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Issue 17: December'99

Dognapped MF/f 18 Kb
Jennifer's Decision I MF/f 37 Kb
Jennifer's Decision II MF/f 37 Kb
The Bad Day MF/f 16 Kb
Both Sides of the Story MF/f 18 Kb
Both Sides of the Story - The Conclusion MF/f 13 Kb
Strict Aunt I F/m 19 Kb
Strict Aunt II F/m 9 Kb
Carnival Day F/f 25 Kb
Spanking Spy I MF/mf 6 Kb
Spanking Spy II MF/mf 5 Kb
Spanking Spy III MF/mf 9 Kb
Spanked for Stealing II M/m 4 Kb