Guess What I Did?

"Elena, baby, come see what I did over the weekend!"

Nick shut the front door of Elena's apartment with a slam and bounded through the small rooms to the kitchen.

"Elena? Where are you?"

Upstairs, Elena was sitting at her computer, covering her face with her hands and trying not to groan out loud. She'd been reading the internet all day, getting the news from a few select lists and message boards. She hoped to God that what they were reporting he gotten done, was NOT what he had to show her. She knew him well enough to know that he wouldn't do that. Would he?

Nick and Elena had been dating for several months now, unbeknownst to his hordes of fans. He had met her at the mall, of all places, while shopping for earrings, of all things. She had suggested some that would look good on him and he asked her out for a drink. He'd been pleasantly surprised to find out later that night that she was quite a bit older than him, and only had a slight idea of what he did for a living. Nick was intrigued when she wouldn't let him sleep over the first night, or the second. Most girls jumped right into bed with him, no questions asked. Elena made him wait three weeks. Now, five months later, he was living in her apartment while he was working in LA, just enjoying being a normal person and doing normal things. And doing it all with a woman he thought he might be falling in love with.

"Elena?" Nick popped his head through the bedroom door. "There you are! I'm back from Vegas, baby!"

He leaned over and encircled her with his arms, brushing his lips across her forehead.

"I missed you."

Elena tilted her head up and returned his kiss. "I missed you too. How did the male bonding weekend go?"

Nick flopped down on the bed and giggled. "My dad and my friends are some insane assholes when they get drinking, I tell ya!"

"Oh yeah? And you're not?" Elena tried to keep her face calm, she didn't want to make him aware that she might already know what they had been doing. "What did you guys get up to?"

"Shit...about 5 cases of beer a night, maybe more! A new weekend record!" Nick giggled again. "Seriously baby, let me show you what I got done in Vegas." His fingers curled under the hem of his t-shirt and he lifted it slightly.

"You didn't!"

"Didn't what? I haven't shown you anything yet!" Nick continued lifting his shirt, slowly, before finally pulling it off and tossing it to the floor.

"What do you think?"

Elena stood rooted to the floor, her mouth hanging open, she was sure.

"Elena, you like?" Nick gestured to the gold rings dangling from his bare chest.

"I can't believe you actually did it. I can't believe it's true!"

"You knew? Who told you?" Nick almost sounded sad that his surprise had been ruined.

"It's all over the internet. You showed someone apparently." Elena crossed her arms over her chest and turned away from him, she couldn't look at him. "Pages and pages. "Nick Carter got his nipples pierced!"

"Shit. I'm sorry you had to find out that way. I should have known better." Nick stood and walked over to her, hugging her from behind. "But...what do you think? Do you like them?"

Elena shuddered. "Did it hurt?"

"Hell yeah! But after the first little bit, it was just, like, the best feeling in the world."

Elena rolled her eyes. Trust her to find a boyfriend that got off on pain.

"So?" Nick turned her around to face him and looked into her eyes. "Your opinion?"

Elena pulled herself away and sat on the edge of the bed. "I don't...I...I don't really like it, Nick. It's just..." She shrugged her shoulders.

"But baby, I got it done for you, for us. You'll love it, when we're in bed..." Nick leaned in close and nipped on her neck, making her jump.

"I don't find it sexy at all Nick, I'm sorry."

"Here, trust me, just try this. Close your eyes." Nick instructed.

"Nick, please!" Elena grumbled, but compiled and let her eyelids drop shut.

Nick took her hands and placed them on his chest. Her fingers walked a little and then recoiled when they came in contact with the metal hoops. She shuddered again as her eyes flew open.

"It...they feel weird, Nick, I don't like them." Elena frowned.

"You're not trusting me. Close your eyes again."

Elena sighed, but shut her eyes once more. She let out a soft moan as Nick's hands traveled slowly up her sides and then back down. As they traveled upwards once more, her shirt went with them. She quivered as the cool air hit her bare skin and then moaned louder as Nick's lips rained kisses on her shoulders. His fingers fumbled with her bra strap. Nick let out a curse when it finally released.

"Keep your eyes shut and lay down, okay?" Nick ordered.

Elena did as she was told and awaited his next movements.

"Now just feel."

The mattress dipped under Nicks weight as he crawled towards her on his knees. He shifted her legs apart and settled in between, smiling as she groaned at his touch. Nick lowered his chest to hers and growled at the skin to skin contact. It felt electric. Their slightly, sweaty skin made the rings stick and pull with any slight movement and the erotic sensations flooded him, just like he knew they would. Nick shifted up so that his chest was even with hers, the rings balancing on her nipples, he undulated and smirked when she writhed in pleasure.

"See...not so bad, are they?"

Elena gazed up at him. "Do they really feel good?" Before he could answer, Elena pushed him down on his back and climbed on his thighs. The tips of her fingers grasped the tiny rings and gave a small tug. "You really like that?" Nick's back arched as he groaned loudly in ecstasy as a response. Elena raised an eyebrow and grinned wickedly. She lowered herself and laved his navel with her tongue, before she started a trail leading up to his nipples.

"Oh God, Elena! I spent all weekend imagining the feel of your lips, your tongue, your teeth, pulling, sucking..." Nick let out a loud hiss as Elena prodded his right nipple with the tip of her tongue.

"Pull on it." he moaned.

Elena obeyed, drawing the ring in her teeth and tugging gently. Nick's hands clamped onto the side of her head and held her there as he growled in painful pleasure. Her tongue lapped the tender area in circles before she switched to the left side and gave it the same treatment.

"Shit baby, Elena, I need to..." Nick stood to shed his shorts and boxers before resting once more in between her legs. Elena willing lifted her bottom to aid him in removing her offending jeans and panties.

"You don't have any more piercing surprises for me, do you?" She asked with a playful pinch to his thigh.

"I think if I did it would be very noticeable right about now. Shit, I can't wait, you've got me too...." Nick words turned into incoherent rambling as he thrust into her warmth, almost pulling out and then thrusting forcefully in again. Elena wrapped her legs around his back, holding him closer to her, knowing he wouldn't last much longer. Their bodies moved as if in a well choreographed, erotic dance, each knowing where to touch the other to bring the most sensation and reaction. Elena felt Nick swell within her just before she traced a circle around his tender nipple with her fingernail.

"God damn!" Nick screamed as he reached his orgasm, the most mind blowing one he could remember.

"So what do you think of them now?" Nick asked, as he and Elena snuggled together, basking in the afterglow of their tryst.

"Best foreplay we've had in a long time!" she teased. "I think I can get used to them."

"I knew you could!"

They were both quiet, almost asleep, when Nick burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"I'm just picturing Mom's face when she finds out what Dad can do with his piercing!"

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