Odd and Ends
These are some of my favorite photos of the palace.
One of the few balconies over the windows.
I simply love the simple but yet elegant design and architecture of them.
A close up view of the main front gate on Kaba Aye/Pagoda Rd.
The main front gate is just straight ahead from the bridge. You can just make out the silhouette of it.
There is a small manmade lake/pond with a wooden bridge about 100 meters down from the palace.In Chinese, or at least in "Feng Shui" terms,  meaning  "wealth".
The two tearooms with the umbrella shaped stain  glass. The arrow insert pointing to the bottom right hand corner on the photo, you can see one of them.

The bridge like cement structure on the bottom left of the photo leads down to about a dozen steps to the man made lake below.
Estimated cost of building the palace from
220,000  rupees and not to mention the many skilled craftsmen possibly from China etc.helped to build the mansion.
One of the two tearooms for guests/visitors on either side of the main door. I also liked the design of the doors in particular .

I believe the umbrella shape is made of leaded stain glass. Unfortunately the doors were locked up and could not see the interior of it.
Again, I cannot comment enough of the grandeur teak staircases and railings and carved design etchings!
This photo is in Dr.Cherry Lewis book: "The Dating Game - Life of geologist,Arthur Holmes".
The actual photo was taken by
Arthur Holmes during a visit to see LCT in August,1922.

(Credit & acknowledgement to:
Karla Holmes, daughter inlaw of Arthur Holmes; Also thanking
Dr.Cherry Lewis for sending this photo.)
Other Facts:

Lim Chin Tsong had owned two
Silver Ghost Rolls Royces**. I am not sure of the model year but reportedly brought them back on one of his ship to Rangoon during a visit with his family members to U.K./Scotland around 1921. He had also lavishly spent some 30,000 pounds at the famous Harrod's**department store.
I have to assume it would be either a 1920 or 1921 Silver Ghost which was worth about 1,200-1,600  British pound sterling each back then!! Their current whereabouts & ownership are

He also owned a racing horse stable and the
Rangoon Turf Club*** which was still operating in 1927.
After his death in 1923, the
"Lim Chin Tsong" Polo Cup*** was still competed for and carried on by his two eldest sons, Lim Kar Chang and Lim Kar Gim for a short while.

** Info source from Burmah Oil Co; (UK)
*** Info source from A.J.H. Latham -"The International Rice Trade -19th & 20th Centuries.
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