Menage a Trois

Brian pulled his car in the drive at AJ's house. He parked the black BMW neatly behind Nick's blue Mercedes and chuckled softly to himself. It had been a long time since just the guys had gotten together. Why AJ had come up with the idea for a picnic, Brian wasn't sure. Wasn't really an AJ thing to think of, but he wasn't arguing. This would be fun, and relaxing, just what they all needed before the tour got underway again. Brian dropped his keys into his jacket pocket and grabbed the bags full of burgers and snacks from the front seat. AJ had said there was plenty but they all knew how much Nick could pack away. He smiled as he climbed the few steps at the door and pushed the doorbell in firmly.

The bell reverberated through the house and Brian waited patiently for the door to open and one of the little fluffballs AJ called dogs to clamor around his heels. After a few moments he pushed the bell again, twice in a row. Five minutes with no answer. He knew they were here somewhere. Nick's car was here, AJ's car was here, he could see it through the small window in the garage door. Brian tried the door and cursed when the locked door offered resistance. He picked up the grocery bags and moved around to the back of the house, maybe they were in the pool. God knew, Nick couldn't be away from water too long.

Brian looked around the yard in confusion. No one in the pool, no one in the yard, no voices, nothing. He dropped the groceries on the patio table and tried the sliding glass door. Also locked. "Is this one of your damn games Nick? Aren't we all a little old for hide and seek?" Brian put his hands on his hips and turned slowly, expecting to hear muffled giggles or see a bush shaking, trying to keep his opponents hidden. Suddenly he did hear voices, from the far shed, he thought. Brian walked to the building quietly, hoping to surprise them.

"Damn J, I knew it was big, but damn!" Nick's voice was grudgingly admiring.

"Well, I know it's not as big as yours, but still pretty damn impressive, if I say so myself!"

Typical AJ. Brian strained to see through the windows, but he wasn't quite tall enough. He decided to stay hidden for the time being.

"So let's do it."

"I don't know J, I think we should wait..."

"Nick, you know you want to, come on!"


There was silence for a moment and then Brian heard a blissful sigh.

"Damn J!"

Brian's eyes opened wide in shock, what was going on in there between two of his best friends? He put his ear to the door and grimaced at the grunts and groans coming from within. Nick and AJ? Together? It wasn't possible was it?

"Okay, J, stop!" Nick's breath was was ragged, like he had been panting, out of breath. "Let me rest for a minute."

"We can't stop once we've started, Junior."

Silence and then Brian heard a loud clang.

"Ow! Shit AJ! That hurt!"

"Sorry man, let's switch okay?"

Brian was disgusted yet he couldn't pull himself away.

"That better?"

"Much thank you."

"It doesn't go there Junior."

"I know where it goes, AJ, I'm not that stupid."

"Ow! Dammit! It's too big Nick! Take it out! Take it out before you break something!"

AJ howled and then it was quiet again. "That's better Junior, now you've got it."

"Well it is the first time I've done this, but I knew I could figure it out." Nick said proudly.

"I would say you got it figured out!" AJ cackled.

"So who did you do this with before?" Nick murmured. "You're pretty good at it."

"Well Howie and Kevin for starters. My uncle, my dad, hmmm, lot's of people, more than you would think."

Brian's mouth dropped open. He had to get out of here. He would never be able to face them now. Not after all this. He turned to go.

"That's it AJ, we got it! Yeah!" Nick's hollering carried clearly across the yard.

"What's he so excited about?" Brian jumped and turned to face his cousin.

"Oh Kevin! AJ and Nick are....they are...oh's so wrong!" Brian struggled with the words.

The door opened and AJ and Nick emerged, sweaty and disheveled from the shed."Hey guys, when did you get here?" AJ clasped Kevin's hand and Nick went to hug Brian, but he dodged aside.

"What's up Bri, you look like you saw a ghost?" Nick studied him curiously, something was clearly bothering his friend.

"He thinks you and AJ were up to something in the shed. He said it was so wrong." Kevin said casually, dropping into a chair and ripping open a bag of pretzels. "What's going on?"

"So wrong?" Nick grabbed the bag and shoveled some of the pretzels into his mouth. "We weren't doing anything wrong!" Crumbs flew from his lips with his pronouncement.

"What did you hear Brian?" AJ narrowed his eyes and looked Brian up and down.

Brian wrung his hands and lowered his head to the table. "Grunting, moaning, Nick was saying it hurt, that it was his first time." Nick and AJ exchanged glances, trying to hold in their laughter. "AJ you said you've done it with lots of people! Your own father! How could you!" AJ banged his hand on the table and howled. Nick fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard. Brian looked up. "It's not funny guys, what if the media gets ahold of this? I don't care personally, but..." Neither Nick nor AJ could speak, their laughter continuing unbarred.

"C'mon guys. Fess up!" Kevin ordered. "Brian is really spooked here." "C'mon!"

Nick wiped his eyes and took a deep breath. "We'll show you."

"I don't want to see!" Brian said, horrified. Kevin took his arm and pulled him after Nick and AJ. "I don't want to watch them Kevin! Are you nuts!" Brian protested.

Kevin pulled Brian through the door and started laughing himself. "You guys are nuts!" Brian muttered, keeping his eyes covered.

"Look Brian!" Kevin urged. "Just look!" Brian lowered his hands slowly and then looked at his friends. Nick and AJ were standing proudly in front of a huge, gleaming new barbeque.

"We built it this afternoon. I just bought it last night." AJ informed him. "I've helped lots of people build theirs and Nick wanted to help me."

"It was my first time!" Nick managed to gasp out before he started uncontrollably giggling again.

"You built a barbecue?" Brian felt his face turn red. "I'm so sorry guys." He was beyond embarrassed.

"No harm done, Bri." AJ flung his arm around his shoulders. "Just remember, I'll help you with your first time too!"

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