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Exhibit Guest Curator : Darrell Markewitz
Special Exhibit Host :An Droichead / the Bridge

Catherine Crowe 

Darrell Markewitz 

Brenda Roy

Laura Travis

Brigitte Wolf

In Ancient times, providing for the needs of the dead into the after life often exhibited the best work of artist and craftsman. Much of what we know about these lost cultures comes from clues found in graves. Into the early years of Canada's history, people continued their own distinctive and often elaborate traditions around burials and mourning. How future ages may view our current era is sure to be coloured partially by what objects we use to mark our own passing.

A.G. Smith

Dark Ages Recreation Co.

Diane Edwards

Kelly Green

Larry Cluchey

Be it whimsical or serious, conceptual or traditional - GRAVE GOODS seeks to explore how the current generation of artisans view all aspects of burial customs. Original objects in all mediums have been created. Artists were juried based on past works to encourage the creation of new pieces specifically for this exhibit.

Dan Bernyk

David Robertson

Graeme Sheffield 

Mark Puigmarti

Woodstock Museum

This virtual exhibition does not include every single piece in the exhibition. Pieces were chosen largely on the quality of the pictures we had, but it represents a good overview of the show. If you live near Woodstock Ontario, please do consider dropping by for a look. The museum is beautiful - and well worth the visit.

David Ivens

Lydia Ilarion

Kelly Probyn-Smith

Sara Washbush

Two Smiths

Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
Exhibit runs 'til November 1 - 2008 

Join us for a Black and White Hallowe'en Masque to finish the show!

Kathryn Thompson

Catherine Vamvakas Lay

Catherine Vamvakas Lay

Mark Tichenor

Mary Lazier

.This virtual exhibition does not include all of the pieces from the "Grave Goods" exhibition - we hope that you will go to Woodstock to see the rest. Pieces have been chosen somewhat randomly based on the quality of the images available. 

Ruth Swanson Rosemary Molesworth Elsa Mann Steven Strang Catherine Vamvakas Lay


Scott Caple

Darrell Markewitz

Diane Edwards

Pat Burns-Wendland

Robert Schweitzer



Artist descriptions have been provided by the individual artists. 
Each individual retains all copyrights to both these and their individual original art works as shown
2008 .

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