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Sunday 26 January 2003.
Super Bowl Party at Staci & Steph's house. They had a little foosball tourney action going on out in their single table garage. Jonny August and Andy Benson played in an excellent match against Steve Miller and Chris DeGoeas. The pairing of #1 Steve Miller & #2 Chris DeGoeas was too much for the #9 Jonny August & #16 Andy Benson to handle. It was a great game with Miller/DeGoeas narrowly defeating August/Benson 10-8.
****GOOD TIMES****

Friday 24 January 2003.
It was a slow night at the Cerritos Garage. James was able to take 2 championships with 2 different partners. Ian Barnette failed to show up after the prior weekend's hockey reffing encounter with Chris DeGoeas. We'll leave it at that.
Two unexpected visitors came with Tony Miller. Jeremy & Sammy suprised us with a friday foos appearance. It's always great to have fresh faces there...especially, when they are good friends like this pair.
With the promise of bringing his table to the tourney still in the air, Todd Finney failed to show up. Thus, keeping the table tally to three. We tight of a leash does the little lady keep on him? Hopefully it's an enjoyable distance.
Steve Miller took an early leave and went to sleep in the house. He didn't miss much except the following tournament. And, as we all know...he has many many championships under his belt to even worry about it.
Highlight of the evening...
Andy Benson sitting in the V.I.P. room on a Jamaican break after beating James in the challenge match.

In a distorted view of rankings challenges...#16 Andy Benson takes on #4 James "The Jackhammer". What was the Commish thinking when he allowed this seemingly lop-sided match to take place.
With a bit of luck and a bit of foosball magic *abracadabra* Andy was able to pull off the "W" and take the Jackhammer down.

Friday 17 January 2003.
Challenge match of the evening...Jonny August vs. Ian Barnette. Mr. August takes the first game...then Ian takes the next two...including an embarassing skunk in the 2nd game. A definite rematch is at in hand...due to the fact that these were actually good games...despite the skunk.

Due to the number of tourney wins Davey has...he moves to #17 and Alex moves to the #18 Spot.

Top story of the evening....Steve Miller got skunked in tournament play by Jonny August and Eric Frame...noted...unranked Andrea was his partner.

Champions tonight included teams of Shipman/Scotty Shinn & Pete "C*#!" Walrath/Andy Benson.

The COPS came to break up the party about 130am. Someone apparently called them due to the LOUD MUSIC. Luckily...Staci & Andrea were out there and talked them into leaving.

Friday 10 January 2003.
UnEvenful Night...not really...I just got lazy and printed no news...sorry!!!

Friday 03 January 2003.
One challenge match tonight...Tony Miller defends his #11 ranking against challenger Staci Moss. The long awaited match took a gut wrenching 3 games. In the end...Tony failed to live up to the expectations of the Commish. Or, was this a case of the #11 trying to drop into a lower spot to have a higher seeded partner next tournament. We'll never know until we get a rematch. Enjoy your stay at the 11 may not last long.

This is the beginning of a new year. I look forward to kicking some butt and talking some major shit. I know everyone is up for it. Let's try and have a ton of fun.

Dana Carter showed up for the second straight week. With an arsenal of weapons at his disposal...Carter will surely be highly ranked...especially if he continues to make regular friday night appearances.
Another surprising face to show up at the end of the night was Angie Campbell...the sister of famed goaltender Davey Campbell. Of course, having no skills Foos nor life in general...she just sat there and vegged out.
We were also graced with a crowd favorite...Freddy Miller aka The Golden Fox. We would like to see more of him...but, with Foos Poles in hand getting his butt kicked.


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