1994-1998 Saab 900 SE Turbo


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Haynes 3512  Service and Repair Manual.
SAAB Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) CD.
Saab Workshop Information System (WIS).

Paper shop manuals for the engine and other systems are sold online by eEuroparts.com. 

DIY Repairs and Maintenance

Most of the work described below was originally started as part of 100k maintenance on a 1996 900 SE Turbo.

Small Repairs
    Ignition Module
    Vacuum Lines
    Crankshaft Position Sensor
    Idler Pulleys
    Throttle Body
    Valve Cover Gasket
    Valve Cover Plug
    BPC Valve
    Oil Pressure Sensor
    SID-3 Display
    A/C Recharging
Electrical System
        Voltage Reg. & Brushes
        Alternator Replacement
        Instrument Panel Relay Tray
        Engine Bay Relay Panel
    Radiator Cooling Fan
        Operation and Testing
        Fan Resistor Replacement
    Front Brakes
    Rear Brake Pads 
    Rear Rotors
    Hand Brake
Power Steering
    P/S Pump
    P/S Hoses
Engine Inspection
    Valve Cover and Timing Gear
    Timing Chain Tensioner
    Oil Pressure Reducing Valve
    Oil Pan, Oil Screen, Bearings

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