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Forged steel & copper

In many cultures both ancient and modern death is seen simply as the end of one journey and the beginning of another. In older times and to some extent today there were things buried with the dead to help them on their journey. Often these included items for trade or payment of passage, objects to aid in survival and other such things needed for day to day living. Today this often survives as our tendency to bury favourite things with the dead to comfort them...we often choose coffins which are plush and lined with rich materials not only to honour the dead, but as a holdover to making them more comfortable on their journey, be it to Heaven, the Summerlands or their next incarnation. 

We also often mark their gravesites with guardians - be they angels or sun gods - to guide and watch over loved ones in their passage between the worlds. Godheads are often depicted to "draw the attention" of the gods to the passing soul so that they may guide and protect. Godheads and angels may also serve to protect the soul from unfriendly spirits and those who might lead it astray. Sometimes these beings are there to comfort the living, sometimes to comfort the dead.



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