+~+Drusilla's Stats+~+

Drusilla's Roleplaying Archives:

+~+Biology 101+~+
+~+Educating the Masses+~+
+~+Dance Puppets Dance!+~+
+~+No Apologies+~+
+~+Virgin State of Mind+~+
+~+Happy New Year+~+
+~+Confessions to a Massage Therapist+~+
+~+When in Greece+~+
+~+Boys and Their Toys+~+
+~+Mission Not Impossible+~+
+~+To My Critics+~+
+~+A Deal with the Devil+~+
+~+Leading Us Along+~+
+~+What Lurks in the Darkness?+~+
+~+Wrong Move+~+
+~+A Cold Stare+~+

Drusilla's Soundtrack:

Theme Music:
When I am Queen by: Jack off Jill

RP Muisc:

1. Lecher Bitch by: The Genitorturers
2. Coming Undone by: Korn
3. Gingerbread Coffin by: Rasputina
4. Dig Ophelia by: Rasputina
5. Transylvanian Concubine by: Rasputina
6. Dunde by: Delerium
7. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by: A Perfect Circle
8. Virgin State of Mind by: K's Choice
9. Greece By Night
10.Would by: Alice in Chains
11.Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) By: Chevelle
12.Mission Impossible - Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack
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