I Need You Tonight

"Where's Daddy?"

Heather looked up from the paper and glanced at the clock. "He's running late tonight, hun, he should be home soon." She smiled at her son, who had turned back to his video games, and looked at the photo of her and her husband propped up on the TV cabinet. She hated when Nick was late, the nature of his profession lent itself to worried wives, but she held the hope that he just got delayed writing up some reports or something else equally boring. Her eyes strayed to the professional portrait of Nick in his uniform, his cap tipped rakishly over one eye. "He looks so handsome." Heather thought to herself. "I'm so lucky." Nick had only been a police officer for 2 years now and this was his first year on the beat. Heather had definitely preferred when Nick had held a desk job, but Nick wanted to be out in the middle of the action. Catching the bad guys, as their son said. Matthew, their son, was 6. Yes, they slipped up early in life, Nick was almost 16 and Heather a year younger, when Matt was born. But they had promised each other they would give him the best life possible and they had struggled while they both finished school. But it was all worth it. She looked up at the portrait again. "I love you." she whispered.


"I don't wanna go to bed without Daddy home!" Matthew protested.

"Honey, Daddy hasn't called and I don't know when he'll be home! You need your sleep for school in the morning." Heather had tried every tactic and was starting to get frazzled. Her nerves were on edge since Nick HADN'T called. Her mind was conjuring up several horrible scenarios for her.

Matthew let out a little cry and rubbed his eyes. "Tell him to come see me when he gets here?"

"I promise." Heather crossed her heart.

"Can I have the picture?"

Heather handed him a small frame with a photo of Matthew and Nick at the charity police baseball game that summer. Their smiles were brighter than the sun, their blonde hair blowing in the breeze, her men. Matthew tucked the picture under his pillow and burrowed under the blankets.

"Night Mommy." he mumbled, sleepily.

"Good night sweetie."


Several hours later, Heather was frantic. Nick was way past his scheduled time to be home and she hadn't heard a word from him. Every little sound made her jump and the one time the phone rang, she was sure her heart was going to leap right out of her chest. She tried to read, and then to watch TV, but she just couldn't concentrate on anything. She heard a sound at the front door and she leaped to her feet, but she was afraid to approach the door, knowing what surprises could come to an officer's wife in the middle of the night. A few moments later, Nick entered, dropping his bag at the door and slumping to a seat in his recliner.

"Oh God, Nick, I was so worried!"

She leaned down to him and he pulled her onto his lap, hugging her fiercely. "I love you, Het. I love you so much." He buried his face in the hollow of her shoulder and she could feel the dampness of his tears.

"What happened hon? What made you so late?"

Nick took a shaky breath and leaned back. Heather stayed where she was, not wanting to be away from him for a second.

"You know that little boy that's been missing? We found him...I... found him."

Heather felt her heart drop. "Was he...?"

Nick only nodded. "I need to go see Mattie." Nick swiped at his eyes before hugging her again and then pushing her off of him. Heather stood and held his hand as they walked down the hall to their son's room. Nick entered the room quietly and knelt by the bed. He hugged Matthew gently and kissed his cheek. "Love you, Mattie." Nick just sat there for a few minutes more and then he rejoined Heather. They closed the door softly and made their way to their own room.


"It was so horrible, Het...all I could see was Mattie's face. Bruce and I had to go tell his parents. I kept thinking how I would feel if someone came to tell me my son was found in a field out in the middle of nowhere..." He took a deep breath and tried to continue. "I...I just..."

"Shh." Heather wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his back through the rough material of his uniform. "I know it's hard to forget, but Mattie is okay. I'm okay. And I'm so grateful you're okay. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Heather, I..."

"Don't Nick, you need to forget, even if it's just for tonight."

Her hands went to the buttons on his shirt and she slowly unfastened them. He allowed her pull the shirt off and then he held her close to him again, kissing her deeply. Heather sighed and relaxed into him. Their tongues danced around each other, sending tingles down her spine whenever they connected. His fingers found the hem of her t-shirt and he clumsily pulled it over her head, desperate not to break their kiss. Heather moved around behind him and began to kiss his neck, drawing her tongue around his chin and up to his ear as she removed his sweat soaked tank top. Her mouth went to his tattoos, tracing the designs. She could feel his skin jump with every touch. She smiled and continued the motions as her hands went around his waist, running her fingers over his chest and stomach and then down to the waistband of his uniform.

"Oh God Heather!" Nick groaned and put his hands over hers. "I need you." He pulled her hands down to his groin, wanting her to feel his desire for her.

"I know." She deftly undid the snap and pulled his zipper down in one smooth motion, before crawling around on the bed to face him again. "Take them off."

Nick stood and let his pants and boxers fall to the floor. Heather had laid down, clad only in her panties, waiting for him patiently. He knelt at her side and leaned down to kiss her, smell her, just to feel her.

"Is this wrong? I mean, wrong that I want this? Right now? A little boy...I found...I saw..."

Heather lifted her arms to pull him closer to her. "We NEED this. We both need to know we're here, and safe. I was so worried about you. I need to touch you and feel you."

Nick laid beside her and moved his hand to her center. Heather arched up into his hand and moaned softly. Nick captured her nipple and tenderly licked and sucked, making her writhe in ecstasy. His fingers pushed into her relentlessly. He loved the little sounds she made, turning him on even more. She felt his mouth move to her other breast. Heather ran her hands through his blonde hair, pulling it, making him moan, and then stroking it, holding him close to her. Nick felt Heather tighten around his fingers and he pulled out, smiling at her sound of dismay. He rolled on top of her and kissed the tip of her nose.

"Now, honey." he said in a low voice.

"But I haven't..." she reached down and grasped him gently, feeling him harden even more at her touch.

"I can't wait."

Nick pushed her legs apart with his knees and placed his cock at her entrance. Heather opened her eyes. She had always loved the look on her husband's face when they made love, when they truly became one. Just then, she started to giggle and Nick pouted.

"What's so funny?"

Heather pointed up, her other hand covering her mouth so she wouldn't laugh out loud.

Nick sat up and felt the top of his head.

"Aww..shit..." He grabbed his hat and went to toss it on the floor. "Why didn't you say something?"

"I never noticed." she reached for his hand. "Leave it on though, it looks good."

"Why were you laughing then?"

"Just the surprise of it, but, trust me, it looks damn good."

Nick placed the hat back on his head and lay down again. "Now, where were we?"

Heather took him in hand again and guided his cock in place. "Right about here."

He swiftly entered her, groaning as her inner warmth embraced him. They were both caught in the moment. Their need for each other undescribable. They thrust and grabbed, arched and pushed, clutched, licked and kissed, calling each other's names out in passion.

"God Nick, I'm...so close...more!"

Nick thrust into her again, savoring the feeling, knowing he couldn't hold out much longer.

"I love you Heather." Nick groaned as her inner walls tightened around his cock. "I love you so much."

"I...oh God, Nick! I love you too. Don't ever leave me."

She gasped as her orgasm came upon her. Nick lifted himself up slightly as he came, filling her completely, before collapsing onto her breast. They lay together, Heather's fingers playing with the damp hair on the back of Nick's neck, just listening to each other's heartbeats.

"I really do love you." he murmured.

"I love you too." Heather looked down and smiled. "You lost your hat."

"I guess we were too rambunctious." Nick grinned slightly.

He reached over the side of the bed and snared the cap with his long fingers, twirling it around. "Maybe I should keep this one in here, you never know when it might come in handy."

Heather nodded, agreeing totally.

"Thank you Het." Nick wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him once again. "I really did need this."

"Anytime, baby, anytime. Just don't scare me like that again!"

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