Old Lim Family Photos.
Lim Kar Chang, my paternal Grandfather, eldest son of Lim Chin Tsong.
DOB: 1890, Rangoon  RIP: 1931
Mdm. Khoo Poe Thim, my Grandmother, spouse  of  Lim Kar Chang.
DOB: 1891,Penang. RIP: 1940
My Grandmother, Mdm.Khoo Poe Thim seated on left,
next to her is my father,
Norman Lim Teong Kooi.
Tan Guat Tean (Mrs. Lim Chin Tsong) seated on the right.
The other ladies are my father's elder sisters, his older brother is
Reggie Lim Teong Huat who has his arms around him. The other two gentleman are unidentified.

Photo taken @ Ayer Itam temple, Penang, Malaysia - 1930's.
My father, Norman Lim - the young child with his mother, Mdm Khoo Poe Thim.
The two gentleman are unidentified.

Photo taken @ Ayer Itam temple, Penang. Dated -1930's.
My father, Norman on the left with his older brother, Reggie (My Uncle).

Dated 1930's.
Wedding photo of my parents: Norman Lim and
Betty Quay Guat Ewe.
Dated 1951, June 27.
In Memorium:

Reggie Lim Teong Huat; DOB:
1924; RIP: 1965
Norman Lim Teong Kooi; DOB:
1929; RIP: 1961
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