Spanking Spy III

From: [email protected] (Darleen)

Disclaimer as usual, it's real life but not advocacy intended.

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My cousin Kelli told me about this time she saw the girls she babysat for, Ann and Amy, get spankings.

Ann, 11 yrs old, had already taken her bare bottom hand spanking from her Dad and was crying in bed. Now Kelli followed the Parents to Amy's room where they had to "wake up" the fake-sleeping 13 yr old.

Kelli laughed at this part cuz Amy was such a DORK! Amy was actually wearing a one-piece sleeveless night teddy which was thick cotton decorated with little yellow bears.

Kelli said it was obviously left-over from when Amy was much younger and it fit tight and looked stupid. Kelli knew just what silly Amy had been thinking... that her parents wouldn't dare make her take off her whole one-piece just to spank her bare bottom.

"What's the matter Daddy?" Amy asked all innocent, but her hands were pinned to her backside.

"Don't 'daddy' me!" her irate father said. "You know what you did and you know you are in for a spanking, so get that thing down NOW!"

Kelli said that Amy's face went white then blushed red as MY bottom is when I'm spanked! Amy gasped, "But Daddy! I didn't DO anything! You can't spank me!"

Like most fathers, Amy's dad did not appreciate being told what to do by his sassy daughter, so he just muttered, "I'm counting to ten Amelia... One... Two... Three..."

Amy sprung into tears and squeals, "It's not FAIR! Not like this! Not in front of HER!" - Kelli knew how much the shy Amy hated being spanked in front of her babysitter.

"TEN!," the exhausperated man finished counting, then simply grabbed his whining daughter and yanked her over his lap. WHACK SMACK WHACK he began hand spanking the seat of Amy's pj teddy hard and fast.

Kelli said she could tell from the sound of the spanks that Amy was wearing thick panties under her thick one-piece, but those spanks had to hurt.

"Ow OW OW Daddy! Stop!" Amy squealed and reached her one free hand back to protect her backside.

The man stopped spanking and just let Amy lay there, bottom up and head down, her little hand waving across her round butt.

"Why don't you bring your hairbrush?" the Dad calmly asked his wife and she left the room.

"NO!" Amy groaned but her Dad interrupted, "Amelia Dawn, you are too old for this! And I don't mean too old for a spanking! You are too old to be such a baby over your punishment!"

Amy just begged, "I'm sorry! I'll be good!"

"You know EXACTLY why you are being spanked," Dad told her. "Because you and Ann fought, broke the cookie jar, then lied about it to Kelli, then snuck down stairs to cover up your mistake."

Amy dissolved into tears, like this was news, and her dad finished, "Busting the cookie jar may have been an accident, but lying and sneaking are NOT allowed in this house."

With that, he began to whale away at Amy's bottom once more, whack whack whacking his hard hand, sometimes hitting Amy's hand when she tried to cover up.

Kelli told me Amy cried like she was being branded, over just a couple dozen hand spanks (Kelli and I had both taken much worse!) but her Dad stopped again just when the Mom came back into the room with the hairbrush in her hand.

Amy lay fake-sobbing over her Dad's lap but he wasn't impressed so he said, "Now, Amelia, are you going to stop this nonsense and get these silly pajamas off so I can give you a spanking? Or do I need to convince you some more?"

Kelli figured Amy would give it up and take her medicine, Amy's father was already being far more patient than Kelli's mom would have been!

But dumb Amy whispered, "Daddy... no... I can't! I can't take it off in front of her!" Kelli knew how Amy felt, but Kelli also knew that when she got spankings in front of people, the LAST thing she would do is act up or call to attention the fact that people were watching!

"Fine," the Dad said, then grabbed Amy's wrist and began spanking in earnest, smacking and whacking the seat of Amy's little girl pajamas hard and fast.

Amy's screams of fear and indignation almost drown out the muffled slaps of hand on cotton, but Kelli knew the spanks must be getting hot and she marveled at how Amy was making even MORE of a spectacle of herself - wiggling and whining like a ten year old!

Sheesh! Kelli thought, if Amy had just been dressed in regular pjs she could have had her pants taken down and been hand spanked and it would all be over already!

But Amy lay over the lap still, getting her behind warmed for almost two minutes... until the sting built up so hot that Amy started to break down...

"Okay... Okay!!!!! You can spank me bare... just stop! JUST STOP!"

Amy's dad stopped spanking and let her up. She stood trembling and crying and rubbing her butt.

"Well?" her Dad wondered.

"OKAAAAY!" Amy sassed, then shot a look through teary-red eyes at Kelli... "just make HER leave... please?"

Kelli thought, this is dumb!, she'd seen Amy's bare bottomed spanked lots before... but that was the final straw for the father. He spun Amy around and SMACKED two quick slaps on Amy's bare thighs and while Amy was yelling and grabbing her legs he grabbed the collar of the one-piece and yanked the whole thing down to Amy's shaking knees.

Amy gasped and covered her bare new breasts with both hands. At the same time, the Dad slid Amy's thick cotton underpanties down and Kelli got a glimpse of Amy's little pubic patch as the girl was drawn forcibly over her father's lap.

He hand spanked her bare bottom hard, but slow, as Amy kicked and wiggled and screamed and threw her hand back to stop the spanking.

After five... ten... fifteen... twenty SMACKS... Amy's dad tired of fighting her and he stopped spanking to adjust the squirming girl. Kelli could not believe this! Amy had EVERY chance to take a simple spanking with some dignity, like her little sister had, but Amy seemed determined to make this punishment as bad as possible.

So Kelli felt scared but not sorry while she watched the Dad prepare Amy for a real blistering. He pinned Amy's wandering hand at the small of her back and then reached down to yank the whole one-piece and panties all the way off Amy's feet. The man then pinned Amy's wildly waving legs under his own strong leg and Kelli could see Amy was completely subdued, bent far over the paternal knee, bare red bottom up high and helpless.

Amy screamed as her father reached out to take the solid wooden long-handled big-backed hairbrush from his wife. Kelli had seen Amy brush spanked, by Amy's mother, a couple times... but this was the first and only time Kelli witnessed Amy get the back of the brush from her Dad.

Kelli told me it was a spanking she'll never forget seeing. Amy had real round plump buns but each stroke of the hairbrush covered about a third of Amy's butt.

Amy's bad attitude had made her father more determined to spank her, so he started a pattern of spanking the top of Amy's right cheek, then the middle, then another smack right at the base of Amy's right bun.

Then back up Amy's left side just as hard and steady. Amy freaked right from the start. Kelli says Amy jerked and bellowed and begged "No MORE NO MORE OH PLEASE GOD!" from the first but her Dad just kept spanking and spanking and spanking until the brush was leaving little white blister spots!

Kelli felt mixed by the end. Amy had only misbehaved like a normal girl, but then she'd brought the more severe punishment on herself, by being so bratty when it was spanking time.

And Kelli felt sorry for Amy being spanked totally naked, but dressing in that silly one-piece pj outfit was asking for it!

Amy only got about 25 with the hairbrush, but her Dad spanked SO hard and slow, making sure every WHACK burned deep, that Amy was hysterical by the end, bucking and yelling that her fanny was "on fire."

And all Amy's exaggerated modesty evaporated when she was finally let up, so that Amy danced shamelessly, completely naked with little breasts bouncing and pubic hair on display as Amy clutched her jiggling red-as-a-stoplight bare buns...

One thing for sure, Amy never acted up like that again, even when she was about to be spanked in front of Kelli!

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