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October 9 2008


Still adding more goodies, new stories and finally the photos. If you can't access something, please let me know and I'll try to get it posted ASAP. I hope everyone that visits enjoys it and the all stories contained herein. Thanks go out, as always, to Lisa (for lots and lots!), Kathy (for always yelling and motivating me!), Chellie (for her help on the pics!), Rho (for understanding), Heidi (for the encouragement and help), the crew from the Over30 and Extreme lists, Becky for the beta reading and all the people who have told me how much they enjoy my writing. I appreciate your words deeply and more than you can ever imagine. Feel free to send feedback via the guestbook or email at [email protected]

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DISCLAIMER: All the stories contained herein are works of fiction and my over-active imagination. Although the characters may occasionally carry the names of real people, no similarity is implied or intended.

The Chapter Stories

Just To See Her

Nick's life is changed forever after a horrifying accident. Can anyone save him?


Tell Me Why

My first story!

Nick and Kevin fight for their lives and the love of the same woman.


For Better or Worse

Nick's new love joins him on tour and finds herself in for some surprises and hard choices.

**In Progress**

Dried Up Tears

A HIGHLY fictionalized account of Nick's and the group's early years.

Contains disturbing elements, please use caution and read the disclaimer before reading the story.



Two Lives, One Heart

Nick finds himself involved in an abusive relationship until a new friendship opens his eyes to the true meaning of love.


Love Above All

A sequel to Two Lives, One Heart.


Ghost of You and Me

A sequel to Just to See Her. Nick and Kathy are drifting apart.

**In Progress**

A Father's Love

Nick finds out he's a father, in a most surprising way.

**In Progress**

Gonna Get Close to You

Nick is kidnapped by an unknown stalker. Loosely based on the song of the same name by Lisa Dal Bello.



Chapters 1 - 8 posted March 16, 2008

The Short Stories

Who Am I?

A cute story about Nick and his confused identity.

Photography 101

A photographer gets the assignment of a lifetime

When Fate Smiles (Visual) **updated May 8 2005**

Nick is enchanted by a stranger in a restaurant...or is she?

Grammy Night

Just a cute little, sappy sweet story...LOL

He Had To Die **updated May 8 2005**

Who would want to kill Nick Carter? And why?

For Her Love **updated May 8 2005**

Inspired by a challenge from Nancy. Nick has to deal with losing the love of his life.

Turn About is Fair Play **updated May 8 2005**

Howie has had it with Nick's practical jokes and it's time for payback!

Closing Time **updated May 9 2005**

Inspired by a challenge on the Over 30 list. Nick's trapped in a department story with a hoard of screaming fans on the outside and a non fan on the inside.

Guess What I Did? **updated May 8 2005**

Nick and his friends went to Vegas and all he got his girlfriend was......

The Last Show **updated May 8 2005 **

Another of Nancy's challenges. Nick is threatened by a hostile fan letter.

Group Meeting **updated May 8 2005**

A bad meeting leads to a good meeting at home.

Something So Strong

Not really a AU story, the characters both do what they do in real life, but this one is stretching the imagination a bit. Starring Nick Carter and Jake Gyllenhaal *swoon* and written by myself and Chellie


Another vignette in the Nick and Jake saga

The Visuals

A Backstreet Sandwich, Anyone?

Nick and Kevin need to unwind after another grueling concert...

The Player

She was looking to get away, for a haven in the storm...

an alternate universe short story

Stress Relief

Poor Nick, perform a concert or perform with his girlfriend? How to choose?

Truck Driving Man

A lonely trucker encounters a helpless fellow driver. What's a guy to do?

an alternate universe short story

I Need You Tonight

A rookie cop encounters murder for the first time and gets through it with the love of his life

an alternate universe short story

Menage a Trois

Nick and AJ? In the garage?

The Mark and Chelsie Stories

I became quite fond of dancer Mark Kanemura during Season Four of So You Think You Can Dance and, naturally, my imagination ran wild. Enjoy!

Hold Me

short story - Mark and Chelsie feel left out.

Want And Need

Short story. From a writing challenge - Chelsie tries to convince Mark he wants what she is trying to offer him.

The Dance

Based on the song of the same name by Charlotte Martin

Last Phone Call

Two part short story. Originated from a writing challenge that asked "What would you do if you only had time to make one last phone call?". Of course, I had to take it a bit beyond that. Warning - character death.

Please Don't Leave Me

Just a dark, little moment in time that was eating at my brain. Not necessarily Mark and Chelsie...

To Be With You

Companion chapter story to Last Phone Call. Chelsie struggles to deal with memories of Mark.

Reversal of Fortune

Prologue and Chapter 1 posted

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