World War 2, B&W photos of the palace:
These two rare photographs were taken by a former WW2 vet, Mr.Wilfred T. Hastings.
A big thank you to Mr. Hastings who currently resides in Denmark.

Below is a brief bio of what the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Allies were using the palace for. I also like to thank Mr.
Malcolm Barrass,
of the RAF Historical Society,
East Yorkshire,UK for providing this info.

In exchange, I sent Mr. Barrass these two photos for their website collection.
Telephone Exchange Signals Office HQ of the RAF Mobile Wing, Unit 341
@ Kokine Palace, Rangoon Dec 1945 - May 1946:

Formed at West Kirby on 01 Nov.1944, it embarked aboard HMT Otranto the following day arriving in Bombay on 04 Dec. On 16 Dec.,1944 it arrived at Gujrat and joined No 223 Group, to control a number of transport squadron. By early Jan. 1945 these consisted of No's 435 (RCAF) Sqns & the 3rd Combat Cargo Squadron of the USAAF & by end of the month had relocated to Tulihal. A detachment of No 62 Sqn joined the Wing on
12 Feb. but left on the 17th to be replaced by No 267 Sqn on 24 Feb. On 14th Mar. the 62 Squadron detachment returned but was transferred to No 342 Wing five days later.

Wing HQ moved to Maunnubyin on the 23rd Mar. and No 62 squadron arrived on the 30th. In early April, the 3rd CC squadron left and in May No 436 did likewise. The Wing moved to Akyab Main on 13th May,1945 and by the next month had been transferred to No 232 Group. 15th July saw the arrival of No 289 Squadron (Halifaxes) from the UK and in mid August the Wing was transferred to AHQ Burma and moved to Mingaladon.

Further movements included No 10 & 232 Squadrons arriving in Sept. but No 10 left on 04th Oct. and No 98 on 09th Dec. 96 Squadron arrived on 31st Jan.,1946 and by Feb. had joined by the 317th and 319th Troop Carrier Squadrons of the USAAF. The two American units disbanded on 28th Feb. following No 62 Squadron on the 15th Mar. and
No 341 Wing followed suit on 25th May 1946

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