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codes for pinball

Catch Kabuto

918B79D5 Catch Kabutops

918C79D5 Catch Omastar

918A79D5 Catch Aerodactyl

918D79D5 Catch Snorlax

918E79D5 Catch Articuno

918F79D5 Catch Zapdos

919079D5 Catch Moltres

919179D5 Catch Dratini

919279D5 Catch Dratini

919279D5 Catch Dragonair

919379D5 Catch Dragonite

919479D5 Catch Mewtwo

919579D5 Catch Mew

Cannot be caught, but worth 3 million points per hit.

919679D5 Catch Tangela

917179D5 Catch Kangaskhan

917279D5 Catch Horsea

917379D5 Catch Seadra

917479D5 Catch Goldeen

917579D5 Catch Seaking

917679D5 Catch Staryu

917779D5 Catch Starmie

917879D5 Catch Mr_Mime

917979D5 Catch Scyther

917A79D5 Catch Jynx

917B79D5 Catch Electabuzz

917C79D5 Catch Magmar

917D79D5 Catch Pinsir

917E79D5 Catch Tauros

917F79D5 Catch Magikarp

918079D5 Catch Gyarados

918179D5 Catch Lapras

918279D5 Catch Ditto

918379D5 Catch Eevee

918479D5 Catch Tangela

917179D5 Catch Vaporeon

918579D5 Catch Jolteon

918679D5 Catch Flareon

918779D5 Catch Porygon

918879D5 Catch Omanyte

918979D5 Catch Haunter

915C79D5 Catch Gengar

915D79D5 Catch Onix

915E79D5 Catch Drowzee

915F79D5 Catch Krabby

916179D5 Catch Kingler

916279D5 Catch Voltorb

916379D5 Catch Electrode

916479D5 Catch Exeggcute

916579D5 Catch Exeggutor

916679D5 Catch Cubone

916779D5 Catch Marowak

916879D5 Catch Hitmonlee

916979D5 Catch Hitmoncham

916A79D5 Catch Lickitung

916B79D5 Catch Koffing

916C79D5 Catch Weezing

916D79D5 Catch Rhyhorn

916E79D5 Catch Rhydon

916F79D5 Catch Chansey

917079D5 Catch Shelder

915979D5 Catch Cloyster

915A79D5 Catch Gastly

915B79D5 Catch Weepinbell

914579D5 Catch Victreebell

914679D5 Catch Tentacool

914779D5 Catch Tentacruel

914879D5 Catch Geodude

914979D5 Catch Graveler

914A79D5 Catch Golem

914B79D5 Catch Ponyta

914C79D5 Catch Rapidash

914D79D5 Catch Slowpoke

914E79D5 Catch Slowbro

914F79D5 Catch Magnemite

915079D5 Catch Bellsprout

914479D5 Catch Magneton

915179D5 Catch Farfetch'd

915279D5 Catch Doduo

915379D5 Catch Dodrio

915479D5 Catch Seel

915579D5 Catch Dewgong

915679D5 Catch Grimer

915779D5 Catch Muk

915879D5 Catch Gloom

912B79D5 Catch Vileplume

912C79D5 Catch Paras

912D79D5 Catch Parasect

912E79D5 Catch Venonat

912F79D5 Catch Venomoth

913079D5 Catch 912979D5

912A79D5 Catch Diglett

913179D5 Catch Dugtrio

913279D5 Catch Meowth

913379D5 Catch Persian

913479D5 Catch Psyduck

913579D5 Catch Golduck

913679D5 Catch Mankey

913779D5 Catch Primeape

913879D5 Catch Growlithe

913979D5 Catch Arcanine

913A79D5 Catch Poliwag

913B79D5 Catch Polwhirl

913C79D5 Catch Poliwrath

913D79D5 Catch Abra

913E79D5 Catch Kadabra

913F79D5 Catch Alakazam

914079D5 Catch Machop

914179D5 Catch Machoke

914279D5 Catch Machamp

914379D5 Catch Pigeotto

911079D5 Catch Pigeot

911179D5 Catch Rattata

911279D5 Catch Raticate

911379D5 Catch Spearow

911479D5 Catch Fearow

911579D5 Catch Ekans

911679D5 Catch Arbok

911779D5 Catch Pikachu

911879D5 Catch Raichu

911979D5 Catch Sandshrew

911A79D5 Catch Sandslash

911B79D5 Catch Nidoran (female)

911C79D5 Catch Nidorina

911D79D5 Catch Nidoqueen

911E79D5 Catch Nidoran (male)

911F79D5 Catch Nidorino

912079D5 Catch Nidoking

912179D5 Catch Clefairy

912279D5 Catch Clefable

912379D5 Catch Vulpix

912479D5 Catch Ninetales

912579D5 Catch Jigglypuff

912679D5 Catch Wigglytuff

912779D5 Catch Zubat

912879D5 Catch Golbat

912979D5 Score 2,000,000,000 Points at end of Ball

01028DD4 Catch Ivysaur

910179D5 Catch Bulbasaur

910079D5 Catch Venusaur

910279D5 Catch Charmander

910379D5 Catch Charmeleon

910479D5 Catch Charizard

910579D5 Catch Squirtle

910679D5 Catch Wartortle

910779D5 Catch Blastoise

910879D5 Catch Caterpie

910979D5 Catch Metabod

910A79D5 Catch Butterfree

910B79D5 Catch Weedle

910C79D5 Catch Kakuna

910D79D5 Catch Beedrill

910E79D5 Catch Pidgey

910F79D5 Ball Saver Always On

91ffa1d4 Infinite Time

91057ad5 Infinite Dual PIKACHU Kickback

01291dd5 "Get 9

999 Infinite Balls

GBBOY Poke-Storm