, slipping the knife back into its sheath as he continued down the hallway. He paused outside the door to the bedroom, then opened it with enough force to send it crashing into the wall.

Sam turned and grinned as he saw Dean standing in the doorway. "About time you showed up," he chuckled, striding forward and grabbing the front of Dean's shirt with one hand, pulling his brother forward before he closed the door firmly, locking it behind him and laying a line of salt across the doorway as well.

"Yeah well, I had to make an example out of someone," Dean said quietly, undoing his belt and removing the knife, laying it on the table. "Locking me in, are you?" He smirked, nodding toward the salt line.

"You too, huh?" Sam murmured, moving closer and wrapping his arms around Dean's shoulders, nuzzling the older man's cheek. "Well, six of one, half a dozen of the other, keeping you in, keeping them out tonight." He leaned down, brushing his lips against Dean's.

"Good plan," Dean murmured, tilting his head up and deepening the kiss. He shivered when Sam's hands slid under his shirt, pushing it up and stroking over his chest. His own hands moved to Sam's belt, undoing it before working on the younger man's jeans.

Sam shivered and pulled back, gazing down at his brother. "Those have got to go," he whispered; thumb brushing the tender skin under Dean's eye gently as he rested his forehead against Dean's. "Just want you."

Dean blinked, then nodded and closed his eyes for a moment. He reopened them, blackness banished as he looked up at Sam with a small smile. "You've always had me, Sammy."

The younger man grinned and grasped Dean's biceps, pulling him over toward the bed. "I love it when you come out with the chick flick lines," Sam chuckled, falling back on the bed and dragging Dean down with him.

The End.

Wow, that was quite the little roller-coaster ride, wasn't it? Sorry I took so long to complete this, to those of you that waited it out and stuck with me, I hope it was well worth the wait! <3