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This story contains spanking of (fictional) children. If this is not your thing, then don't read it. It also contains lots of love and emotional interaction, written as well as the author could manage. If all you want is a spanking scene, with no emotions, this story may not be for you, because you won't find that here.

This story is a work of fiction. The author does not endorse or encourage the actual spanking of real children in any way. All characters are the products of the author's imagination.

Do not copy or distribute this story without written permission from the author. Permission to keep one personal archive copy is hereby granted. Do not write other stories using these characters without permission from the author.

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One weekend, when the twins were 10, their parents went away on a much needed vacation. Robin and Jennifer, and even baby Stephen stayed with their cousins.

On Friday afternoon, Robin, Jennifer, and Joseph took a walk to the brook. They played for over an hour. As they were getting ready to leave, they heard a soft cry, a whimpering.

They looked around. Then behind a bush on a property next to the brook, they saw a small golden poodle tied up to a tree. The collar was too tight and every time the dog moved, the collar choked him. His attempts at getting untied only knotted up the dog chain even more.

The children felt so badly for the dog. Knowing they were not supposed to go near a strange dog, the children were confused.

"What should we do?" Robin asked. "We can't just leave him like that!"

Jenn said, "We should at least unravel his chain and loosen his collar."

The three children bent down to help the dog. As they were loosening the collar, it came right off. The dog seemed to jump for joy. None of the children noticed that Joseph dropped his toy on the lawn next to the dog's collar.

The children said, "Well, we'd better get back."

As they walked away, the dog followed them.

Jenn said, "Look, he's following us. What do we do?"

Joseph said, "Maybe if we run, he'll turn around and go back."

But he didn't. The kids decided he was better off away from owners who would tie him up like that. The dog, who was named Candy, followed the children back to the house.

They decided to hide him in the basement until they could figure out what to do about him. Joseph stood watch while Robin and Jenn ushered Candy into the basement. They made him a bed,and put newspapers down for him to make on.

Around 5:30, Jack came home from work.

"Where is everybody?" he asked his wife.

Joan answered, "Jody's up in her room. She has a friend over. The baby's asleep, and Joseph and the girls came back from the brook a little while ago. They're down in the basement, doing God knows what. They won't let me down there. Everything's very hush hush."

"Hmmm, I wonder what they're up to," Jack said.

Jack called the children to dinner soon after. They told Candy, "You be good, and we'll bring you some dinner."

The children made sure to close the basement door when they came upstairs. Each of the children snuck food from their dinner into their napkins. As soon as Jack said they could be excused, they rushed back to the basement. Candy was very excited about his dinner. Joan and Jack let them play down there until 7:30.

"C'mon, you three, it's time to get ready for bed. All three of you need baths."

While Robin was in the bath, Jennifer snuck back down to the basement. She was already in her pajamas. She just wanted to check on Candy one more time. As she was walking to where Candy sat, she slipped and slid. All of a sudden, she realized she was all wet.

"Oh, no, bad dog! You're supposed to make on the newspaper." Jennifer cleaned up the mess. "Now I'll have to change my pajamas," she thought to herself. She went up to the bathroom. No one was in there. She took off her pajama pants and put them in the hamper.

At 8:30, the telephone rang. Jack answered it. "Hello, is this Mr. Levine?" a strange voice asked. "My name is Mrs. Katz. I believe I've found your son's toy."

Mrs. Katz went on to explain that she just got home, and found Joseph's toy next to her dog's collar and leash. She explained that her dog, Candy, was missing, and wondered if the children knew anything about it. Her neighbor had told her that the boy was playing with two dark haired girls.

Jack answered, "Well, I'll ask the children if they know anything about the dog, but I doubt they do. I'll call you back."

As Jack was writing down Mrs. Katz's phone number, he saw Jennifer walk by with no pants on. Jack hung up the phone. He went into Jody's room.

He said to Jennifer, "Did you wet your pants, honey?"

Jennifer said, "No, I just spilled something on them."

Jack said, "Go get your sister and Joseph, I need to talk to you all."

Jack looked at them. "Do the three of you know anything about a little poodle named Candy? The dog's owner, Mrs. Katz, just called and told me she found your toy, Joseph, on her lawn. She also said her dog was missing."

Before Joseph could say a word, Jenn piped up, "We saw the dog, but we know we're not supposed to go near a strange dog, so..."

Uncle Jack said, "I see. Okay, well, I'll call her back and tell her."

Then Robin said, "Well, actually, we felt bad for the dog, and we wanted to loosen his collar, and untangle him, so we did." Then she looked down at the floor.

Jenn picked up where Robin left off. "Yeah, so maybe after we loosened the collar, the dog got free."

"Yeah" said Joseph.

Then Jack said, "So, even though you knew not to go near a strange dog, you did it anyway?"

The three nodded. "We just felt so bad," Jenn said.

Jack said, "Okay, I'll tell Mrs. Katz what you told me, but I want you to promise me you won't do anything like this again, got it?" The three nodded again. "Aunt Joan and I will be back to tuck you girls in, in a minute. You too, Joseph." And he left the room.

Jennifer said to Robin, "That was good thinking, Robin."

Robin said, "Yea, but we should have just told him the whole truth. You know what Daddy always says, "I would rather you tell me the truth up front, then for me to find out later on."

Jenn said, "I know, but I want more time to play with Candy. He's so cute. Let's tell Uncle Jack about Candy after breakfast tomorrow."

"Okay," Robin and Joseph said.

After tucking the kids in, Joan went to get the clothes to do the laundry. As Jack walked by the bathroom, Joan stopped him. "Did Jennifer wet her pants?" she asked.

Jack said, "Well she said she didn't, but maybe she did." They smelled the pants. "It smells like urine," Joan said, "but it's not in the right place."

"That's strange," said Jack. "Come, let me help you with this stuff."

Jack carried the laundry down to the basement. As Joan and Jack walked into the room, a dog ran over to them, and then in circles around them. He was happy to have some company. Jack put down the laundry basket and pet the dog.

"Hmmm! I think I just solved the mystery."

Just then, he heard footsteps on the stairs. He turned around. Jack saw his son tiptoeing down the stairs. He was waiting for Joseph at the bottom. As soon as Joseph saw his father, his mouth dropped open.

"I, um, I just, uh..." He stopped.

Jack said, "Forget it. I figured it out already." He pointed to the dog.

Joseph said, "Are you very mad? We were going to tell you tomorrow."

Jack said, "Go to bed, Joseph, we'll talk about this in the morning."

Joseph went back upstairs. Jack shook his head. He turned to Joan, and said, "Well, I already called Mrs. Katz and told her the children didn't know what happened to the dog. I guess I'll wait until the morning to call her again."

After sometime, Jack said, "But you know, honey, the kids were there, at what? 4:00? She didn't get home until after 8? What kind of dog owners leave their dog tied up for over 4 hours, and don't even notice that it's missing?"

He sighed, and helped his wife with the laundry. Meanwhile, Joseph woke up his cousins and told them his father found out about the dog. They all went to sleep wondering what would happen in the morning.

After breakfast, Jack sat the three kids down.

"I'm very disappointed in all three of you," he said. "Especially you girls, you're ten. Your cousin is only seven. He looks up to you."

Robin and Jennifer looked down. They both felt disappointed in themselves.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Jack," Robin said.

"Me, too," echoed Jenn.

"I'm sorry, too," Uncle Jack said. "You're all going to be punished. You should have stuck to your first instincts and not gone near that dog. What if he had been wild? What if you got bitten?"

"But we didn't, Daddy!" Joseph wailed.

"But you could have, son. And still, that's no excuse for lying to me when I asked you last night if you knew about the dog. Do you understand me?" Jack asked sternly.

"Yes, Daddy," Joseph answered. Jack looked at his nieces. They both nodded.

"Yes, sir," Jenn said.

"We should have told you the truth," Robin admitted.

"Yes, you should have. And to help your remember not to lie, I'm going to wash your mouths out with soap, as well as spank your naughty bottoms. Do you understand me?" Jack asked.

They all nodded.

"All right, Joseph, you go to your room and wait for me. Jennifer, you go lay on my bed and I'll be there in a few minutes. Robin, you come with me to Jody's room. Don't worry, she's downstairs with your aunt," Jack explained.

Jack led Robin into Jody's room. He sat down on the edge of Jody's bed and pulled Robin in between his knees.

"Do you understand why you are getting a spanking, Robin?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. Because we went near a strange dog, and then we lied about knowing where he was," she reported.

"Okay, let's go," Jack said. He pulled his niece's pants and panties down to her ankles. Then he lifted her up and laid her across his lap. He began to spank very hard right in the center of her bottom.

Robin laid there thinking, "Uncle Jack spanks just like Mommy, right in the middle. Daddy goes from one butt cheek to the other. But Uncle Jack doesn't lecture, like Mommy does. And also Uncle Jack doesn't use a hairbrush. He doesn't need to, his hand hurts a lot."

Jack spanked Robin until her bottom was bright red. She was sobbing hysterically, and laid limp over her uncle's lap. Jack began to rub Robin's bottom. "I'm sorry I had to do that, honey. It's all over now."

He pulled Robin to her feet and gave her a big hug. "You okay?" he asked. After Robin nodded, Jack said, "Okay, why don't you lie down for a little while? I have some other spankings to take care of."

Robin nodded again. She laid down on her cousin's bed and went to sleep. Of course, she laid on her stomach.

Jack closed the door on his way out. He then went into his son's room. "Come here, son," he said.

Joseph went and stood in front of his father. Jack was sitting on the chair of Joseph's desk.

"Joseph, I know you are a little boy, but I think you know better than this. Don't you?" Jack asked sternly.

Joseph nodded. "Yes, Daddy, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have gone near the dog. And we should have told you the truth right away."

"You would have avoided this spanking, if you had," Jack explained.

"Yes, sir," Joseph answered.

Jack took his son's pants and underwear down and laid him across his lap. He began to spank his son's behind over and over again in the same spot. After several times, he moved his hand lower to make sure he didn't miss Joseph's sit spot.

Joseph cried and cried. He was sure this was the worst spanking he ever got. Come to think of it, he always got a bad spanking when he was with his cousins.

When it was over, Jack let Joseph step out of his pants. He helped his son under the covers and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll wake you up in a little while. Okay, Joseph?" Jack queried.

Joseph nodded, and then turned onto his stomach and closed his eyes. Jack pulled Joseph's door closed as he left. "Two down, one to go," he said to himself.

Jack went into his own bedroom. He saw Jennifer curled in a ball, lying on his bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed, and nudged his niece.

"Are you gonna tell my daddy?" Jenn asked.

"What do you think?" Jack answered with a question.

"I think you're gonna," Jenn said.

"Come here, baby," Jack said.

Jenn sat up and crawled over to her uncle. They had a very special relationship, because Jack was also Jenn's godfather. Jack held Jenn tight.

"You know I hate to have to spank you, Jennifer," he began.

"I know, but I deserve it, right?" she asked.

"Yes, you do. And you know you do, don't you?" Jack asked.

Jenn nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Okay, then, let's not waste any more time, then."

He picked Jennifer up and set her on the floor in front of him. He pulled her pants and panties down and waited while she stepped out of them. He knew she wouldn't be needing them anymore.

Jack said, "Tell me why you are getting a spanking, Jennifer."

Jenn hated this part. She wished her uncle would just spank her already. "I, we, we went near the dog, and we shouldn't have. Then we lied to you about it," she admitted.

"And you lied to me again last night about why your pajama bottoms were wet, didn't you, young lady?" Jack asked.

"Um, yes, sir," she admitted, having forgotten that part.

Jack pulled his niece over his knee and began to spank. He hit very hard right in the middle of her bottom. Jenn kicked and cried out on the first spank. But Jack didn't let that get to him. He continued to spank her bottom over and over and over again. He watched it turn from white to pink to a deep, dark red.

Then he stopped. Jenn was completely hysterical. She felt that her uncle spanked much harder than her daddy. She laid there limp, no more fight left in her. Jack pulled her to his feet and stood her in front of him again.

"Well, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Jack. I'll be good, I promise," she sighed.

"Okay, I believe you, honey. Now go get your pantsies and you'll take a nice little nap," he explained.

Jenn did as she was told. Jack tucked her in. Then he went downstairs and rested himself.

An hour later, he woke up all three children. Jack told them they would have to bring the dog back and apologize to Mrs. Katz.

Then he told them, "I am very proud of you for sticking up for the dog's rights and for wanting what's best for him. It was very nice of you to help that dog. But next time you see an animal in trouble, I want you to find an adult, and let him/her help you. Or have an adult call the animal shelter. Okay?"

All three children nodded.

"In fact, I'm going to take you over to the animal shelter tomorrow and have you learn about taking care of animals. Maybe they'll let you help out on Saturdays," Jack offered.

Joseph, Robin and Jennifer were stunned. They couldn't believe he was offering this to them.

"WOW!" was all Robin could say.

"Okay, now go put your coats on, and we'll bring the dog back. I already called Mrs. Katz to tell her we were on our way. You'll tell her that you were properly punished, as well. Do you understand?" Jack warned them.

"Yes, sir," all three said.

"Okay, let's go. And don't think I forgot about your mouth-rinsing, either. That will be your dessert tonight," Jack explained.

Robin and Joseph turned to get their coats. Jennifer stayed behind and said, "Uncle Jack, you never answered me. Areyou going to tell my Daddy what we did?"

And Jack answered, "No, but you will."

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