Jennifer's Decision I

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This story introduces Betsy, and Amy. The next story after this is "Best Friends". This story was not posted until well after "Best Friends", because I was not sure if it would be of interest. There is more detail about Jennifer's bed wetting in this story than in most of the twin stories.

This story is a work of fiction. The author does not endorse or encourage the actual spanking of real children in any way. All characters are the products of the author's imagination.

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It was Monday morning and I was sitting in the classroom talking to a few friends before class started. I didn't know that my life was about to change in the next minute. I was a nice looking, nine-year-old girl with a lot of friends, who I got along with pretty well. I had a twin sister named Robin, and two parents who loved me. I was a typically normal kid, except for one small problem. I was a bed-wetter. Of course, no one at school knew except, unfortunately, my sister. My teacher knew I had a bladder-control problem, and therefore let me leave the classroom as often as I needed to. Thankfully, I had never had an accident in this class. We won't talk about last year, when I was only in third grade.

Anyway, at 8:45, fifteen minutes before the bell would ring, in walked Amy. She was the most popular girl in our class. And she was one of my friends. I couldn't believe she liked me. I was hardly one of the popular girls. But I guess my twin status did something for me. Kids were always interested in twins. I would have to thank Robin for that one day.

When Amy walked in, all the girls gathered around her.

She said, "Guess what girls?" She held some papers up in her hands.

"What is it? What is it?" everyone shouted.

"You're not going to believe it," Amy squealed, "invitations to my birthday party in two weeks. It's a slumber party! And my mother let me invite every girl in the class!"

"Oh my god!"

"No way!"


"That's so cool!"

All the girls were shouting and crowding around Amy. All of them except me. Oh, why did it have to be a slumber party? Why couldn't it just be one of those parties where the girls put on their little frilly dresses and their Mary Jane party shoes? What was I gonna do? How could I not go? Everyone would go. Everyone would go unless they were dead. I don't think my parents would let me call in dead.

"So, what do you think, Jennifer?" Amy asked me.

I hesitated. "Oh, um, it sounds great," I said without enthusiasm.

Amy seemed hurt. "What's wrong? Don't you want to come?"

"Oh, of course I do. I'll just have to ask my parents first," I answered.

"Well, of course, dummy. That's why the party is in two weeks. It gives everyone time to make plans, including me!" Amy replied.

The girls continued talking about the party until the bell rang. Thank goodness! Saved by the bell.

Right as my teacher, Mrs. Dunne was taking attendance, this girl Betsy came running in.

"I'm so sorry I'm late, Mrs. Dunne! I promise it won't happen again." Betsy said.

I turned around as I heard the other girls laugh. Betsy was soaked from head to toe, as it was raining pretty hard outside.

"Betsy Wetsy," one of the boys whispered. Then the other boys started cracking up.

I felt kind of bad for Betsy. She was pretty new to the school and she hadn't made that many friends. I was torn between being her friend and thinking the other girls would make fun of me because of it. I tried to be nice, though.

Mrs. Dunne stated, "Betsy, you're soaking wet. Here, why don't you put on my sweater until you warm up?"

I could tell Betsy was embarrassed, "Uh, no thank you, Mrs. Dunne, I'm fine." She went and sat down in her seat, which just happened to be next to mine.

"Hi," I said, "are you okay?"

She looked at me. Maybe she was trying to figure out if I was talking to her or not. Finally she said, "Yeah, thanks. Did I miss anything?"

I looked around and saw Amy and the other girls in a cluster. I whispered, "Just Amy's big announcement. She's invited all the girls in the class to her birthday party in two weeks. It's a slumber party."

Betsy said, "Oh, well, I probably wasn't invited. I don't think Amy likes me."

I thought about that and then said, "She doesn't know you very well, but neither do I, and anyway she said her mom let her invite ALL the girls in the class, so that means you, too."

Then Mrs. Dunne started reading groups. Since Betsy and I were in different groups, we didn't get to talk again until lunchtime.

The whole morning I tried to put Amy's party out of my mind. It was hard, though, since that was all anyone could talk about. On the playground, I hung out with Betsy. She turned out to be really nice, and a lot like me. I introduced her to my sister, Robin. She couldn't get over how much we looked alike.

Betsy said, "Well, Jennifer, it's a good thing you wear glasses, otherwise I might not be able to tell you two apart at all."

Robin and I just laughed. We were used to this.

I think Amy sensed something was wrong. I always hung out with her and the other girls on the yard. But today, Betsy and I were playing in the playground with Robin and a bunch of kids from her class.

Amy came over to us and asked, "Jennifer, don't you want to hear about the party?"

Now I really didn't, but I couldn't tell this to Amy so I said, "Of course, come on, Betsy, let's go hear the details."

Amy gave Betsy a cursory glance and said, "Oh, yeah, Betsy, here's your invitation. You weren't here this morning when I was giving them out."

I think Betsy was shocked. She wasn't really expecting to get an invitation.

"Gee thanks, Amy," was all she said.

"Yeah, well, my mother told me I had to invite all the girls or it wouldn't be nice," Amy replied.

I couldn't believe she said that. Right then and there, I wanted to slap her. How could she be so cruel? I can't believe I was friends with a girl who said mean stuff like that.

But Betsy didn't seem to care. All she said was, "C'mon Jennifer, I'll race you to the slide!"

I ran after her. I was glad I had become Betsy's friend.

That night at home I fingered the invitation. I knew if I asked my parents, they would say "yes" to the party. But I couldn't go. How could I go sleep over at someone's house, when I wet my own bed at home? NO! I couldn't do it.

During dinner, I just pushed the food around on my plate. I couldn't eat. I knew the next two weeks would be impossible. Waiting, deciding, wondering, I didn't know what to do. And I wasn't ready to ask anyone for advice.

The next day at school was pretty much the same as the one before. I hung out more with Betsy then I did with Amy. Amy noticed and was not too happy. I couldn't even explain why. I guess maybe because I didn't want to go to the party, I was afraid to hang out with Amy and find out how much fun it was going to be. Does that make sense?

I was so deep in thought that afternoon in the classroom, that I didn't realize when I had to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden, I realized I was soaking wet. Oh my god! I had an accident at school. No, this can't be happening to me. I'm in fourth grade. OH! What was I going to do?

Mrs. Dunne announced, "Okay, boys and girls, it's time to line up for music."

I looked around. All the kids were getting up. I looked down into my lap and then back up at the kids. Could they see? Did they know I wet myself?

All the kids were on line and walking out the door. I stayed frozen. I couldn't move. Mrs. Dunne noticed me and walked over.

"Jennifer, aren't you coming to music?" she asked.

"I, um, I, well, no," I said. Then I began to cry.

Mrs. Dunne could tell there was something wrong, "Okay, Jennifer, I'll bring the class to music. I'll be right back, okay?" I just nodded.

Mrs. Dunne came back two minutes later. I hadn't moved at all.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Are you sick?" she asked, as she felt my forehead. I felt bad. She was so concerned.

I continued to cry. Then I looked down. Mrs. Dunne followed my gaze. It was then that she noticed the puddle on the floor.

"Oh, Jennifer, did you wet your pants?" she asked even though she knew the answer was yes.

I just nodded again. I was crying too hard to speak.

"Okay, come on. You'll go down to the nurse's office and get cleaned up," she said gently. I guess she knew that I kept a spare pair of clothes there in case of times like these. I was hoping, of course, that times like these would be few and far between, or even nonexistent.

She brought me to the nurse's office and told the nurse what happened. Mrs. Villani was quite familiar with me and my accidents and told Mrs. Dunne not to worry. Mrs. Dunne looked over at me before she went back to the classroom.

Mrs. Villani asked, "Jennifer, do you want me to call your uncle?"

I just nodded. Mrs. Villani was the only one in the school that knew the principal was my uncle. Suddenly, I needed him more than ever.

Mrs. Villani handed me a clean set of pants and panties and told me to go to my uncle's office. When I got there, he was waiting for me. Thankfully, his secretary was nowhere in sight.

"C'mere, baby! It's okay," Uncle Jack said.

Suddenly, I felt like a really little girl. I was safe in my uncle's arms and he was going to make everything all right.

Uncle Jack helped me to change. Then I washed my face and had a drink of water.

"I don't feel well, Uncle Jack, please don't make me go back to class!" I said.

Uncle Jack pulled me onto his lap. "Why don't you tell me what's wrong, Jennifer?"

"Nothing. I just don't feel well. I guess that's why I had an accident. Oh, please don't tell Daddy! He's going to be so mad at me."

"Your father will not be angry with you, Jennifer. Don't you know that by now? It was an accident, and accidents happen. Now what were you thinking about so intently that you didn't realize you had to use the bathroom?" Uncle Jack queried.

"Nothing," I answered, "I mean, I guess just math."

I think Uncle Jack knew I was lying, but he didn't probe me any further. He just called Mommy at home and told her I wasn't feeling well. I got my books, bookbag, and my coat, and said goodbye to Mrs. Dunne.


Mommy tried to get me to talk to her when we got home, but I didn't have much to say.

"Jennifer, I know you had an accident at school today," she said.

"Yeah? So? It was an accident, Mommy!" I whined.

"I didn't say it wasn't, Jennifer Lynn! You can cut out that whining right now! Mommy warned.

"Sorry," I said.

"Okay, sweetie, why don't you go take a little nap? Maybe you'll feel better after that," Mommy suggested.

"Okay," I said. I knew Mommy was a little testy because she was pregnant. She didn't always feel too well, either.

I went into the room I shared with Robin. I took off my pants and underwear and slipped on my pantsies. It was really a diaper for older kids, but I had given it this stupid nickname when I was four, and it just stuck. Usually Mommy or Daddy put it on me at night, but I really wanted to be alone right now. I laid down on my bed and thought about what happened at school. I was glad none of the other kids knew what I had done.

I must have fallen right to sleep, because the next thing I knew Mommy was shaking me awake. "Jenn, I have to go pick Robin up at school. Do you want to come?" Mommy asked.

I just shook my head no. Mommy said, "Okay, well, I'll be back in ten minutes. Don't open the door to anyone, all right?" This time I nodded.

I got up and pulled off the pantsies. Soaking wet. Figures! Why did I have to wet the bed? I asked myself as I changed. The doctor said it happens with lots of children and that I would grow out of it someday. But when?

I changed and went into the kitchen to do my homework. Wasn't it nice of Mrs. Dunne to give it to me before I left? Ten minutes later, Mommy came home with Robin.

"Hey, Jenn, are you okay? I didn't even know you went home sick. I was worried when you didn't show up at the flagpole," Robin said.

"I'm okay," I said. It didn't sound like I meant it. I mean, I was okay physically, but mentally I wasn't. All I could think about was this stupid party. The thought of going made me sick, but the thought of not going made me . . . I don't know what it made me, but it didn't feel right.

"You don't sound okay. And I saw Amy, and she said you had gotten sick when the class went to music. She said they even had to send the custodian with a mop. What'd you do, throw up?"

"NO!" I shouted, "Just leave me alone!" I yelled.

Robin looked at Mommy with a 'what did I do' look. Then realization must have dawned on her.

"Oh," she said, "you wet your pants? At school?" Robin started to laugh.

"Mommy!" I yelled, "Make her stop!"

Just then the phone rang. Robin was closest so she picked it up. Mommy had her hands in the chicken so she wouldn't have been able to answer it anyway.

Robin said into the phone, "Oh, hi, Daddy, yeah, I just got home. Jennifer came home early, Yeah, she wet her pants at school today!"

I couldn't believe she told Daddy. I wanted to kill her. And she said it like she was telling on me, too. That little witch!

"ROBIN!" I yelled.

"ROBIN!" Mommy yelled, "GIVE ME THAT PHONE!"

Mommy wiped her hands on her apron, and grabbed the phone from Robin. She turned my sister around and swatted her on the rear end.

"Go stand in the corner until I'm ready to deal with you! NOW!"

Mommy gave Robin that warning look that means 'Now you've done it, don't mess with me any more.' I glared at Robin, as well. I still could not believe what she did.

Into the phone, Mommy said, "Hi, honey, yeah, no, she's fine. Look, let me call you back after I've dealt with Robin. Uh-huh, yeah, okay, no, yes, I love you, too. I'll talk to you in a little while."

Mommy put down the phone. Then she untied her apron and laid it on the kitchen counter. She went over to Robin who was standing in the corner. Mommy took Robin by the hand and led her back to the kitchen table, where I was working on my homework. Oh, good, I would see Robin get hers. This didn't happen for me very often, so I would enjoy this.

"What were you thinking? Telling your father about Jennifer like that? First of all, that was not your business. And second of all, I don't like the way you said it. You didn't tell Daddy because you were concerned about your sister. You said it like you were telling on her, and I won't stand for it. Do you understand me?"

While Mommy was talking, she pulled Robin's pants and panties down to her ankles. She began to smack her bottom very hard. I was glad I wasn't her at that very moment. Robin was crying and yelling, "STOP!" but it didn't do any good. When Mommy got into a mood like that, you couldn't stop her. Believe me, I knew all too well. But this time, it was Robin who was feeling the effect of the maternal hand.

Then she stopped. Mommy said, "Now, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, Mommy!" Robin sobbed.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to!" Mommy said.

She stood Robin up and pulled her panties and pants back up. Then she turned Robin around to face me. I could tell my sister was really embarrassed that I had seen her get a spanking, but I didn't care. I actually smiled at her so she would know I was happy about it.

When she didn't say anything right away, Mommy smacked her again.

"Okay!" she whined, "I'm sorry, Jennifer!"

Then Mommy said, "All right, now get to your homework, Robin."

Robin very gently sat down at the table. Every time she looked at me, I smiled at her. I could tell it was making her really mad. But I didn't care.

Daddy came home for dinner. I was a little shy when he walked in. I didn't know if he would be mad at me for what happened, or not. Mommy didn't seem to be mad at me, and she had gotten pretty mad at Robin for telling on me, so . . . hmm!

"Hi, Daddy," I tried.

"Hi, baby, how're you feeling?" Daddy kissed me on the forehead. "No fever. Do you feel like you're getting sick?"

"I'm not sick, Daddy. I just didn't realize I had to go. I'm sorry," I said and started to cry.

Daddy picked me up. "Jennifer, I'm not mad at you. It's okay, don't cry," Daddy said.

And that just made me cry harder. Has that ever happened to you? Someone tells you not to cry and you cry more. It's silly, I know, but I couldn't stop crying. And it felt so good to have Daddy hold me in his arms. I never wanted to let go.

Daddy tried to let go, but I held on. He must have sensed that I needed him more, because he went into the den, and sat me on his lap.

"Jennifer, are you okay? Come on, honey, what's the matter? You can tell me."

I wanted to tell Daddy about the party, but I wasn't ready. I wanted to try to make a decision on my own before I asked permission to go. I knew they would say yes, but I knew I would have to decide for myself whether I would go or not.

During dinner, both Robin and I were quiet. I knew why she was quiet but no one knew why I was quiet. After dinner, we both took baths. I had on my pajamas, but not my pantsies. I never put them on until I was ready to get into bed. Mommy and Daddy let me watch tv for a little while, but Robin was punished. She had to stay on her bed and read. Ha! Ha!

When it was time to go to bed, Daddy called me to use the bathroom and put my pantsies on. I'm not sure why I did this, but I wouldn't go when called. Daddy called me again, but again I didn't answer. I knew I'd be pushing the limit if I made him angry, but for some reason, I was in the mood to be impossible. Maybe I was coming down with something.

Daddy came into the den but he did not see me. Now there weren't too many places to hide in our little apartment, but I had wedged myself between the tv and the wall.

"Jennifer! Where are you? Come on, it's time to go to bed!" Daddy called.

I stayed in my hiding spot. I guess I wasn't ready to go to bed yet. I didn't want to think about the party and I knew that once I was laying in bed that would be all I would think of. Maybe I thought if I hid, they would forget about me and I could stay up and watch some more tv. Yeah, right! All I was doing was putting myself in more trouble staying hidden.

"Okay, Jenn, I'm giving you to the count of three. One (pause) two (pause) three! Okay, when I find you, you're going to be in big trouble!" Daddy shouted.

Well that didn't make me want to come out, that's for sure. I was staying put, now. Oh, and I had to pee. Well, I could hold it. I put my hand between my legs and then clamped them together. I'll just sit here a little more.

All of a sudden, I heard, "A-ha! Gotcha!" and felt someone grab me. That's what did it. I peed right there on the hard wood floor, right through my pajamas. I don't know who was more shocked, me or Daddy!

I started to cry. "I'm sorry, Daddy!" I sobbed.

"Oh, Jennifer!" Daddy shook his head. "C'mon, let's go get you changed." I could tell Daddy was angry. He half-dragged, half-guided me into the bathroom. Once there, he removed my wet pajama bottoms and threw them into the sink. Then he took a wet washcloth and washed me.

"Why do you do these things, Jennifer? C'mon, it's late," Daddy said.

I followed Daddy into the bedroom. He went to my drawer and pulled out new pajama bottoms. Then he grabbed my pantsies and motioned for me to lay on my bed. Robin watched us but she didn't say a word. I'm sure she figured out what happened, but after this afternoon, she knew better than to say anything.

Daddy put on my pantsies and then my pajamas. I waited for what I thought was coming. But nothing happened. I thought for sure I was going to be spanked, but I wasn't. I almost asked why, but then thought better of it. I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

After pulling up the covers, Daddy leaned over and said, "Good night, baby!" Then he gave me a kiss. Then he did the same with Robin. Then as Daddy left our room, he turned on our night light. Both Robin and I were a little afraid of the dark. But don't tell anyone!

Robin said to me, "Hey, Jenn, are you still mad at me?"

"I guess not," I answered, "why?"

Robin paused, and then said, "Well, I wanted to ask you something, but um, well, forget it."

Now my curiosity was peaking, "No, what is it? Ask me."

Robin said, "Well, when I saw Amy today, she mentioned her sleepover party, and I wondered if you were going to go?"

I said, "Oh, I'm not sure yet." I prayed Robin would drop the conversation. Of course, she didn't.

"It's just that, well, you didn't mention it, and I wondered if you asked Mommy and Daddy yet," Robin said cautiously.

"No," I answered, "I didn't ask them yet, because I haven't decided if I want to go or not."

Robin asked, "Is it because you wet your bed?"

"At first it was, but now it's not. I don't think I like Amy anymore." As I said that, I thought maybe I shouldn't have divulged what I was thinking to Robin; she had a big mouth. "Don't tell anyone I said that, Robin, I mean it!" I warned.

Robin seemed hurt. "I won't, Jenn."

"GIRLS, GO TO BED!" Daddy shouted from the kitchen.


In the morning, my stomach was killing me. I don't know if I brought it on myself or not, but I had an upset stomach. I won't go into major details because I don't want to gross you out, but it's enough to know that Daddy was not too happy when he went to change me.

"Well, I guess you're not going to school today, Jennifer." Daddy put me in new pantsies. "Go on, get back in bed," Daddy said.

I laid there and tried to sleep, but I couldn't. My stomach was really hurting. Daddy got Robin ready for school. He told me Mommy was still sleeping. Because she was pregnant, she needed her rest. Daddy told me to let her sleep as long as I could. Then he left to take Robin to school on his way to work.

I slept a little. Then Mommy made me toast and tea for breakfast. My stomach still hurt and I had to run to the bathroom a lot. Mommy gave me Pepto Bismol, but all it did was turn my tongue black. My stomach still hurt.

When school was over, Uncle Jack brought Robin home so Mommy wouldn't have to go pick her up. And wasn't my sister so nice? She brought me my homework. Fun fun fun! We sat and did our homework while Mommy made dinner.

Quietly, Robin whispered, "Jennifer, I saw Amy at recess and she wanted to know if I knew whether our parents said you could go to her party or not. I told her I wasn't sure. And that you'd probably be back to school tomorrow and would tell her then."

I whispered back, "Okay, thanks, Robin."

Gee, my stomach had been starting to feel better, but now it was hurting again.

Uncle Jack stayed with us until we went to bed. Mommy hadn't been feeling well and Uncle Jack made her go lie down. He made us dinner, gave Robin her bath, and tucked us in. He was going to stay until Daddy got home, but Daddy had called and told him he didn't have to. So Uncle Jack left after we fell asleep.


In the morning, Daddy woke us up. I was feeling better so Daddy said I would go to school. Just thinking of what I would tell Amy made my stomach hurt again. I was really making myself sick. The more I thought about the party, the more it hurt. While I was getting dressed, I had to run to the bathroom. I told Daddy.

"I guess you're still sick, honey. Let me take your temperature," Daddy said.

I ran to get the oral thermometer before Daddy could find the one that Mommy had used yesterday. I hated that one!

Daddy took my temperature. I had 99.5.

"Well, it's not that much temperature, but if you have the runs, you can't go to school. Okay, back to bed for you!" Daddy stated.

I got undressed again and back to bed. Daddy took Robin to school on his way to work. Today was the same as yesterday, except Daddy was home for dinner. And lucky me, Robin had brought me my homework again. I sure wasn't going to fall behind; no one would let me. Ha Ha!

After dinner, Mommy ran a bath for Robin. I had already had one during the day. Daddy was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper when the telephone rang.

Daddy answered, "Hello? Oh, hi, Amy!"

Amy? Oh no, it can't be. Why is she calling me, I thought to myself. Oh, god, I can't talk to her, I don't want to talk to her. I don't know what to tell her. Then something Daddy said caught my attention.

He said into the phone, "Party? Um, oh, let me get Jennifer."

"Jennifer!" Daddy called to me, but I didn't answer. He motioned to the phone.

"Jennifer, it's your friend, Amy, on the phone," Daddy said to me.

I waved my hands and said, "No, tell her I can't talk to her right now."

Daddy put his hand over the mouthpiece and said, "Jennifer, your friend is on the phone. Come on now, don't keep her waiting."

"No, please, Daddy! I can't. Please don't make me talk to her right now," I sobbed.

Into the phone, Daddy said, "I'm sorry, Amy, she can't come to the phone right now. Can I have her call you back in a little while? Yes, I'm sure she'll be at school tomorrow. Yes, okay, then she'll tell you then. Okay, bye!"

Daddy put the phone down, and motioned for me to join him at the kitchen table. I was afraid to move.

"Jennifer, come over here, I want to talk to you. C'mon, I'm not angry, I just want to talk," Daddy said softly.

Mommy came into the room. She saw me crying by the couch.

"What's going on in here?" she asked.

Daddy said, "That's what I'm about to find out. Why don't you sit down here with me? C'mon, Jennifer, we're waiting."

I slowly walked over to where my parents were sitting at the table. Daddy knew about the party now. I felt like I was in trouble. I was afraid to tell my parents, and even more afraid of them being mad at me for keeping it a secret.

Daddy pulled me onto his lap and I started to cry.

"Jennifer? What's wrong? Why didn't you want to talk to Amy?" Daddy asked.

I didn't answer. Not because I was afraid, but because I didn't even know where to start. I didn't know how to answer, so I didn't.

"And what's this about a party? Why didn't you tell us Amy was having a party?" Daddy asked gently.

Mommy said, "A party? When is this party? Jennifer?"

"It's a sleepover party, and it's next Friday night," I cried.

There was silence in the room as my parents let my outburst be digested.

"So, you don't want to go to the party?" Daddy guessed.

Oh, god, he didn't get it. What was I gonna have to do? Spell it out for him. Then I didn't have to. Mommy put it all together.

She said, "Oh, and you don't want to go, because you wet your bed. Is that it, honey?"

I nodded.

Daddy said, "But, Jennifer, why didn't you tell us? You didn't even ask permission from us to go to this party?

Daddy sounded annoyed.

Mommy said, "Charlie, that's not the point. Jennifer is upset because it's a sleepover party and she wets her bed. She doesn't want to be embarrassed."

Thank goodness for mommies!

Daddy said to Mommy, "But, Lisa, I want her to know that she can come to us when she has a problem. She kept this inside her, for how long, Jennifer? How long have you known about this party?"

"M-M-Monday," I stuttered.

"And this is probably what gave you an upset stomach!" Daddy said sternly. Then he saw my face, and Mommy's disapproval and his tone lightened.

He said softly, "Jennifer, you kept all this inside of you, and made yourself sick to your stomach. Why didn't you just tell us? We could have helped you make a decision."

"I, um, well, I just wanted to decide on my own, before I told you about the party. I wanted to be a big girl," I said.

Mommy said, "Well, honey, you are a big girl. But you still need to get permission from us to go to a party. What if we had made plans for that night? Also, Daddy works and we have to make arrangements."

Mommy frowned when she saw how upset I was, "Okay, forget about that, let's talk about what you're feeling about all this."

I answered, "Well, at first, I didn't want to go because it's a sleepover party. I don't want anyone to see me in my pantsies, and if I don't wear them, I'll be wet. And that would be even more embarrassing. But the way Amy and the other girls were talking, it sounded like so much fun. I didn't know what to think."

"And then?" Mommy asked.

"Well," I said, "then Amy said something to my friend, Betsy, that I didn't like. And I thought maybe Amy isn't such a good friend. So, maybe I don't want to go to her party, anyway. So I was even more confused."

I started to cry again. Daddy hugged me close and Mommy also patted me on the back. Just then Robin came into the room. She was wearing just a towel.

"You guys forgot about me! I was starting to prune," Robin said.

Mommy turned to see Robin, "Oh, sweetheart, we did forget you were in the bath. Come here!"

I had my head on Daddy's chest. I looked up to see Mommy drying Robin off. It struck me funny that of all the rooms to be in, we were all in the kitchen. I started to laugh.

Robin asked, "What's so funny, Jenn?"

"It's just that we're all in the kitchen. I think that's funny."

Daddy put me down on the floor. Then he turned me to face him.

"Now, Jennifer, and you listen, too, Robin," Daddy said. Robin was standing in front of Mommy now. She had her arms around Robin.

He continued, "I want you girls to know that you can come to us, your mom and me, with any kind of problem. You shouldn't be afraid to talk to us, okay?"

Robin said, "Yes, Daddy."

Mommy said, "Okay, Robin, let's go put you in pj's." To Daddy she said, "Don't be angry with her, Charlie."

Then Mommy and Robin went to our bedroom. I waited to see if Daddy would yell at me for not telling him about the party.

He said, "Jennifer, if you had just told Mommy and me about the party on Monday, you could have saved yourself a lot of problems. You could have at least talked to Robin about it."

"She knew," I said, "but she couldn't help me. She doesn't know what it's like for me, to wet the bed every night. It's embarrassing. And I still don't know what to do. I have to give Amy an answer tomorrow."

Daddy said, "Well, Mommy and I give you permission to go, but you're going to have to decide whether you want to be there or not. We can't decide that for you."

Which pretty much confirmed what I knew already. That was exactly the reason I hadn't told them about it in the first place. Boy, I still had a lot of thinking to do. But there was one good thing; I had escaped yet another spanking. This was new for me. Maybe my parents were getting old. Ha Ha!

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