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red blue and yellow walkthrough
red blue and yellow attack list
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You must have windows95 to use these and you may have these only 24 hours or they are ilegale.

you must have a Emulatur to play roms down load one here

hellogameboy A very fast gameboy Emulatur but it does not have sound.

No$gmb A very good Emulatur has gameshark.

REW Agreat gameboy Emulatur has sound and has great coler.

Here are the roms have fun

pokemon crystal 100% jap

The real pokemonsilver game in american

The real pokemongold game in american

The real amarican game of pokemon pokemonpuzzelchallenge

pokemon red

pokemon blue

this is the japanes game of
Pokemon silver

this is the 100% American game of pokemon silver
pokemon silver 100% American I got this rom from vida tran I have a link at the bottom

pokemon gold the japanes game
pokemon gold

pokemon gold 100% American game I got this from pm tran I have a link at the bottom
pokemon gold 100% American game

pokemon card game

pokemon pinball

pokemon puzzel league on gameboy


Orange islands

you play as ash in gold

pikachu as bomberman

You play as james or jesse


pm tran ER trans 1
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