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"Dreaming Man with Bird" 
stoneware clay, stencils, slips and sgraffito 

Grave Goods covers a delicate topic in our society. Although death touches us all most of us are not comfortable in this situation. Our traditions are mixed and to some extent hidden. We are sad and skittish around the topic of death. After looking at information on ancient burial traditions and mixing them with my own experience I decided to honour the ashes the attitude of a life long voyage.

"Keepers of the Earth" 
Flat Serving Dish and Memory Jar, black clay, white slip, stencils and sgraffito

Food was considered essential in life as well as death so this bowl is for the sharing of food. Our funeral practices also centre around food and companionship. The keepers of the earth image was inspired by a Haitian painting and used because I like the idea of sharing, community and protection that I felt it inspired. We come from, live on and return to the earth. It is our responsibility to conserve and maintain it.

The Memory Jar has feet and a sculptural knob to give it presence. The title Memory Jar allows it to contain other mementoes (dried flowers, small notes, keepsakes) as well as ashes



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