Photo Lockets
These are gold lockets that my father had kept for many years. Following his death in 1961, my mum saved them for us. On the top photo of the two lockets, left is Mrs Lim Chin Tsong (Mdm Tan Guat Tean - Daw Po U); 
On the right is my paternal grandmother Mrs Lim Kar Chang (Mdm Khoo Phoe Thim);

The other locket is an unknown lady we think is a photo of Mr. Lim Chin Tsong's mother.
Lim Chin Tsong donned on a green shimmering Manchurian uniform and posed for this photo in the Burma Legislative Council.
It was also in The WhiteHall Gazette(UK).

Date: Unknown

This photo is scanned from a photocopy.The original/s whereabouts are unknown. According to my cousin,
Albert Cheah, he remembers seeing this photo in a frame at my Aunty Marjorie's residence in Ayer Itam, Penang when he was younger.

Aunty Marjorie is LCT's grandchildren, one of the daughters of his eldest son - Lim Kar Chang.
These silverware items are from the Seang Line ships. The enlarge photo shows a flag and beneath "72" and a fine print "Seang Line" on them.
Some of my cousins have the silver cutlery ie forks and spoons with the same logo and stamp.
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