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--i wanna be his part-time girl

*12.25.04*--Merry Christmas everyone...
*11.17.04*--new picture page added...two months without shawn...ew...
*11.13.04*--new page, PLUNGE LIVE!, stuff from plunge, new picutres on recent pics of me..added a few new tattoo pictures....
*11.12.04*--new picture of me in recent pictures, and new page made for my plant, BONE...
*11.08.04*--six years, if only!...
*10.23.04*--new pictures of me added...in recent pictures page...
*09.17.04*--relationship with shawn...OVER!!...

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its the first time ive ever felt this lonely
wish someone would cure this pain
its funny when u think its gonna work out
until you chose dope over me
youre so lame
i thought you were cool until the point
up until the point you didnt call me
when you said you would
finally figured out youre all the same
always coming up with some kind of story
everytime i try to make you smile
youre always feeling sorry for yourself
everytime i try to make you laugh
you think youre too tough
you think youre loveless
is that too much that im asking for
thought youd come around when i ignored you
sorta thought youd have the decenay to change
but babe i guess you didnt take warning
cause im not about to look at your face again
cant you see that you lie to yourself
you cant see the world through a mirror
it wont be too late when the smoke clears
cause i am still here


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all poetry is mine. dont try to take it. dont try to link it to shit. its all my words from the back of my complex mind. get your own complex, issue-filled mind and make your own. be original. i appreciate the fact that people read my work. but dont disrespect my shit.

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