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TMs and HMs for gold and silver
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red blue and yellow walkthrough
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Hit pikachu!!
Battle for the thunderbadge
1. cut
2. fly
3. surf
4. strength
5. flash
6. whirl pool
7. waterfall
1. Explosion punch
3. Curse
4. Roll
5. Bark
6. Toxic
7. Electric current
8. Rock smash
9. Self hypnosis
10. Awakening Power
11. Clear Japanese weather
12. Sweet smell
13. Snore
14. Blizzard
15. Hyper Beam
16. Freezing wind
17. Defend
18. Rain Dance
19. Giga drain
20. To bear Burnt
21. Outburst of anger
22. Solar beam
23. Iron tail
24. Dragons breath
25. Thunder
26. Earthquake
27. Returning the favor
28. Dig
29. Psychic
30. Shadow ball
31. Mud cover
32. Substitute
33. Ice punch
34. Proudness
35. Sleeping roll
36. Petrol explosion
37. Sandstorm
38. Fire blast
39. Swift
40. Harden
41. Thunderpunch
42. Dream eater
43. Abandon
44. Sleep
45. Loveylovey
46. Robber
47. Steel wings
48. Fire punch
49. Rapid cut
50. Nightmare
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