Spanked for Stealing II

From: [email protected] (Tedd)

This is once again a true storie.  The same boy is involved and happen sometime before Spanked for Stealing story.  He was 7 I believe.

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  James was visiting friends of his while on leave from the Army, after he got out, he was asked to live with them for a while.  Chris was 7 at this time.  James had known him since he was 5 and his father was killed in a training accident.  

Nancy asked James to watch Chris while she went to work that day.  It was during the summer and no school.  James loved Chris as his own son.  Chris loved James back just as much too.  They were inseperable.  

Chris was sick this particular day and was being somewhat of a brat.  James rarely spanked him but Chris knew that his mom allowed him to when he wanted to.  But James never really spanked to hard anyway, not near as hard as his mom did.  So, Chris was being a brat and not cooperating with James.  

James needed to get Chris' Temperature and went to the couch next to him with the thermometer and a wet rag for his forehead.  Chris however, was not cooperating and refused to open his mouth for the thermometer.  "Christopher, I need to get your temp buddy so I can help you get better."  "NO!" was his reply.  Well, that set James off.  Try to help someone and they are mean to you?  James was not going to take that from Chris.  "OK Chris, we will see if you do what I say after this."  James rolled Chris on his tummy and yanked his underware down to his ankles.  He then proceded to spank Chris.  After several licks, Chris was not crying, but looking very mad.  James knew he should spank harder, but it was dificult for him to do so.  Then James got an idea. "Ok Chris, since you still won't cooperate, I'll have to take your temperature somewhere else."  Chris had no idea what this meant, so he basically ignored James.  James went to the bathroom and got the vasaline.  He knew that it was an oral thermometer, but James was a medic and knew what to subtract to get a correct reading.  He walked back into the living room where Chris was still lying on the couch with his underware down.  Chris never was embarased about being naked.  James sat down at Chris' feet.  "Ok Chris, one more chance, you gonna let me take your temp in your mouth?"  Chris didn't say a word.  James spanked his butt a few more times and asked again.  "NO!" said Chris.  "OK" said James.  James opened the vasaline and placed a gernerous amount on Chri's rectum.  Chris was not expecting this and jumped up, but James held him down easily with his other hand on his back.  "I warned you Chris, I have to get your temp one way or the other.  Now relax and it won't hurt."  Chris tightened his bottom but a few swats from James made him realx them.  James carefully placed the thermomter in it's proper position. "Ahhhhhhh!!, stop!!  What are you doing!!" said Chris.  James said nothing and held the thermometer in place for about 3 minutes, the whole time Chris was yelling and crying.  Once the three minutes was up, James slowly removed the thermometer and read it.  Chris' temp was a little high, but not bad at all.  "Ok Chris, I think next time you'll let me take you temp the other way right?  This is how we take temperatures of babies and kids not big enough for oral temperatures."  Chris was still crying a little and said nothing, another swat from James got a "Yes Sir" out of him.  James pulled his underware back up and placed Chris in his lap and gave him a hug.  The next time James needed to take Chris' temperature, he didn't fight it at all.

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