~~~~The Player~~~~

Rebecca looked around at the entrance of the arcade. "This seems like a cool place. Anywhere to get out of the rain!" She hitched her purse over her shoulder and walked in, looking around at the flashing lights and the, mostly young, crowd.

"Excuse me, you must purchase a game pass, before you can go any further."

The young man looked her up and down, Rebecca knew, even though she was dressed in a simple t-shirt and skirt, that she didn't look like she belonged.

"I just wanted to get out of the rain." she explained patiently.

"I don't care, if you want to come in further you need a pass." The man handed her a brochure listing the prices.

"Damn it!" Rebecca cursed as she scanned the list for the cheapest possible price. "Do you have pinball in here?" she asked, as she handed the money over.

"Several machines, over there in the corner." He pointed and turned away from her.

Rebecca walked over to the corner and dropped her purse down on a machine. Rummaging through her wallet, she realized she had given all her change to get in. "Shit!" she cursed again.

"What's the problem?"

Rebecca jumped at the sound of the voice, she could have sworn there was no one else here when she walked over. "Oh, you scared me!" She looked the owner of the voice over. Tall, about 6'2", blonde, nice build, not buff, but still very nice, tattoos decorating his arms, a cocky grin, slight stubble on his chin and the sexiest blue eyes she had ever seen. "Oh, um, I, um..." Rebecca stopped herself and took a deep breath. "I gave all my change at the door."

He laughed and his eyes almost sparkled. "There's change machines all over this place!"

"I've never been to a place like this before." she confessed. She could see the question on his face, the arched eyebrow, the full lips... She shook her head to clear it of the thoughts running through it. "I came in to get out of the rain, I was walking and there's no where else around. Mr. Mafia Junior insisted I had to pay to get in."

He laughed again. "Good enough reason, I guess! I'm here all the time. My name is Nick." He held out his large hand and Rebecca placed hers on top of it.

"I'm Rebecca, nice to meet you." His hand was so warm and the skin so smooth. Rebecca knew she must have let out a small moan when he looked at her quizzically again.

"You alright?"

"I'm... I'm fine... yes, I'm fine." she stammered.

"You play pinball?" he asked, with a crooked smile on his face.

"All the time." she replied confidently, not telling him that the last time she played was about 10 years before.

"I'll challenge you!" He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at her. "Pick your machine!"

She waved her wallet at him. "No change, remember?"

"Oh yeah, over here."

Rebecca turned and walked to the change machine he had pointed out. She could feel his eyes on her, watching her as she walked.

She returned with a handful of change. "Alright, pick your poison, high score wins."

Nick rubbed his hands together happily. It had been awhile since someone wanted to play pinball with him, all his friends were into the high tech games. He was too, but he liked the simplicity of a good pinball game every now and then. "How about a warm-up game, first?"

Rebecca looked the games over. "I'll take this one."

He looked over at it. "I love that one!" He leaned against the machine beside hers. "Will you be nervous if I watch?"

She looked over at him, his long legs crossed at the ankle, arms still folded and those blue eyes scanning her all over. No, she wouldn't be nervous. Not at all. Rebecca took a deep breath and pushed the quarters into the slot. The ball popped up and she pulled the release lever back to set the ball in motion. Expertly, she hit the paddles to keep the ball in play.

Nick watched her, her face concentrating on the game, her body moving against the machine in reaction to the games movements. He licked his lips and moved behind her. Rebecca started when she felt his hands on her hips, but she kept playing. "You're really good." He whispered into her ear. "I don't know if I could beat you." She felt his hands run over her hips and up to her breasts, touching them gently and then moving to her shoulders. "You're very beautiful." His lips touched her ear and Rebecca's knees buckled. The ball passed through the forgotten paddles easily. "Go again." Nick urged her. "Still two balls left." Rebecca turned her head to look at him and he was grinning sexily down at her. "You know what you can do with two balls, right?" She stared at him in amazement. "Go on." He turned her around and pulled the lever back. His hands returned to her hips and she tried to concentrate on the game. She could feel his growing arousal against her back and she knew she might lose the pinball game but maybe win something better.

"Let me help you." He placed his head on her shoulder and his arms circled her waist. "You've lost your concentration." He guided the ball through the game, his body moving against hers, letting the ball drop after a few minutes in play. "One left." he whispered to her. The tip of his tongue probed her earlobe and then the side of her neck. Rebecca moaned with desire and turned to face him. "Forget it." "I was hoping you would say that." Nick lifted her up and sat her on the pinball machine. He gently tugged at her shirt. "Not here!" "Why not? What time is it?" Rebecca glanced at her watch. "1:15 am, why?" Nick looked up at the ceiling. "The lights should be going out right about..." He waited a few seconds. "...Now" As if timed, the lights dimmed and someone yelled out, "Night boss, everyone's gone and the front is all locked." "Thanks Jake." Nick hollered back "You own this place?" Rebecca asked in surprise. "Yup, all mine, now where were we?" Nick leaned over her, kissing her face and neck. His tongue ran circles around the bit of exposed skin of her collarbone. Rebecca returned the kisses with equal passion, smiling as he moaned when her tongue snaked across his adams apple. His large hands pushed her shirt up and off of her. He fumbled with the clasp of her bra, finally undoing it and tossing it aside. His head immediately dropped to her breasts and Rebecca lay back on the machine, back arched in desire. Nick lifted his head to stare at her for a moment. The neon lights of the games colorfully glowing on her skin "Oh, you are so beautiful." Nick sighed, dipping his head down again, his tongue doing wonderful things to her nipples. Rebecca's fingers entwined in his soft blonde hair, holding him close to her.

Keeping his mouth on her nipple, his hands lifted her bottom up to remove her skirt. Nick moaned loudly as she kicked it to the floor. The vibrations from his mouth made her shudder. He moved his hand to her center and moaned as he dipped his fingers into her. She was wearing nothing underneath and she was very wet. "Oh my God." he moaned again. She stopped him from sinking to his knees and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. She ran her hands over his chest and touched her tongue to the sun tattoo on his shoulder. She felt him shaking. She moved her mouth to his nipples, gently tugging on them, teasing him. He was whimpering quietly, eyes closed in ecstasy. "Please, let me..." he murmured. Rebecca released him and he fell to his knees. "I'm gonna make you so crazy." he murmured again, drawing his tongue up and down her inner thigh, his fingers pulsing gently in and out of her. Rebecca groaned lightly and slightly moved her legs further apart. He lavished kisses all over her thighs and stomach before sliding his tongue along her clit. She sat bolt upright and pushed his head closer to her. "Oh Nick, that's it, yes!" she cried out. He gently nipped at her tender folds, kissing and licking her into a mad frenzy. He inserted the tip of his tongue into her and he could feel her shuddering against it as she rode her orgasm to it's peak. Rebecca slid off the machine and into his arms. "Your turn." she whispered. Nick climbed onto the machine, laughing when it creaked under his weight. "Good thing I don't think I will last very long!" he smiled. Rebecca removed his jeans and boxers slowly, grinning in delight as his rock hard cock was exposed. She bent down and licked the precum that had gathered at the tip. Nick groaned in ecstacy. She looked up at him, his head was tossed back, eyes closed and pure lust written over every inch of his face. Rebecca returned her attention to his cock, holding it gently and licking it from top to bottom. "Oh yeah!" He ran one hand through her hair. "Suck me Becca." She wrapped her arms around his hips and took all of him in her mouth. True to his word, he didn't last very long. As soon as he felt her warm mouth on him, he could feel his orgasm building quickly. He thrust himself into her mouth. "Oh yeah, that's it, I'm cumming Becca!" His fingers curled into her hair, holding her tightly. She held him in her mouth, taking all he had to offer, until his motions subsided.

He moved off the machine and pulled her up, wrapping her in his arms. "Wow." he said softly, brushing her dark hair out of her eyes. "You are fantastic." He turned and placed her on the machine again. "How can I ever thank you?" Rebecca sucked on his neck, gently biting, then sucking again. He groaned loudly and leaned heavily against her. "There is one thing." she sighed, as she ran her hands down to his ass and squeezed gently. He let her go and bent down suddenly. "Does it involve this?" He held out his hand to her and she nodded, seeing the wrapped condom he offered her. He quickly ripped the paper off and slid the condom on himself, before gathering her in his arms again. His lips crushed hers and she let herself relax into him. He lifted her closer to the edge of the machine, laying her down before placing himself in front of her. "Are you ready?" She could only nod and grab at him, pulling him closer, willing him to enter her. He thrust himself all the way into her and stood still while she got adjusted to his size. As soon as he began to enter her, she arched up into him. God he was huge! He started moving in and out of her slowly and Rebecca hooked her legs around his waist, holding him tight. Their movements became more frenetic as their passion grew. Rebecca thrust her hips towards him, meeting him as he thrust into her. Nick could feel her inner muscles clenching at him, bringing him close. "Oh God Becca!" he yelled. Rebecca lay back, but still arched against this amazing person doing these incredible things to her. "Nick, I'm cumming, oh God, yes!" He pushed into her again and felt her orgasm wash over her. "I'm almost there!" Rebecca was still writhing underneath him, helping him find release. One final thrust and she felt him explode as he collapsed against her.

Rebecca lay and threaded her fingers through his sweat soaked hair as he rested his head on her chest. "Thank you." "No, thank you." Nick lifted himself up to gaze at her. "So why were you out in the rain at 1am?" "Just going anywhere. My husband is a jerk." She sat up and pulled Nick into her embrace again. "You're married?" he asked, softly. "Not anymore, I've left him, my car is loaded up with all my stuff, but it died. That's why I was walking." He looked at her, tears running down her face. "Do you have anywhere to stay?" She shook her head slowly as he wiped her tears away. "Well, I happen to need an assistant here, someone to look after the books, among other things. You could stay with me." Rebecca couldn't believe her ears. "Nick, I can't ask you to do that for me. What you've done tonight is more than enough. I feel alive again." Nick lifted her off the pinball game and held her close to him. "I want you to stay, please stay. I would never hurt you." Rebecca could see the sincerity in his eyes and she nodded her head. She knew it was crazy to even think of starting a relationship again, but there was something about him. "I'll give it a try." she agreeed. Nick flashed a gorgeous smile down at her. "You'll never regret it." he promised, as his lips captured hers once again.

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