Turn About is Fair Play

"That's it. I'm gonna kill him! Where's the little blond fucker?"

The short latino man stormed through the noisy crowd on the dance floor over to the table where his three friends were sitting.

"What's the problem, Howie?" Kevin, cocked his eyebrow at his friend, a grin playing across his face.

"That little shit..." Howie sputtered out and then cursed a string of not happy sounding words in spanish.

"What did Nick do now?" AJ chuckled and ducked as Howie swung his fist towards his head.

"That little....freak...that girl he set me up with over there? She's a man!"

"What?" AJ nearly joked on the juice he was sipping in his effort not to laugh.

"A fucking man. That 'hot, beautiful lady' Nick was telling me was so hot for me is a fucking man!"

"So was he hot for you?" Kevin was the next to duck as Howie fist flew out again.

"I've got to get him back. I've got to do something. He's always shitting me somehow."

"When he's done here tonight, he'll most likely be so shit-faced he'll be talking to the walls.", Kevin pointed out. "If you could think of something...."

"We might be able to help you out." Brian finished Kevins sentence, speaking up for the first time in the conversation. "And I just had a brilliant idea."


"God! I can't...who put that pole there...it wasn't there early, earlier!"

After another two hours in the club Nick was indeed totally drunk. After letting him stumble around for a bit, Kevin and AJ were supporting him on either side, helping him up to his hotel room.

"I love you Kevin, you know that? I love you." Nick aimed his lips at Kevins cheek, but ended up giving him a sloppy peck on the earlobe."

"Yes, Nick. I know." Kevin sighed and regained his grip on the younger mans arm. They were all used to how sappy and sentimental Nick got when he had too much to drink.

"You're always helpin' me. You too AJ. I love you." AJ managed to bob out of the way of another incoming smooch.

"Here we are, big boy." Brian pulled Nicks room card out of his pocket and held the door as the three others tumbled in. "Your room."

"My room? I'm not tired. AJ, stay and talk to me. Stay with Nicky." Nick grabbed AJs cheeks and attempted to pinch them.

"No man, you're wasted. Time for bed."

AJ and Kevin pushed Nick backwards onto the king size bed.

"Good night Nicky." The three men chorused.

"Night Nicky." Nick mumbled and promptly fell asleep.


"Oh my God!"

Nick sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes roughly.

"What the hell time is it? My head is pounding so fucking much!"

After grabbing the alarm clock and holding it up to his face and sighing at the time once the glowing red numbers registered in his brain, Nick flopped back down into the pillows.

"I hope I had fun last night, would make some of this pain worth it." he mumbled to himself.

"Well I know I had fun!"

Nick froze at the sound of the voice coming from beside him in the bed. A male voice. He turned his head slowly, making eye contact with the owner of the voice.

"No fucking way!" Nick leaped out of the bed, pulling a blanket with him to cover his nakedness as he did so. "No..no way. I'm straight."

"Not last night honey. You were bent in all sorts of ways." The man in the bed sat up and grinned at him.

"Jesus!" Nick screwed his face up in disgust. "No, I'm fucking straight. I could not have....even drunk."

"You did."

"I'm straight. I don't screw men!" Nick was frantically trying to remember any event from the last night, anything that might explain this person in his bed.

"You're too pretty to be completely straight." The man cooed at him. "So pretty." He reached up and touched Nick's hand, making him jump at the unexpected gesture.

"Don't touch me!"

"You didn't say that last night." The man grinned again and puckered his lips at Nick, blowing him a kiss.

"Shit!" Nick smacked his head with the palm of his hand, letting the blanket drop as he did so.

"Oh honey!" The man gasped in amazement as Nicks morning erection was unveiled.

"Damn it!" Nick cursed and wrapped the blanket around himself again. "What's the big deal anyway? Nick questioned the man, his mouth still gaping at the sight he had just beheld. "You've already seen it, apparently."

"No, you were, we...the lights were out. They hurt your head, remember?"

"No, God damn it, I don't remember a thing!"

"Why don't we..." The man winked and reached for Nick. "Then you might remember."

"No!" Nick howled and backed up against the wall, blanket firmly in place. "Don't fucking touch me!"

"Oh c'mon," The man started climbing out of bed towards him just as the door opened.

"What's going on Nick?" AJ snickered, as Kevin surveyed the room, one eyebrow raised in amusement.

Nick leaned against the wall, sighing in relief at his rescue, as the unknown man snuggled back into his bed, making it very obvious he was naked to all in the room.

"Why Nick, all this time you were telling me *she* was hot for me!" Howie struggled to keep a straight face, a difficult thing as he watched Nick squirm in embarrassment.

"She? You're the queen from the bar?"

"One and the same." The man smiled.

"I told you to make a play for Howie." Nick explained. "I remember that much."

"I did, but he wasn't interested." His glance flickered to Howie, admiring. "Shame, really. So when I went back and told you, you asked me to meet you here. You said you'd make it worth my while."

AJ snickered again as Nick groaned. "How much did I have to drink? I don't even remember coming back here from the bar."

"We helped you up." Kevin offered. "You said you loved me."

"Jesus." Nick slid down the wall to the floor, letting the blanket billow around him.

"Here's your room card." Brian dropped the slim, plastic card in Nicks lap.

"How did you...wait a minute..." Nick took a minute to process the information and the his eyes grew large as he realized he'd been had. "Who did this, who set this up?"

No one could answer his questions since they were all howling with laughter.

"Oh God! Your face!" Kevin cracked up again.

"You looked like you were going to faint!" AJ snorted

"Mess with me!" Howie grinned. "I always told you, I'd get you back someday!."

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