Spanking Spy I

From: [email protected] (Darleen)

Geez, Thanks everybody for your nice emails! Nice to know I'm not the only one who prefers to SEE someone spanked instead of getting it myself!

Sorry it's been so long but I got grounded from the computer, it sucked but it's better than a blistering!

Disclaimer as usual, it's real life but not advocacy intended.

o 0 o

This one is probably my first awakening cuz I was only 10 yrs old and only HATED spankings till then.

I was playing in my backyard, making necklaces out of dandilions and minding my own business, when I heard a commotion over the fence next door.

I could hear the lady next door, a nice lady named Lucy, scolding her kids and I don't know why I felt the need to peek through the fence but I did.

My friends Jeff and Janie had been swimming when their Mom Lucy came home and I could see the kids standing in their swim suits holding their butts and instantly I knew how they felt.

Having been spanked enough even at my tender age to know WHY a kid covered his/her behind I was unaccountably interested. Lucy was tall and pretty but she looked real mad and was lecturing her kids about swimming without any adult watching - now I understand the dangers and why she felt that way but back then I thought "oh no! poor Jeff and Janie!"

The lady kept bawling them out while she walked over to a big bush and snapped off a short but thick little switch! I felt my own little butt tighten as Lucy waved the switch and grabbed Jeff by his arm.

Jeff was a year older than I, at 11, and he was kinda big but he had always been nice to me and mostly acted like just another kid. So I wasn't surprised when he started crying and begging his mom to "please please please don't spank me."

But the lady put her foot on the step of the diving board and bent poor Jeff over her knee. I had a good view through the knothole and saw how quickly Lucy pulled down Jeff's swimsuit trunks so that his butt looked really white and small.

I felt invisible behind the fence but I knew Jeff must feel very embarrassed to be bared over his mom's knee and in front of his big sister. Janie just stood there with a face red as a tomato!

Jeff's cries of "I'm sorry I'm sorry" were interrupted by the whisk swack of that awful switch and he screeched "NO NO" as the stick slapped a thick red mark across his buns.

Jeff grabbed at his burned buns and wiggled just like a worm, I thought, with his feet off the ground. But he was my size and his mom was BIG and she pinned his hands away from his behind and she started to whip him with that switch, demanding real loud, "Don't EVER swim alone again!"

I thought, he wasn't ALONE! Janie was with him! But Lucy meant without an adult, I knew, and she whipped her boy with hard, slow stripes about twenty times. He bucked and kicked and bawled like I did when I got spanked and his bare behind was crossed with livid red welts - I didn't know the word welts back then - but I knew how much a switch could sting and I felt sorry for Jeff cuz his little butt was so red.

When it was over he jumped around, with his swim shorts at his ankles and I got my first glimpse of a boy's thingy cuz I could see everything! while he danced and cried, holding his hot butt.

I was breathless with the spectacle but in for more as Lucy pointed the switch at her daughter, and called Janie over. What happened next was weird to me cus I NEVER resisted my spankings but Janie was 13 years old and was like, " NO! NO! YOU CAN'T.. NOT OUT HERE!" and I felt a twinge of guilt over spying on Janie's licking.

It was a fight cuz Janie had a one piece swim suit on and her mother wrestled her down over the leg and tugged Janie's suit down over Janie's plump buns.

Janie grabbed the arm rests of the diving board and resisted with every fiber of her tight young body but her mother yanked down Janie's one piece suit and bared the girl's bottom.

It was the first time I'd seen a pubescent girl's breasts, until I had my own budding boobies, and I was shivering at Janie's outrage and horror of being bared in front of her little brother.

Janie's whipping was short because Janie grabbed her bare bottom and refused to let go. Her mother w hipped the backs of her hands, and the tops part of Janie's thighs..I could see the thick welts spring up cuz Janie's behind was and her thighs were so white compared to her tanned brown legs.

Lucy only got in about 12 good whacks on her daughter's white fanny and golden thighs before Janie pushed off and jumped up,...a vision of my own future spankings as Janie danced around, complaining and showing herself.

It was the first time I saw a girl with hair down there and real bouncing breasts!

The neighbor lady just told Janie that she'd have to take a bare bottomed belt whipping from Dad when he got home and Janie's mom let her dance and cry.

I tried to stay up late that night, like 9 pm, when Janie's dad got home so I could hear Janie's bare bottomed belt whipping, but I fell asleep before that happened.

Maybe next time.

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