Current role-playing month is Month 3, Year 12.

Traditionally, the seventh day of the week was a restday. When the pass began and half the population moved north, people have to work double shifts. Because Thread doesn’t wait for anyone, the settlers couldn’t afford to have a universal rest day. Workers now work longer hours for four days and then rest on the fifth. The exception is students and teachers, who have shorter days but work and attend class six days a week and take their rest day on the seventh day. Remember, New Landing is in the south, so the seasons are flip-flopped. It would be summer during New Years!

School is divided into four quarters with grade advancements at each new year. There are two week breaks between each quarter to give teachers time to grade final exams and projects.

Because resources are tight, the holds further than a few hundred miles from New Landing were abandoned and Thread is no longer fought there. Below is a chart mapping out the locations of recent falls.

Thank you Marasai for the Thread Charts!

Month 9

1 - Muggy, low 70's.
2 -High 60's and partly cloudy.
3 - Similar to previous day. Threadfall over region 4 (see map) in the early morning and will be fought.
4 - Very humid, partly cloudy and hazy out, 70's, rather uncomfortable.
5 - Flash thunderstorms throughout the day and night, mid-70's
6 - Similar to previous day. Threadfall over region 5 in the midday and will be fought.
7 - Muggy from the rains, but clearing up, high 60's.
8 - Clear skies, mid-70's
9 - Similar to previous day. Threadfall over region 6 in the evening and will be fought.
10 - Clear and breezy, hig 70's
11 - Cloudy, more humid out, mid-70's.
12 - Very windy and cloudy, thick air, low 70's. Threadfall over region 8 at midnight, heavily hitting Araby Hold.
13 - Foggy all day, mid-70's, humid
14 - Fog clears overnight, partly cloudy, mid-70's
15 - Similar to previous day. Threadfall beyond settled territory.
16 - Breezy, mid-70's, light rain at night
17 - Mid-70's, a bit humid
18 - Similar to previous day. Threadfall beyond settled territory.
19 - Steady rain all day, cloudy, low 70's
20 - Rain off and on all day, low 70's
21 - Clear, almost no humidity, mid 70's and sunny. Threadfall beyond settled territory.
22 - Similar to previous day
23 - Humid, partly cloudy, mid 70's, occassional breeze
24 - Humid, still air, high 70's. Threadfall over region 11 .
25 - Windy, low 70's, partly cloudy
26 - Very windy, high 60's, cloudy
27 - Bit of rain in the morning, windy, low 70's. Threadfall beyond settled lands.
28 - Light humidity, high 70's, partly cloudy

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