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P1 Pokemon 1 Inf Spells 810ae580ffff 810ae582ffff

P1 Pokemon 2 Inf Spells 810ae5d4ffff 810ae5d6ffff

P1 Pokemon 3 Inf Spells 810ae628ffff 810ae62affff

P2 Pokemon 1 Inf Spells 810ae79cffff 810ae79effff

P2 Pokemon 2 Inf Spells 810ae7foffff 810ae7f2ffff

P2 Pokemon 3 Inf Spells 810ae844ffff 810ae846ffff

Have All Pikachus/Magnemites 801183bc0000 801183bd0000 801183be0000

Must Be On Requires Diddy Kong Keycode de0004000000

P1 Inf HP In Battle All Pokemon 81285a1803e7

P2 Inf HP In Battle All Pokemon 8128643803e7

P1 Pokemon 1 Max HP 810ae58603e7

P1 Pokemon 2 Max HP 810ae5da03e7

P1 Pokemon 3 Max HP 810ae62e03e7

P2 Pokemon 1 Max HP 810ae7a203e7

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