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Lim Chin Tsong palace aka 
Kokine palace, Rangoon,Burma.

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Lim Chin Tsong and spouse, Tan Guat Tean (Daw Po U).
Photo taken in 1920, Colombo,Ceylon

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         Cheshire(1) aka Seang Choon
A 5807 ton vessel built by Harland & Wolff,Belfast & sold to Lim Chin Tsong in 1911. It  was sank by a German U Boat (U-87) some 10 miles SW of Fastnet islands off the coast of Ireland,1917. It was carrying cargo from Sydney, NSW to Liverpool,UK via Dakar  consisting of 400 tons of copper and 600 tons of lead.

Photo courtesy of Bibby Lines archives
The Shropshire(1) aka Seang Bee was built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast,Ireland in 1891 for Bibby Line and sold to Lim Chin Tsong in 1909.It's 5,721 ton vessel, 445-1/2 feet long; 49 feet beam and speed of 14.5 knots. It was chartered as troop ship from 1915-1919 and saw service in the Burma,India and Dardenelles area. The ship was returned to the owners - Lim family and broken up in 1931.

Photo courtesy of Bibby Lines archives.

Members of the First Australian Imperial Force on deck HMAT Shropshire enroute to Egypt from Australia, 1915.

Photo & info courtesy of Ahoy Mac's Web Log
Lim Chin Tsong palace (Kokine palace) on Kaba Aye, Pagoda & Kokine Road,Rangoon, Burma as of September 2004. This is now under the Department of Ministry of Culture where traditional Burmese dance and music are being taught. Currently, restoration to the palace is underway.

There were some large murals painted on several of the walls within the palace depicting some Chinese/Oriental backgrounds or sceneries. The painters commissioned
to decorate the
Kokine palace were a husband and wife team - Ernest and Dod (Doris nee Shaw) Procter from 1919-1920

The Burmese way of pronounciation on Lim Chin Tsong palace are
Ching Chong or Chin Chaung Yeik Thar.

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Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for the photos and information on
Lim Chin Tsong. Without them nor their kindness, we would have never gotten this far on our family history.

Ms. Bethan Thomas - Archivist @ BP archive, University of Warwick, UK. (Burmah Oil Co); For the kind reproduction of photos and other related material.
Dr. Cherry Lewis - University of Bristol ,UK; Author of "The Dating Game - One man's search for the age of the Earth". Without this valuable book, we would have never known more about my paternal
Great Grandfather, Lim Chin Tsong nor reunite with some of our close relatives.

Ms.Janet Carolan - Archivist @ Dollar Academy,Scotland; For the info on Lim Kar Taik, the youngest of four sons of Lim Chin Tsong who attended Dollar Academy from 1920-1923.
A.J.H. Latham -
University of Wales, UK ; For the info of  Lim Chin Tsong's - rice merchant business 1920's.
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