The first official China Flag under the Manchu Empire or Qing from 1872-1890. No other flags prior to that.
Old Burma flag under British India from 1886 to 1939.
The second flag adopted under the Manchu Empire 1890-1912

                 Welcome to the homepage of Davey Lim aka Borneo60.

This homepage is constructed after several years of reseaching my family genealogy - "Lim" ;
"Lam" in Cantonese, "Ling or Lin" in Mandarin meaning Woods or Forest. It has taken me back to the origin -
Rangoon (Yangon), Burma now known as Myanmar. Ancestral heritage is being traced back to Fukien (Fujian) Province of China where the main dialect is Hokkien.

Although not proven, an elderly aunt (a daughter of my paternal Grandfather -
Aunt Ruby) who had passed away wrote a brief bio that we were related to the last Ming Emperor - the first cousin to my paternal GG Grandfather. Not much info was found on China except records showed the main trading route and port was at Amoy (Xiamen), Fujian, from the family rice business and general cargo on their ships. They had also brought Chinese immigrants back to Rangoon as well on the return routes. Records showed that ports in British Straits Settlement (now known as Penang),
Singapore were also regular routes in between late 1870's to early 1920's.

I am currently working on our
"Lim" family tree on GeneaNet. Although incomplete, as there are still missing & unknown family members that we have not managed to tracked down as of yet. There are similar photos on my travel pages on Virtual Tourist to Yangon in September 2004. I managed to not only visit the palace or colossal residence my paternal Great Grandfather had built, but also to view the large breath taking grounds and the interior as well. In Singapore,after my return trip from Yangon, it was my very first time meeting a first cousin, Albert Cheah and his wife,Helen.
Albert's mother,
Mavis Lim is one of my father's elder sister. Thankfully, with the book published by Dr. Cherry Lewis - "The Dating Game" on the life of geologist,Arthur Holmes, we managed to contact each other via Dr. Lewis. Through Albert, I managed to contact several other first cousins in Australia, USA, U.K. & Malaysia.

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