Spanking Spy II

From: [email protected] (Darleen)

Disclaimer as usual, it's real life but not advocacy intended.

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This memory isn't mine but is what my cousin Kelli told me. Kelli is a year younger than I and we were both raised with strict spankings that we rarely, but memorable, got in front of each other.

Kelli was kind of a brat as a kid but now we are fast friends and we've talked freely about spankings. Several times, Kelli has told me about when she was in high school she and babysat for her neighbors.

The family, Dad/Mom and two girls, lived two houses away from Kelli and they kept Kelli virtually "on call" but paid well enough that Kelli could afford a fine wardrobe in high school!

The girls were Ann and Amy, 11 and 13 years old. They were good girls, but mishevious and cuz their parents were rich, Ann and Amy were sort of spoiled.

Except when it came to their discipline. The girl's Mom and Dad believed in spankings and many times my cousin witnessed Ann and/or Amy being spanked.

Back in high school, Kelli used to giggle to me, "I saw Annie with her pants down today," or "Amy got a good one last night!" and I'd feel that feeling in my tummy and ask for more details!

Kelli said the girls were spanked different ways. Usually bare bottomed over the lap, but sometimes with just hand spankings on the panties, or even a couple stand-up smacks on the seat of jeans or skirts. But sometimes Annie and Amy got real spankings - long hard bare bottomed hand spankings from Dad or hairbrushings from Mom.

Kelli babysat at least three times a week and the girls knew that if Kelli reported any wrongdoing to their parents, Ann and Amy were definately gonna get a spanking in front of Kelli!

So the girls were usually very good but Kelli managed to find some times when a spanking was in order.

Kelli told me that Ann was skinny and had a thin behind and was just developing hips and such. Ann was tough and took her spankings with a minimum of crying and kicking, and her buns didnt' turn red easily, though she was often spanked hard enough for a really red behind.

Amy was older and more filled out. She had budding breasts and a plump little butt which was white and turned red fast and deep when she was being spanked.

Kelli said Amy was a baby about spankings. Always begging and crying before hand and sobbing before the first whack. And during Amy's spankings she kicked and screamed bloody murder, like she was the only girl ever to get it!

Kellie said she saw some daytime spankings but mostly saw bedtime spankings because she'd so often watch the girls at night and, if they acted up, the girls would get spanked when their parents got home.

Once Kelli came over Saturday morning and told me about what had happened the nite before.

She babysat Ann and Amy and the girls fooled around in the kitchen, throwing things, until they broke their mother's antique cookie jar.

They hid the mess and lied when Kelli came in asking what happened? Then, despite being sent to bed, the girls sneaked down and tried to glue the cookie jar back together.

When Kelli caught them, Ann and Amy begged her to "don't tell Mom and Dad!" but Kelli sent them to their rooms with promises of punishment to come.

When the parents came home, a quick discussion took place then they took Kelli up to Annie's room and found the girl sitting on her bed in just a t-shirt and panties.

Ann knew she was gonna get spanked and took it best she could. Barely blushing, she dropped her panties and went over her Dad's lap without a word.

Ann took many a SMACK to her tight little fanny before she broke down and gasped, "No more okay..pleeeeese" and it wasn't long before Kelli heard Ann's first real tears.

After a long hard bare bottomed hand spanking from her father, Annie was bawling and kicking with little jerks but she had kept her hands away and when she was let up the first thing she did was yank her panties up, and then she rubbed her sore butt.

Poor Amy had to have heard her sister's spanking, but when Mom, Dad and Kelli got to Amy's room, they found the lights off and Amy "asleep" under the covers.

The light came on and Amy acted all innocent, like why are you waking me up? Amy tried to act innocent, or pitiful, right up until when she was bared and spanked hard and long... But that's for next time...

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