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Grave Goods
2008 Art and Artifact
Too often Celtic merchandise is confused with Celtic Art. While merchandise has a place in the culture, visual art deserves one as well. Unless there is a standard set, and rewards given, for excellence in the visual arts, (as there is in music) it will continue to thrive only underground where it cannot be fully appreciated by the community for which it was made.

The BRIDGE strives always to encourage and support real artistic endeavour, and while some of our events emphasize the basic exhibition of exceptional Celtic Art, others initiate growth. We encourage Celtic artists to push the limits of what they have done by trying something new or we invite other exceptional artists to join our endeavour working within the parameters of our cultural artistic grammar.

We also encourage and educate festivals and arts organisations involved with Celtic culture to pay more attention to the recognition, support and encouragement of real artistic endeavour in the visual arts.

To this end we have prepared this Guidelines for Celtic Festivals document. You are free to distribute it to anyone who may benefit but we ask that you credit us with its authorship.

Reflections of the Conquest
2002 Art and Artifact inspired by the Bayeux tapestry
'Contemporary Celtic : Art at Comhaltas'
Toronto, Ontario : April, 2001 A review by Laura Travis

Artists at Comhaltas
Orginal web site by Robin MacGrogan
'Celebrating Contemporary Celtic Art'
Lindsay, Ontario : March - April, 2001
'Then and Now: A Celtic and Medieval Exposition
Toronto, Ontario : November, 1999
'A Celtic Renaissance : Contemporary Art in Ontario and Brittany'
Guelph, Ontario : January - May, 1999
'Then and Now: A Celtic and Medieval Exposition'
Toronto, Ontario : November, 1998
The Celtic College, Goderich, Ontario : August, (annually since 1995)
An Droichead has formed the core of the Arts programing.

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