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Viking Dragon

A life long interest in art eventually brought Catherine Crowe to experiment with enamels. She was drawn at first to the vivid colours and timeless nature of the medium. Her true inspiration came, however, when she travelled to Ireland, her father's native land, to study traditional music in 1984. It was there that she discovered that the Celts were Europe's first enamellists.

Already steeped in the music and literatures of this ancient culture, it was a natural step to incorporate early Celtic designs into her artwork. Catherine was particularly drawn, in art, to the more primitive forms. Each piece has its own story, informed by research into early history, archaeology, and folklore. Catherine's work mirrors the past, and speaks to the present through ancient symbols.

The Imago Corvi studio creates enamel work using a technique called champlevé  which was developed by the Celts 2,500 years ago. Each piece is individually created in the spirit of fine Celtic craftsmanship. Some are reproductions of actual pieces of enamelling from as long ago as 300 BC. Others are inspired by stone carvings, metalwork, and illuminated manuscripts. All reflect tales and images from Celtic mythology and history. Each has it's own story.

Scythian Stag
Viking Horse
"For primitive man, there was a direct relationship between nature, life, religion, and art. In modern technological society this direct connection is cut, life is compartmentalized and the primitive sense of unity is lost. I hope, in my work, to communicate some of that lost sense of unity."

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