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BG DISTRANS 12.24.01

Fremen Speed Deck
Ilkka Holm
Guidelines: Actually how to play is the most important part of Dune if you want to win. If you are a good player you can win with even a bad deck, if you are bad you can lose with even the best of decks. So I have to give a few guidlines how to play this deck.

Harkonnen War of Assassin Deck - Winning deck of pbem #2
Ilkka Holm
Comments: Okay Basic guidelines: This is a pure Intrigue Spice buying deck, rather slow but with a good draw it can be really effective and it also makes other player life difficult. It uses Intrigue rites to get rid of any threat there might be and also to destroy opponents Charters...

Cheap Deck
Omicron Gamma
I had to make the deck cheap, solari wise that is, the only "expensive" card is the Great Flat, but I had to place it in since I need a desert early in the game (second turn at most). Making the Imperial deck small increases my chances on getting a desert in my assembly. Most of  my tactics are aimed at detering any attack on Dune, since it is my key card. Since Dune can no longer be captured, transferred or discarded (is this rule true?) I only worry about battles, arbitration and events (like Change of Fief, I have it in my deck to respond to my opponent's Change of Fief). That's all! Long live the fighters!!! 

Gargantuan Corrino Deck
Viktor Lawryniuk
No Comments

Ilkka Holm's Sisterhood Deck
Ilkka Holm
Strategy: Renegade Sisters and Sisters of the Azhar are your key to success. Manual of the Friendly Deserts is to make your Renegade Sisters native so that you can disangage them with Sister's of the Azhar. The Voice are played to Sisters of the Azhar to make them good alone even without Renegade Sisters (so not that much about lucky draw) and Deep Training to make them better at it. (and for Maneuver Pawn) Security Sweeps and Production Setbacks are to slow your opponents down. The strategy of this deck is very simple: engage everything and buy the spice for the win (also make the best use of your favor advantage)

Tithing the Furlough
Russell Keenan
Destroys rival's favor and brings in the solaris. Centerpiece is Grant Furlough. The chief holding to get out is Siridar Governorship. This deck's late game is weak so hit 'em early.

City Manipulation, Water Sellers
Keane Peterson
This deck works off the principle of City manipulation. Get the cities into play swiftly using your Strangleholds and Early Procurements and then defend them with Guard Commanders, House Battalions, and Garrisons. Bring in Carthag Engineering and Arakeen Water Facilities to boost your Favor or Solari. Your Homeworld will, too, swell your Solari production as you bring the Cities under your control. If you possess Carthag or Arakeen use your Privateers and Patriarches to disengage them to increase cash flow. Within a few turns, money should be no problem... so utilize your Choam Restructurings and Exchange Proxies to buy as much Spice as you need.

Water Sellers Budget
Russell Keenan
What makes a great Dune player is not the deck they have but their ability to use it in the right manner. I consider this deck a training deck for the novice Dune player.  This deck allows the new player to have plenty of solari with which to do multiple things.  Having tons of solari is great because it allows you to purchase favor, spice, imperial cards, and aides.  This deck depends on the player's ability to budget money and use it at the right time.  With the aides in this deck a player can seriously mess with their opponent.  Have fun learning the ins and outs of Dune and hope to hear from you.

Harkonnen Intrigue
David Allen
Use lots of intrigue to shut down opponents. If you don't need the card in your hand for this turn or the start of next turn, get rid of it to draw new ones.

Classic Atreides - Winning deck of pbem #1
Merric Blackman
I built this deck a couple of years ago, when I was showing Dune to my friends. It's a training deck, using only EOTS cards. It doesn't do anything well, but you can easily characterize it as a Atreides Spice Harvesting deck. Despite that, it still won the inaugural PBEM. Whilst there is a slight leaning towards Battle, it also has arbitration through Duke Leto, which allows you to do the unexpected with it (like the Arbitration for Dune which won me the pbem). It possesses a few disruptive tactics which can help considerably. If you just concentrate on getting spice, you should do okay.

Stifle the Insurgency
This deck is designed to win through the Control Arrakis victory condition: having >0 favor and engaging simultaneously Dune; Arrakeen and Carthag; and the Open Bled, Minor Erg, and Imperial Basin.

Water Sellers Holdingless Deck
This is a variation on my first holding-less deck.  True, there are holdings in the Imperial deck -- perhaps best to describe it as holdings-optional in play.  And version 1.0 did win in a four player without bringing out a one of them.  There are a couple non-starter rares; none is integral to the deck -- the key cards are fixed (i.e.Water Peddlers) or uncommon.

Fist Under Hand
Phillip Edwards
Get Beyond the FauFreluches, Carthag and Arrakeen into play early. Fortune of Al-Lat will allow you the ability to discard from your assembly without worry, so discard from your assembly to get these into play early. 

City of Water Sellers
Pauli Vinni
Make everything cities. One desert should have House shield generator to protect it against attacks...Of cource people start using shield failures, so you can leave House shield generators, and Palace Keeps as well as Glacier Refineries.

Nothing is Certain, Guild - Winning deck of pbem # 10
Set up Navigators or Albrecht and Gauvir as Ummas, then with the balisets deploy 4+ tithing events in a single turn, eliminating rivals through favor loss.  House Mentats serve to increase hand size (key, since you want to be cycling cards as fast as possible), gain solaris (bonus with ACC, which is almost a guaranteed four solaris the turn you pull it), and as targets for Grant Furloughs to force an opponent's draw and consequent loss by favor.

Hark-Guild Capture Adversary - Winning deck for pbem #9
Phillip Lerche
This is the first Harkonnen sponsored deck I ever constructed. It was designed as a spice buying deck (arbitrate the other houses into poverty so they can't afford purchases) and for intrigue with captures to hopefully fulfill the requirements for the programs if the hoard is empty and your choam restructuring events aren't on the table yet. 

Water Sellers Deck - Winning deck for pbem #7
David Allen

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