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Inspired by the intricacies and meditative qualities of traditional Celtic motifs, Brigitte sandblasts these designs onto flashed or plain glass, sometimes enhanced with painted detailing.

The designs are incorporated into small hangings or boxes as well as larger panels. In these, the Celtic design becomes the focal point for a contemporary design. Some works are pictorial, but more often she is drawn to the rhythmic harmonies of geometric patterns .

Brigitte is also interested in stained glass as a medium. Stained glass is different from other art media in that it deals with transmitted light rather than reflected light. Because of its uniquie characteristics, a work of stained glass changes with the light coming through.

Colour and light effect us intensely. Marc Chagall, painter and stained glass artist, once commented that "Colour carries the emotional content of a work of art."

Woman at the Well
Imago Corvi
"I think of my work as Celtic Geometry"

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