Truck Driving Man

Nick sighed as he slowed the truck down and merged into the exit lane. He'd been driving for hours and he needed to feel the ground beneath his feet again. He smiled as he saw the truck stop sign. Some food might be alright too. He drove the 18 wheeler over to the truck parking lot and expertly parked. Climbing down from the drivers seat, he stretched his back and arms, feeling the blood start to circulate again. He patted his back pocket for his wallet and made his way to the restaurant.

Nick breathed the delicious aromas in deeply. Good home cooking, he smiled to himself. He gave the lady behind the counter his order and a grin, before taking a seat in the corner.

"What you doing out in these parts?" she asked a few moments later, handing him his coffee.

"Driving a rig, gotta make a delivery by tomorrow." Nick took a tentative sip of the warm liquid.

"You? Driving?"

"Yeah, why?" Nick looked at her in confusion. She disappeared momentarily and returned with his meal.

"You don't look like the type."

Nick looked down at himself and then at the crowd of other drivers. Flannel shirt, white tshirt - alright, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt instead, tattoos, worn jeans. "I don't look any different."

"Yeah, you're different. Maybe you just haven't been doing it long enough." The woman smiled at him. "Now, go eat before it gets cold. I won't be cooking you anymore."


Nick pushed his plate away and sat back to finish his coffee. That had been one of the best meals he had eaten lately. He studied the other patrons of the restaurant, mostly truckers, there were a couple of families dining, probably travelers, he guessed. He took another sip and he felt compelled to lift his head again. He could have sworn someone was looking at him. He scanned the room again and noticed a woman, but she wasn't looking at him. She was pretty though. Sitting by herself, she really seemed out of place here. She stood up and smiled at him as she passed by. Nick shifted in his seat, suddenly uncomfortable. Been awhile since he had some of that too. He watched her leave as he finished his coffee. At least the vision of her would tide him over for sometime on the next stretch of his drive.


Back on the road, Nick couldn't get the image of the woman at the truck stop out of his mind. He stroked himself through his jeans and groaned. "Gonna have to stop to do that, Carter. You don't have the time." he chided himself, outloud. He planted both hands on the steering wheel and tried to focus on the road ahead. It was night now, and no stars were out, making it very dark. He switched the radio on, singing along with the tunes blasting out. He got lost in thought again. "Maybe I should just pull over. Grab a nap at the same time." He studied his watch, then looked back at the road. "Holy shit!" A car was stopped in the middle of the road, right in front of him. He pulled on the horn and braked the big rig, just nudging the car as he stopped. Nick jumped down from the truck and approached the car. He tapped on the window and waited patiently as it rolled down. "Not really a safe place to stop." he said to the person in the vehicle.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I'm out of gas and this is where I stopped. I couldn't get it moved."

Nick couldn't see the woman inside. "Are you alone?"

"Yes, I am." she replied.

"Come on out, I'll see if I can get this thing off the road for you."

She stepped out, staying on her side.

"Go get in the truck, I'll take you to the next gas station."

Nick maneuvered the car closer to the side of the road, far enough that other vehicles could get by safely. "There goes my naptime." he muttered as he stepped back up into the cab.


He flipped the overhead light in the cab on and took a deep breath. It was her. From the truck stop.

"Hi, I'm Kara."

"I'm Nick."

"I saw you at the restaurant." She looked straight into his eyes and offered him a seductive smile.

"Yeah. I mean...yes...I saw you...too." Nick stuttered.

"You're kind of young for this, aren't you?" She pulled her jacket off and placed it across her legs.

"No." Nick stopped, his voice sounded strange. "No, my dad drives too. I'm just following the family tradition. Gotta do something, right?"

"I guess." She was staring at him again. "I love your tattoos." She was licking her lips. Nick shifted in his seat. She was doing it to him again. Kara watched him and smiled. "You alright?"

"I...I'm...fine...just fine." Her hand was on his knee. Too close for comfort.

"You look odd."

Nick just nodded. His self control was slipping away. In a few more minutes, he would be grabbing this girl, throwing her on the seat and having his way with her. He couldn't take much more.

"Let me help you."

He glanced down to see Kara's hand on his crotch. Her fingers toyed with the pull on his zipper. "Can I help you?" She pulled the zipper down, agonizingly slow, and reached into his boxers. "Oh, you definitely need some help." she murmured. Nick shifted his hips, moving away from the steering wheel and letting his pants slide down his hips at the same time. Kara knelt in front of him and curled her fingers into the waistband of his boxers. Nick obediently lifted himself up, allowing her to pull the garment down. "Oh my!" Kara licked her lips again. "How long have you had this problem?" She grasped his cock firmly at the base and gazed up at him.

"Since...since..oh fuck..." Nick moaned as she drew her tongue along his slit. "I saw the restaurant."

Kara moved her hand over his tip, covering it with his pre-cum. She let her hand slide up and down, now and then giving him a firm squeeze. "You liked what you saw?" Nick could only nod, as she leaned over and took him in her warm mouth. His head fell back against the seat and his hips thrust up at her. Kara sucked him gently, stopping to lick him and then letting her teeth graze him. Nick couldn't believe the things she was doing to him, what she was making him feel. He let out a howl as her fingers traced a line from his cock to his rear.

"Holy fuck!" Nick gasped, as she did it again.

Kara cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze as she continued licking and sucking his cock. Nick was writhing in the seat, hips thrusting up at her wildly, out of control. He grabbed her hair and pushed himself even further into her mouth. "Oh..fuck...Kara..I'm gonna...fuck..." Kara held his hips as he released himself into her. She licked him clean and kissed his tip, letting him slip from her mouth.


"I..holy shit...Kara." Nick couldn't find the right words. "That was way better than what I had in mind."

She laughed and sat beside him once more. "What else did you have in mind?"

"Never mind." Nick pulled her close to him and kissed her, tasting himself on her lips. She leaned in and held him tightly. He pushed his tongue in and she moaned, sending thrilling vibrations through both of them.

"You can do whatever you want Nick. I'm all yours tonight." she whispered in his ear.

Nick pulled out of the kiss and stared at her. Kara merely nodded at him. Nick gestured to the back of the cab. "I have a cot. It's a sleeper cab." He followed eagerly as Kara led the way.

"You have a lot of room back here." She nodded approvingly as she looked around.

"Can I get you anything?" Nick's voice was husky.

"Just you." Kara had stretched out on the cot and was patting the space beside her.

Nick quickly joined her, laying beside her and immediately consuming her mouth with his. His hands glided over her skin, pushing her tshirt up and, finally, over her shoulders. They parted and Nick tossed the shirt over his shoulder, before resuming the kiss . Kara's hands had removed his shirt and were now working on his boxers, jeans abandoned in the front of the cab. Nick groaned as the moved apart again. He raised himself up and removed the offending garment. Kara took the opportunity to do the same. His eyes opened wide as he turned around and caught sight of Kara lying naked on the cot.

"All yours, sugar."

Nick grinned and lay beside her once more, taking no time to roll on top of her. His head dropped and he captured a nipple between his teeth, gently tugging, then suckling. His fingers tortured the other breast, pinching and rolling it. Then he switched sides. Kara's fingers clawed at his back, her lips disappearing into his hair, giving sweet kisses. Nick raised his head. "Are you ready?" She moved her hands to his butt, pushing eagerly, answering him without words. Nick positioned himself and thrust in slowly. Her eyes opened wide as he entered her. So big.

"Oh...God...Kara. So" he groaned as he pumped into her.

Kara wrapped her legs around his waist, opening herself more fully to him. Her breathing was low, shallow panting and sweat bathed her face. She grabbed his back, waist, ass, willing him to be closer to her. "God...Nick...more...harder! Harder!"

Nick responded by slamming into her, the old cot creaking beneath them. He uttered a strangled cry as he felt Kara drift a finger around his ass, probing. She let her free hand stroke her clit. Moaning at the sensations of Nick moving in and out of her. Nick felt himself start to stiffen. "Kara...oh holy fuck!" he yelled out as her finger pushed into him, triggering his orgasm. She writhed beneath him, hips thrusting as Nick filled her, cumming hard. She screamed as her climax hit, grabbing him and holding him close. Nick collapsed on top of her. She let him rest his head on her chest as she ran her fingers through his sweaty hair.

"I should go now."

"But..." Nick protested as she pushed him off her. "Your car. I have to take you to the station."

"Oh no, it's fine." Kara pulled her shirt over her head and offered him a toothy grin.

Nick sat up, staring at her, confused.

She finished dressing and moved toward the front of the cab. Nick got up to stop her, still naked he reached for her arm. "You can't go, there's no gas."

"It's fine." she insisted. Kara stood on her tiptoes and gave him one, last kiss.

"Momma said you were different from the other drivers. I just had to find out if she was right."

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