Strict Aunt I

From: anonymous

This is my first try at a spanking story. Please let me know what you think.

Note from the editor: The author has asked to remain anonymous. However, you can send me ([email protected]) any comments you have about this story and I'll make sure the writer gets them. Thank you.  

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I was a brat growing up. My parents were the most permissive you ever saw. They let me get away with anything. They gave me anything I wanted. I had a wonderful life with them. At least I thought so.  

    I never did well in school. I didn't really care. I had people to see, places to go, things to do. Besides, what did it matter? It was only 8th grade. I thought that I was a big deal. At 13, I was spoiled rotten. It was summer vacation. I loved summer. It was my chance to catch up on TV shows I missed and play video games that I loved. It was also a chance to sleep late and not have to deal with those annoying teachers.  

    One day, as I was watching a re-run of "Mad About You", my mother walked into the room.  

    "Danny, we need to talk." she said in her quiet voice.     "Not now, at the commercial, and for the last time, CALL ME DAN!!!" was my polite response to her. When the commercial came on, she resumed.     "Dan, we need to talk."    

"Yeah, what?"

    "Your report card came in today."    

"Big freaking deal. Who cares?"    

"I'm worried about you Dan, you didn't do so well."     "What's the big deal? It's only school."    

"School is important Dan, you've finished junior high and it's time to look into high schools. At this rate, none of the good schools will take you."    

"So what?"    

"So, I called your Aunt Christine to see what help I should give you."     "Who's 'Aunt Christine'? I never heard of the bitch."     "She's my sister. We grew up together. She lives all the way down in Alabama."  

  "Shut up. My show's back on!" I yelled. She patiently waited for the episode to finish and then shut the TV off. "What the hell did you do that for!?" I screamed.  

  "I need you to pay attention for this. Are you listening?"     "Yeah, whatever."  

  "Well, your aunt suggested that I send you to live with her. She says she knows some very good schools that would take you. Is that ok with you."     "Yeah, whatever. Can you turn the TV back on now?" Needless to say, I wasn't really listening.    

  It is at this moment that I should mention something else about me. Since I was 2 years old, I never wore anything with buttons on it. I never knew why. Just when I was 2, I said 'No more buttons!' My parents let me do it. I never thought about it. All my clothes were button-free and I was happy. My pants had an elastic waist and my shirts were of the turtle-neck variety. I didn't think about the conversation I had with my mother that day, I just continued to watch TV and play video games. One day, my mother woke me up early. She told me that it was time for me to go to Alabama to visit my Aunt Christine. I didn't remember the conversation and was very confused. When I asked about luggage, I was confused even more when I was told that Aunt Christine said I wouldn't need anything and she would have everything I needed.    

  The flight was uneventful. My mother had given me a photo of Aunt Christine. I looked at it all through the flight. I wondered what kind of person she was. She looked nice. She looked pretty too. The plane landed and I went out into the main terminal. I looked around and there was a woman holding up a sign that read "Danny". She looked like the photo I had. She was about 6'0, shoulder-length blonde hair and dressed very conservatively. She was wearing a white blouse, black tie, black blazer and black skirt. She also wore panty-hose and high heels. Nervously, I approached her.    

  "Aunt Christine?" I ventured. She looked down at me (I was only 5'3), paused and said in a friendly tone  

  "Ah, you must be Danny. I've heard a lot about you. Come with me to the car." I didn't know what else to do, so I went with her. Something in her tone compelled me to obey. When we were in the car, I ventured some questions.  

  "Do you have cable?" I asked.  


  "You better get it for me." I snapped. There was a sudden chill in her voice, all previous friendliness gone from her voice.    

"Are you giving me an order, young man? Need I remind you that you are only 13, and I am in charge here? You will not order me again. Is that clear?"  

  "Yes Aunt Christine." I replied. The rest of the trip to my new home was spent in silence. We pulled into the driveway of a nice 2-story white house. It seemed pretty standard to me. I followed her in.    

  There was nothing outstanding about the interior. It seemed like a home. Aunt Christine gave me the grand tour of the house. Two bathrooms, one upstairs, one downstairs, bedrooms upstairs (both hers and mine), kitchen, dining room and living room. She told me to sit down in the living room, which I did. She sat down across from me and said      

"Danny, we need to talk about the rules of this house."     "Ok." I replied.    

"Now Danny, this can either be a pleasant experience, or it can be an unpleasant one. The choice will be entirely up to you." I was puzzled.     "Um.. Ok. But, could you please call me Dan?"    

"You want to be called 'Dan'?"    


"I won't call you 'Dan'. You will always be 'Danny'. 'Danny' is a child's name, that is what you are, is it not?"    

"I'm not a child!" I replied indignantly.    

"Are you old enough to drink?"    


"Are you old enough to vote?"    


"Has your voice changed?"    


"Then you are a child. As a child in this house, I expect obedience from you, is that clear?"  


  "You will be in bed by 10:00 every night, regardless if it is a week-night or not. Your homework should be done by then."    

"10:00? That's too early! At home I get to stay up until midnight!"     "This isn't home with your parents. You will abide by my rules now."     "And if I don't?"  

  "I will spank you."  

  "You can't do that!" I was never spanked before. I didn't want to find out what it felt like at all. But, I was sure she was bluffing.  

  "I can, and I will when the situation warrants it."     "I have enrolled you into a very good private school. 99% of its students go to the best universities. They practice corporal punishment as well."  

  "Corporal punishment?" I was unfamiliar with the term.     "It means that they can spank you at school. And, if you get a spanking at school, you will get one at home from me too. I also expect only straight A's from you. Do you follow?"  

  "Yes." I was growing more nervous by the second.  

  "I don't like what you are wearing at all. Strip to your underpants."      

I was unsure of what to do. Something didn't feel at all right. I obeyed. I stripped down to my underpants. Soon my t-shirt and elastic wasteland shorts were on the floor next to me. I sat down again.      

"You won't be needing these anymore." Aunt Christine said and without another word, picked up my discarded clothes and left the room with them. A few minutes later, she re-entered, without my clothes.      

"What the hell did you make me do that for!?" I shouted, I felt very angry about being in my underpants. "Give me back my clothes!"      

"You will not be wearing those vile clothes while you live in my house. Don't swear and this is the last time I will warn you about giving me orders. School starts in less than a week. I bought a uniform for you and I would like to make sure it fits you. I want you to put it on." She walked to a nearby closet and produced what would be my school uniform.    

  The school uniform consisted of a white button-down shirt, black blazer, black tie, black slacks and black shoes. Needless to say, the majority of this clothing had buttons. Something I never wear. I looked at the uniform, then I looked at her. She was waiting expectantly.      

"Well?" she said.  

  "I can't wear that."  

  "Can't or won't Danny?"    

"Can't." I hated her calling me 'Danny'.    

"And why not?"  

  "I don't wear buttons."    

"Ah, your mother told me about that. I thought she was joking. Why don't you wear buttons?"    

"I just don't."    

"That's not an answer Danny. If I tell you to wear buttons, you will wear buttons."  

  "And if I don't?"  

  "Then, I will spank you." I stood up.  

  "The hell you will! Give me my own clothes! I'll go to school like I always do. Dressed the way I want to! You can't tell me what to wear!" I called her bluff.    

  There was a long pause. I could feel the beating of my own heart. Though I was confident that she wouldn't spank me, I was still a little uncertain. Aunt Christine's face seemed to be fraught with indecision. It seemed to make a decision. She started walking towards me. It wasn't a normal walk though. It seemed very deliberate. My mind told me to run from her. To get away, she wasn't bluffing at all! I tried to run, but my feat were frozen. I was paralyzed with fear. The fear of what she would do. When she reached me, she grabbed my ear, by the lobe. She started to pull me towards the door. Still, scared, I couldn't manage to move my feet. Suddenly, she gave me a sharp swat on my rear. That got me moving. As she marched me up the stairs, she started lecturing me.    

  "I won't spank you? Is that what you think? My dear Danny, you are very misguided in your beliefs. As soon as we reach my bedroom, you will get a spanking you won't soon forget. Not only did you disobey me, but you swore and, despite all my warnings, you gave me an order. That is a decision you will sorely regret. When I am through with you, you will most definitely wear this." She shoved the uniform in front of my face, I thought she left it in the living room. She apparently didn't.    

  We reached a door at the end of the hallway upstairs. She opened it and led me into her room. Deliberately, Aunt Christine put the uniform on the hook on the door and closed it. She then moved a chair from the corner of the room, to the middle. The side of the chair was facing the door. The bed was behind the chair. I had never seen a chair like it before. It was unpadded, unlike the chairs that my parents used. It was wooden and had a straight back. It didn't have any arm rests either. I didn't have to wait long to see what it was for. She sat down in the chair and then pulled me over her knee. I resisted, of course, but she was stronger and had me by the ear, which is painful when pulled. I struggled for a few moments, but soon realized that I was effectively immobilized. I looked up and saw, the school uniform. It was taunting me.    

  "This spanking will teach you to obey me and behave." Aunt Christine said.    

  I could feel some pressure on my rear end. I thought the spanking had begun and felt relieved. I was wrong. Aunt Christine was just getting a feel for my rear. The pressure left my rear and suddenly.      


  I could feel the swats to my rear. I had my underpants for cover though. I was determined not to let her get the best of me. I just lay still and let her spank me. After a few minutes, however my rear was starting to feel a little warm. I didn't like the feeling at all and started to squirm. A few minutes later the swats stopped. 'That wasn't bad. I can handle this' I thought. I moved to get up, but was pushed down again. I could hear the firm voice of my aunt.    

  "The spanking has just started Danny. You won't be going anywhere very soon."    

  With that, she lowered my underpants to my ankles. I didn't like this concept one bit. I started to protest.    

  "Don't you dare! You bitch! Put my underpants back one! Let me go!"     "Young man, do you want to make me angry, you have just earned yourself extra spanking for ordering me and swearing at me. Keep this up and you will have a very sore bottom indeed." Was the only reply I got.    

  WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!!    

  The spanking continued on my bare bottom. I couldn't believe how much more it hurt on the bare bottom then covered. My rear was already warm from the covered spanking so I was already squirming with the first swat. Aunt Christine never said anything. It seemed that all of her mind was set on spanking. After about 5 minutes of continuous spanking, I was starting to sob. I started asking her, politely, to stop. My requests fell on deaf ears. Eventually she stopped.    

  "Go to the corner on my right, next to the bed." She ordered me.    

    I stood up, and waddled over to the corner. I started feeling my bottom, it was warm to the touch.    

  "I don't want you touching your bottom! I want you to think about why you are standing in the corner right now. I forgot something in my purse downstairs. I will be back in a few minutes. And don't touch your bottom!"    

  I did as I was told. When I was sure she was downstairs, I started rubbing my bottom. It was really starting to get sore. I didn't hear Aunt Christine come back in.    

  "DANNY!! What did I tell you?"  

  "Not to rub my bottom." I could barely get the words out.     "And what did you do?"  

  "I rubbed my bottom."  

  "You disobeyed me, didn't you."  

  "Yes ma'am." I was worried.  

  "Turn around."      

I turned around. In her hand, was a large, oval-shaped, wooden hairbrush. She was tapping the smooth side against her hand. Without a word, she went back to the chair and told me to get over her knee again. I complied.    

  I felt the cool surface of the hairbrush on my rear, then it was gone.    

  SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!!    

  The swats of the hairbrush were indescribable. I never felt anything like it in my life. It hurt very much. I knew I couldn't do anything about it either. I felt helpless. After about a minute or two, I started to cry. I promised to do anything, just as long as the spanking would stop. The spanking stopped.    

  "Will you put on the uniform?" She asked.  

  I looked at the uniform, at all the buttons on it. I couldn't bring myself to say yes. I just cried.  


  I was crying pathetically after just 3 more swats. After what felt like an eternity, but couldn't have been more than five minutes, she asked again. This time I said "Yes." She stood me up and brought me the shirt.    

  "Put it on." she said.      

I obeyed. It was difficult, but I put it on. She then put the tie on me, knowing that I couldn't do it myself yet.      

"I want you to pay attention. I expect you to be able to do this yourself by the end of the first week." She said.  

  "Yes ma'am." was all I could reply. Tears were still streaming down my face and my rear still hurt.    

  She handed me the blazer.    

  "Put it on." she said.    

  I obeyed. She then told me to pull up my underpants and to put on the slacks. I did that as well. The underpants felt tighter than usual, and hurt my sore rear even more. Eventually, I was wearing the uniform.    

  "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Aunt Christine asked.     "No ma'am."  

  "How does it feel?"  


  "Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Besides, you will be wearing the top part during the rest of the spanking."    

  I started to cry again. I couldn't believe there was more. I was already in pain as it was. She pulled down my slacks and underpants and had me wait while she brought a belt out from the closet.      

"Now, we have already dealt with your initial disobedience, now we must deal with your constant swearing."      

She sat down and I was back over her knee. Before the first strike of the belt, I was already crying.    


  I thought that nothing could hurt more than the hairbrush, I was wrong. Before she was done, I was already bawling like a baby. I couldn't stop crying, no matter how hard I tried. Then, she stopped.      

"Are you sorry you swore at me Danny?"    

"Yes ma'am." The words were just barely audible. More a squeak than anything else.    

"Good. Now, you will be sorry you ordered me too."     "I'm already sorry Aunt Christine. Please, no more."     "Now, Danny. You brought this upon yourself."      

She continued with the belt. I didn't think I cold take any more. I was beyond crying. I didn't have the strength to. Soon she stopped. She stood me up.      

"The spanking would be over now, but you rubbed your rear during corner time, didn't you, Danny?"    

All I could do was nod my head.    

"I want you to stand in the corner and compose yourself."     I complied. It took me half an hour to stop crying and even speak.     "Danny, I have here a paddle. I am going to give you 10 swats with this. Then the spanking will be over. If you miss one, or miscount, we will start again.  Do you understand?"    

"Yes ma'am."    

  She had me bend over the chair. I prepared myself.    


"One." I was close to tears    


  "Two." I was sobbing again.  


  "Three." I was in tears.  




"Five." I could barely control myself.    






  "Eight." I was bawling uncontrollably.    


There was a pause.    


"Danny, you missed one. You know what that means." Came the voice of my aunt.    

I couldn't respond, I was just crying.    

"Danny, I won't make you count, but instead will give you five more swats."    

I thanked her. She finished the spanking. I was a mess. She pulled up my pants and underpants. Aunt Christine then led me back to my room. She lay me down on the bed where I cried. She left me alone with my sorrow.      

A few hours later, she came back.      

"I want you to sleep in your uniform tonight so you get used to it."     "Yes Aunt Christine." I replied.    

"I also want you to sleep on your back to remind you what happens when you don't wear it."    

"Yes Aunt Christine." I replied.    

She started to leave, then she turned and said "You can call me 'Auntie' if you want. Remember, I'm here to help you and I love you." She came back and kissed me on the forehead. "But, if you get out of line, I'll make sure to straighten you out."  

  "Goodnight Auntie." I said.    

  It took me a little longer to fall asleep. What happened the next day, is another story.

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