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I'm enigmacat and this is my new site, one which will talk about the late Timothy James McVeigh in a different way than other articles, sites and books have described him. Most people still seethe with bristling rage at the mention of his name and still paint him as the quintessential voice of evil in the world today. Personally, I did not see him that way---at least, not after I had done some serious soul-searching. I have to confess that I really despised McVeigh at first, as all of the television networks talked endlessly about the Oklahoma City bombing events of April 19th, 1995. I talked to God and confessed that, even with my staunch stand against capital punishment, I found myself wondering if the death penalty wasn't my enemy after all. This troubled me a great deal, as I have always spoken out harshly and angrily about the American process of killing its killers, thinking all the while that somehow, some people can be absolved of murdering someone if it is tied up in a neat little package of "justice."

However, fortunately I regained my composure and decided to protest the death sentence handed down to Tim McVeigh in 1997. The news of his impending execution sickened me and, as the years progressed and my heart found itself feeling compassion and caring for the McVeigh that I knew existed somewhere behind the iron-clad armour and the "face of terror." How could I feel anything other than hatred and vitriol for a man who carried out the terrorist act of the century? If I could answer that question, then perhaps I'd see things differently. But this individual should not have met his fate in that Indiana death chamber. Nobody should suffer that inhuman fate. This "eye for an eye" mentality belongs with the dinosaurs and the jungle-dwellers.

But I am not here to air my political views on this site. No, the site is being put together to give people a good, hard look at a life that, while once beamed with so much potential and possibility, ultimately ended in tragedy. McVeigh becomes, in this light, a kind of martyr--not for his cause, whatever that might have meant--but as a victim of his own ideology. That is what this site is all about, for what it's worth.

To Whom It Concerns

Now, as the darkness holds me ever so tight,
I feel like I've finally found unconditional love.
It's familiar, yet strange and try as I might,
I can see no trace of light from the heavens above.

They tried me and told me I'd go straight to hell.
I was told that in Hades, I'd find bad company.
I thought to myself that I'd fit in quite well,
With the scores of the fallen----they're now friends to me.

Some people who wrote to me are quite confused.
They liken me to an unfortunate son.
Some are even quite certain I've been sadly used,
That I'd been mishandled and was very confused .

I suppose all these people just don't have a clue.
They're sadly mistaken when crying for me.
They should all feel great joy because, out of the blue,
Came a brave freedom fighter. God I wish they could see.

The Auditorium

One by one, they shuffle on in.
Seat by seat, they fill in its four walls.
Just listen to the whispering sighs and soft words.
Is this a church service? Are these people divine?

I make efforts to join them---they all look serene.
If I join in this mass, maybe I'll be saved too.
But oh, how wrong I have turned out to be.
This calm "congregation" is embracing revenge.

I want to crash through the door and holler at them:
"What are you all doing? Are you worshiping hate??
No heads turn to look at me; their eyes stare straight ahead.

A closed-circuit television's running the show,
It's the show called "Watching A Man Dying Slow."
And as pallid skin and sunken eyes glare at the crowd,
I am thankful to see just how stoic he is.

So, ladies and gentlemen, come lend me your views:
Did you win anything at all on this overcast day?
Are you so certain that he was the murderer here?
But you just walk on by, smugly thinking you know.


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This picture was taken by a surveillance camera inside McDonald's not long before the bombing. It's quite compelling to watch him entering the restaurant and approaching the counter:

The novel has begun in earnest, but the following links are by no means the actual chapters as they would appear in print. The links below are posted so that people can get a feel as to what direction the novel will take. I have just begun Chapter One and will post the first two on this site. So what you are reading here are the bare bones, the bits and pieces gathered together and complete the crumbling and darkening of the book's protagonist. Slowly, the reader will be privy to the emotional disintegration of Lisa Schultz, the books:

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As Of June 3rd:
David Paul Hammer Receives A Stay Of Execution


Online Bullying Has To Stop. Tim Was Bullied A LOT. That's the Connection

Remembering The Lone Wolf:
The Third Anniversary Of Timothy McVeigh's Death

One Would Never Know....
That the Casual Grin Was Totally Forced

Come on in to discuss varying opinions on war in general and the Middle East battle specifically. Tim might have joined the army and went overseas to fight the mercifully short Gulf War, but I believe that he, like Elvis Presley, died the day he joined the armed forces.

I hold strong opinions on wars and the carnage they leave in their wake, but one doesn't have to agree with me on this subject. That is why I am putting this message board back up. I took it down for a year, but since the war in Iraq shows no sign of winding up, it has become necessary and politically activating to post it again.

Finally I have updated this site. It was put on the back burner while I worked on my book, but I have a bit more time these days.

A Cry For Help Is Quickly Silenced:
Grandpa Shouldn't Have Left Tim Alone

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And what a glorious day this is! David lives!

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