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I was born in Seria,Brunei and immigrated to Canada in the summer of 1979. I am currently residing in Northern British Columbia.The main purpose of this personal webpage is the genealogical research of my family history & roots and to seek out lost family members.

My paternal Great Grandfather is Lim Chin Tsong,O.B.E. was very well known and perhaps infamous to some from the late 1800's till his death in 1923. The son of businessman,
Lim Soo Hean, a Chinese Hokkien, general merchant formerly of Fukien Province,China under the name or "chop" - Lim Soo Hean & Co, @ 47,48 & 49 China St, Rangoon,Burma around 1863 - also a partnership name of Seang,Taik & Co;

In 1888,
Lim Chin Tsong (aka LCT) at a young age of 18, took over the business soon after his father's passing. Although the primary business of Lim Soo Hean was rice, in 1891, LCT was the main agent for Burmah Oil Company (UK) selling Kerosene in Rangoon and later on exporting to Penang after buying several steamers. When his fleet of  steamer ships later expanded, regular schedules between Rangoon to Penang,Sinagpore,HongKong,Swatow and Amoy carrying rice and general merchandise.

Several other businesses besides rice and oil were: mining of tin,gold,lead,wolfram,plumago,copper, sugarcane & rubber plantations.
He was probably also known as the SugarKing of India
** at that period as he ws the managing agent of Burma Sugar Refinery Co.;
**Burma was a British colony under British India).                LCT also started the Burma Match factory in Khanaung and employed a labour force of at least 300.

Lim Chin Tsong has 4 sons:
Lim Kar Chang (my paternal Grandfather),
Lim Kar Gim, Lim Kar Taik & Lim Kar Tye
4 Daughters: Margaret,Agnes,Bella and Iris Lim
Lim Chin Tsong, O.B.E.; & wife,
Mdm. Tan Guat Tean.

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The name of the steamers (under Seang Line) owned by LCT are: Glenogle(1); Seang Leong formerly
Olivedene/Clan Murray; In 1902,Seang Leong disappered during a typhoon in the China Sea sailing from Singapore to Amoy with general merchandise.The Glenogle was wrecked on Syriam Flats,Rangoon on
Jan.17,1919 on a voyage to Calcutta carrying a cargo of rice.

Two ships were used in WW1 under the Royal Australian Navy formerly two Bibby Line steamers:
Shropshire(1) & Cheshire(1) renamed Seang Bee & Seang Choon (or Choong) respectively.
Other Fast Facts on Lim Chin Tsong:

* Was awarded the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) by King George V in 1919 for his aide in WW1.
* Member of the Lady Dufferin Fund.
* Member of the Burma Legislative Council until the reformed Govt. of 1922.
* Member of the Rangoon Municipal Committee; Burma Educational Syndicate; Trustee and Administrator
   of Victoria Memorial Park

* Founded the Anglo-Chinese school and racing stable owner on the Rangoon Turf Club.

From1917 -1919, he built a magnificent star-shaped pagoda residence on Kokine Hill, Rangoon which became known as Lim Chin Tsong palace at a cost of 220,000 Rupees! He met and entertained many dignitaries,royalty,figureheads and the notable Prime Minister of France, M. Clemenceau in 1920.

Upon his death in Nov 1923, many dignitaries,Royalty and Statesmen of all nations, the rich and common folks  attended his funeral that streched for miles from his palace to the
Fukien cemetery near the present airport location in Yangon. Reportedly the Prince of Wales,Louis Mountbatten (1st Earl Mounbatten of Burma) was also present at the funeral. Sadly though, the cemetery has been reclaimed in 1999 by the present Burmese Govt to make way for the expansion of the International Airport of Yangon. Most of the local Chinese have moved the tombs of their ancestors to another location. Unfortunately I am not sure what happened to Chin Tsong's tomb if it survived the bulldozer's blade.
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