Present Lim family photos
On the left are: My late stepfather, Lee Hong Lam (1925-2004), my daughter Charisse Lim,
my mother, Mdm. Betty Quay and myself.

Summer of 1994.
My older brother, Danny and his wife Cathy,
two children, Asia and Miles Lim.

Summer 1994.
Left to right: Asia Lim, Miles Norman Lim and Charisse Lim

summer of 1997
Me doing Tai Chi by the lake.
The mountains,water, trees and the sky were an excellent backdrop.

Summer 2002
My fiancee,Diana and I on a theme Hawaiin dressup.

Summer 2002.
My first cousin Albert Cheah on the right and spouse Helen,with my mum in the middle of the photo. This was my very first time meeting with Albert after over 40 years of lost contact.

September 2004
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