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Codes for red blue and yellow
Catch Wild Articuno 014ad7cf
Catch Wild Zapdos 014bd7cf
Catch WIld Motres 0149d7cf
Catch Wild Dratini 0158d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonair 0159d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonite 0142d7cf
Catch Wild Mewtwo 0183d7cf
Catch Wild Mew 0115d7cf
Catch a Pokemon at Level 5 010526d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 10 010a26d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 15 010f26d1
Catch a Pokemon level 20 011426D1
Catch a Pokemon level 25 011926D1
Catch a Pokemon level 30 011E26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 35 012326D1
Catch a Pokemon level 40 012826D1
Catch a Pokemon level 45 012D26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 50 013226D1
Catch a Pokemon level 75 014B26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 100 016426D1
Catch a Pokemon level 150 019626D1
Catch a Pokemon level 190 01BE26D1
Catch Wild Gyarados 0116d7cf
Catch Wild Lapras 0113d7cf
Catch Wild Ditto 014cd7cf
Catch Wild Eevee 0166d7cf
Catch Wild Vaporeon 0169d7cf
Catch Wild Jolteon 0168d7cf
Catch Wild Flareon 0167d7cf
Catch Wild Porygon 01aad7cf
Catch Wild Omanytle 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omanyte 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omastar 0163d7cf
Catch Wild Majikarp 0185d7cf
Catch WIld Kabuto 015ad7cf
Catch Wild Kabutops 015bd7cf
Catch Wild Aerodactyl 01abd7cf
Catch WIld Snorlax 0184d7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonlee 012bd7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonchan 012cd7cf
Catch Wild Marowak 0191d7cf
Catch Wild Lickitung 010bd7cf
Catch WIld Koffing 0137d7cf
Catch WIld Weezing 018fd7cf
Catch Wild Rhyhorn 0112d7cf
Catch Wild Rhydon 0101d7cf
Catch Wild Chansey 0128d7cf
Catch Wild Tangela 011ed7cf
Catch Wild Kangaskhan 0102d7cf
Catch Wild Horsea 015cd7cf
Catch Wild Seadra 015dd7cf
Catch Wild Goldeen 019dd7cf
Catch Wild Seaking 019ed7cf
Catch Wild Staru 011bd7cf
Catch Wild Starmie 0198d7cf
Catch Wild Mr. Mime 012ad7cf
Catch Wild Scyther 011ad7cf
Catch WIld Jynx 0148d7cf
Catch Wild Electabuzz 0135d7cf
Catch WIld Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Pinsir 011dd7cf
Catch Wild Tauros 013cd7cf
Catch Wild Seel 013ad7cf
Catch Wild Drowzee 0130d7cf
Catch Wild Dewgong 0178d7cf
Catch Wild Grimer 010dd7cf
Catch Wild Muk 0188d7cf
Catch Wild Shellder 0117d7cf
Catch Wild Cloyster 018bd7cf
Catch Wild Gastly 0119d7cf
Catch Wild Haunter 0193d7cf
Catch Wild Krabby 014edd7cf
Catch Wild Gengar 010ed7cf
Catch Wild Onix 0122d7cf
Catch Wild Hypno 0181d7cf
Catch Wild Kinger 018ad7cf
Catch Wild Voltorb 0106d7cf
Catch WIld Electrode 018dd7cf
Catch Wild Exeggcute 010cd7cf
Catch WIld Exeggutor 010ad7cf
Catch Wild Cubone 0111d7cf
Catch Wild Slowbro 0108d7cf
Catch Wild Magnemite 01add7cf
Catch Wild Magneton 0136d7cf
Catch Wild Farfetch'd 0140d7cf
Catch Wild Doduo 0146d7cf
Catch Wild Dodrio 0174d7cf
Catch Wild Slowpoke 0125d7cf
Catch Wild Primeape 0175d7cf
Catch Wild Growlithe 0121d7cf
Catch Wild Arcanine 0114d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwag 0147d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwhirl 016ed7cf
Catch Wild Poliwrath 016fd7cf
Catch Wild Abra 0194d7cf
Catch Wild Kadabra 0126d7cf
Catch Wild Alakazam 0195d7cf
Catch Wild Machop 016ad7cf
Catch Wild Machoke 0129d7cf
Catch Wild Machamp 017ed7cf
Catch Wild Bellsprout 01bcd7cf
Catch Wild Weepinbell 01bdd7cf
Catch Wild Victreebell 01bed7cf
Catch Wild Mankey 0139d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacool 0118d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacruel 019bd7cf
Catch Wild Geodude 01a9d7cf
Catch Wild Graveler 0127d7cf
Catch Wild Golem 0131d7cf
Catch Wild Ponyta 01a3d7cf
Catch Wild Rapidash 01a4d7cf
Catch Wild Parasect 012ed7cf
Catch Wild Venonat 0141d7cf
Catch Wild Venamoth 0177d7cf
Catch Wild Diglett 013bd7cf
Catch Wild Dugtrio 0176d7cf
Catch Wild Meowth 014dd7cf
Catch Wild Persian 0190d7cf
Catch Wild Psyduck 012fd7cf
Catch Wild Golduck 0180d7cf
Catch Wild Vulpix 0152d7cf
Catch Wild Ninetales 0153d7cf
Catch Wild Jigglypuff 0164d7cf
Catch WIld Wigglypuff 0165d7cf
Catch Wild Zubat 016bd7cf
Catch Wild Golbat 0182d7cf
Catch Wild Oddish 01b9d7cf
Catch Wild Gloom 01bad7cf
Catch Wild Vileplume 01bbd7cf
Catch Wild Paras 016dd7cf
Catch Wild Clefable 018ed7cf
Catch Wild Butterfree 017dd7cf
Catch Wild Weedle 0170d7cf
Catch Wild Kakuna 0171d7cf
Catch Wild Beedrill 0172d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgey 0124d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeotto 0196d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeot 0197d7cf
Catch Wild Rattata 01a5d7cf
Catch Wild Raticate 01a6d7cf
Catch Wild Spearow 0105d7cf
Catch Wild Fearow 0123d7cf
Catch Wild Ekans 016cd7cf
Catch Wild Arbok 012dd7cf
Catch Wild Pikachu 0154d7cf
Catch Wild Raichu 0155d7cf
Catch Wild Sandshrew 0160d7cf
Catch Wild Sandslash 0161d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran 010fd7cf
Catch Wild Nidorina 01a8d7cf
Catch Wild NidoQueen 0110d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran (male) 0103d7cf
Caych Wild Nidorino (male) 01a7d7cf
Catch Wild NidoKing 0107d7cf
Catch Wild Clefairy 0104d7cf
Surfing Pikachu Unlock Sufing Pikachu without having to use Pokemon Stadium. Be sure to place Pikachu in the first position 013972d1 013973d1 013974d1 013975d1
Catch Wild Bulbasaur 0199d7cf
Catch Wild Ivysaur 0109d7cf
Catch Wild Venusaur 019ad7cf
Catch Wild Charmander 01b0d7cf
Catch Wid Charmeleon 01b2d7cf
Catch Wild Charizard 01b4d7cf
Catch Wild Squirtle 01b1d7cf
Catch Wild Wartortle 01b3d7cf
Catch Wild Blastoise 011cd7cf
Catch Wild Caterpie 017bd7cf
Catch Wild Metapod 017cd7cf
Flying Pikachu with Balloons 013f99d4
Surfing Pikachu 013973d1
Start with a Charizard 01B41ED1
Infinite PP (4th Position) 01282fd0
Enemy Can't Attack and Burned at Beginning of Match 0170e8cf
Infinite Money 019946d3 019947d3 019948d3
Have All Badges 01ff55d3
Protect Status 010017d0
Never Miss and Have More Criticals 01ffd5cf
No Random Battles 01033bd1
Infinite Casino Coins 0199a3d5 0199a4d5
Infinite Time (Safari Zone) 01f00dd7
Infinite Safari Balls 016446da
Float On Air 010a13d7
Pacific Pikachu 013972d1 015563d1 Get Master Ball in any markets for FREE: 01017ccf
Have All Badges 01ff55d3
Here's the one for 999 in every stat(including HP):
codes for red and blue 01xxD8CF Will let you pick the Pok*mon you want to fight and capture anytime. Change the xx to a number from the list. This code will cause you to always fight the same Pokemon. Sometimes the picture of the pok*mon will be messed up, but you can still get it without problems later on.

99 Bulbasaur 001
09 Ivysaur 002
9A Venusaur 003
B0 Charmander 004
B2 Charmeleon 005
B4 Charizard 006
B1 Squirtle 007
B3 Wartortle 008
1C Blastoise 009
7B Caterpie 010
7C Metapod 011
7D Butterfree 012
70 Weedle 013
71 Kakuna 014
72 Beedrill 015
24 Pidgey 016
96 Pidgeotto 017
97 Pidgeot 018
A5 Rattata 019
A6 Raticate 020
05 Spearow 021
23 Fearow 022
6C Ekans 023
2D Arbok 024
54 Pikachu 025
55 Raichu 026
60 Sandshrew 027
61 Sandslash 028
0F Nidoran (female) 027
A8 Nindorina 030
10 NidoQueen 031
03 Nidoran(male) 032
A7 Nindorino 033
07 NidoKing 034
04 Clefairy 035
8E Clefable 036
52 Vulpix 037
53 Ninetales 038
64 Jigglypuff 039
65 Wigglypuff 040
6B Zubat 041
82 Golbat 042
B9 Oddish 043
BA Gloom 044
BB Vileplume 045
6D Paras 046
2E Parasect 047
41 Venonat 048
77 Venomoth 049
3B Diglett 050
76 Dugtrio 051
4D Meowth 052
90 Persian 053
2F Psyduck 054
80 Goldduck 055
39 Mankey 056
75 Primeape 057
21 Growlithe 058
14 Arcanine 059
47 Poliwag 060
6E Poliwhirl 061
6F Poliwrath 062
94 Abra 063
26 Kadabra 064
95 Alakazam 065
6A Machop 066
29 Machoke 067
7E Machamp 068
BC Bellsprout 069
BD Weepinbell 070
BE Victreebell 071
18 Tentacool 072
9B Tentacruel 073
A9 Geodude 074
27 Graveler 075
31 Golem 076
A3 Ponyta 077
A4 Rapidash 078
25 Slowpoke 079
08 Slobro 080
AD Magnemite 081
36 Magneton 082
40 Farfetch'd 083
46 Doduo 084
74 Dodrio 085
3A Seel 086
78 Dewgong 087
0D Grimer 088
88 Muk 089
17 Shellder 090
8B Cloyster 091
19 Gastly 092
93 Haunter 093
0E Gengar 094
22 Onix 095
30 Drowzee 096
81 Hypno 097
4E Krabby 098
8A Kingler 099
06 Voltorb 100
8D Electrode 101
0C Exeggcute 102
0A Exeggutor 103
11 Cubone 104
91 Marowak 105
2B Hitmonlee 106
2C Hitmonchan 107
0B Lickitung 108
37 Koffing 109
8F Weezing 110
12 Rhyhorn 111
01 Rhydon 112
28 Chansey 113
1E Tangela 114
02 Kangaskhan 115
5C Horsea 116
5D Seadra 117
9D Goldeen 118
9E Seaking 119
1B Staryu 120
98 Starmie 121
2A Mr. Mime 122
1A Scyther 123
48 Jynx 124
35 Electabuzz 125
33 Magmar 126
1D Pinsir 127
3C Tauros 128
85 Magikarp 129
16 Gyarados 130
13 Lapras 131
4C Ditto 132
66 Eevee 133
69 Vaporeon 134
68 Jolteon 135
67 Flareon 136
AA Porygon 137
62 Omanvste 138
63 Omastar 139
5A kabuto 140
5B Kabutops 141
AB Aerodactyl 142
84 Snorlax 143
4A Articuro 144
4B Zapdos 145
49 Moltres 146
58 Dratini 147
59 Dragonair 148
42 Dragonite 149
83 Mewtwo 150
15 Mew 151

Have All Badges 01FF56D3

Capture Other Trainer's Pokemon 010157D0

Ghost Mode/Walk Through Walls 014501C2

Buzz Music 01A114FF

Egypt Music 01A634FF

Off Key Music 01A714FF

Hero Is Invisible 01FF83FF

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