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Metal Gear Solid (or MGS) is a long running series of video games played various formats. The first game, Metal Gear, was first released in 1987 and the series is still going strong. Although essentially the brain child of producer Hideo Kojima, each game comes together from the many minds of the particular staff to create the final creative product.

Each game features linked, complex stories almost always starring "Solid Snake" as the main character. The cover catch phrase "Tactical Espionage Action" attempts to convey the style of gaming. Indeed the game does feature a blend of sneaking around (earning the tile "stealth 'em-up") and all out action, although this can often vary on the players particular style. The games themselves explore diverse themes, nuclear weapons, genetics, fate and love to name a few.

The world of video games is full of meaningless plot, cliche characters and violence for violence sake. Those of us who play these sorts of games know this can be fun, but it is in games like MGS that really make games worth something. Orignal plot, characters and even music makes for a memorable experinence like that of reading a great book or watching an amazing film. These things can fill us with inspiration and even change our perspective, if just for a while, on how we see the world and at the very least entertain us to the extent that we know life is worth living. That is art. Breaking away for a while from the monotonous chores of dull every day work or school and actually let us enjoy ourselves. MGS was one of the first games I played when I was still quite young and I remember it filling me with a feeling of epicness.

There will be those of you who will think I am speaking crap. Thats fine. As long as you just enjoy the game or if you're tottaly new to the whole thing then maybe just take a look around, perhaps you will find something that interests you and you'll go away and try the games TD>

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