Lim Chin Tsong palace photos - pg1
These photos were taken in September 2004 during my short stay in Yangon. I was lucky enough to be granted permission to enter the grounds and inside the palace. Glad to report that the palace is amongst many other colonial buildings that the Burmese Govt. plans to renovate and preserve them.
About 100 feet or 30 meters away from the main gate, you are at the foot of the palace.
The main entrance to the palace on
Kaba Aye/Pagoda & Kokine Road, Yangon.
One of the side views on the palace, ground floor.
Outside the garden near the palace.
Side view second floor. Notice the original window architecture and stain glass on both floors. These  were on all the windows around the building.
A closer look at the tower depicts some Chinese characracters and "Fortune" symbols.
Rear of the palace - side view.
The moongate is located at the rear of the palace. Beyond it was once a garden.

More recent photos -pg 2

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