Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

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Developer- Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation 2
After the Shadow Moses incident, Metal Gears's top-secret technology was leaked into theblack market. Counltess variations have sprung up around the world making the weapon a commone sight in the armed forces of nuclear powers. Solid Snake and Otacon, now members of an anti-metal gear group "Philanthropy", have learned of a new prototype Metal Gear being developed by the US marines and being transported to an uknown location. It is up to Snake to infiltrate the tanker as it passes down the Hudson river.

First Released in US in 2001 on Playsation 2 format Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was the first MGS for the "new age of consoles". There was a huge pressure to meet the standards that gamers were expecting since the success of MGS on Playstation. Feelings were mixed: gamers received the great graphics and epic music and they certainly got an intrict story line. But many felt the story line was too complicated and were not annarmed at the playable character switch from Solid Snake to Raiden. However, on the whole the game recieved good reviews and sold well and in the end most fans admitted that although there was change, most of it was good.


(The following names are the voice actors in the English version, the names in brackets are the actors in the Japanese version)

Solid Snake-Dave Hayter (Akio Otsuka
Raiden-Quinton Flynn (Kenyu Horiuchi)
Solidus-John Cygan (Akio Otsuka)
Revolver Ocelot- Patric Zimmerman (Koji Totani)
Liquid Snake-Cam Clarke (Banj� Ginga)
Otacon-Christopher Randolph (Hideyuki Tanaka)
Vamp-Phil LaMar (Ryotaro Okiayu)
Fortune-Maura Gale (Yumi Toma)
Fatman-Barry Dennen (Kozo Shioya)
Colonel Campell-Paul Eiding (Takeshi Aono)
Rosemary-Lara Cody (Kikuko Inoue) Olga Gurlokovich-Vanessa Marshall (Kyoko Terase)
Sergei Gurlukovich-Earl Boen (Osamu Saka)


WARNING Spoilers follow

The first chapter opens with Snake infiltrating the Marine controllred US Discovery. However, soon after the taker is boarded by an armed Russian group. Snake has to determine the coordinates of the ship and take photographic evidence of Metal Gear despite the interference. Snake soon comes across Olga Gurlokovich, the daughter of Sergei Gurlokovich, the "comrade" of Ocelot and the man who provided the Hind-D helicopter to the terrorist group during Shadow Moses. Olga talks to Sergei through radio, he wants her too pull out because she is holding his granchild. Snake sneaks up on her but she shoots at him with her Spetsnaz knife. The battle leaves Olga unconcious. At that momemt an army "cypher T" flies by and takes photograpgs of Snake. At this point Otacon informs Snake that the informant for this mission had the initials "E.E" and Otacon suspects it was his long lost sister, Emma Emmerich.

Snake sneaks down into the holds where marine Commander Scott Dolph is giving a speach to his men. This area hasn't been taken over yet. Snake sneaks into the Metal Gear holding bay and takes pictures of the new Metal Gear, Metal Gear Ray.

At this moment Ocelot, Segei and his men come in. Sergei hold the Commander hostage while Ocelot holds up a detonator which links to C4 strapped at key structural points on the ship. Sergei tells Dolph that he will take Ray back to Russia and rise her to be a superpower once more. To Sergei's surpise, Ocelot informs him that Ray will actually be comming with him, that he is "taking it back". Sergei takes a shot at Ocelot but Ocelot guns him and his guards down. Scott Dolph is also killed.

Ocalot blows the place and heads for Ray. All the fire dirceted at him just bounces off. Snake runs up to his old enemy but seeing him at that moment Ocelot goes through a transformation. Snake is greeted by the familiar voice of Liquid, who seems to be controlling Ocelot through his right arm, the arm that was cut off during the Shadow Moses incident. Ray blasts its way out of the tanker and escapes. Snake is left drifting under water as Otacon calls him down his Codec...

The second chapter opens with agent Snake swimming underwater towards "Big Shell" as he is briefed by Colnel Campell. This "clean up facility" has been taken over by terrorists calling themselves "The Sons of Liberty" led by former Navy SEALS unit Dead Cell under the control of a man calling himself "Solid Snake". For this reason, agent "Snakes" name is changed to "Raiden" (I mean it's the logical follow on).

Raiden catches a glimpse of another man being pursued by guards by is told by the Colnel that the only other infiltraters are a SEAL squad. Raiden catches a ride on an elevator going up. That SEAL squad however are quikly wiped out by Dead Cell member Fortune and her rather large gun and thanks to her inability to be hit by bullets.

Raiden meets up strange surviving SEAL member Iroquis Pliskin whom fights vamp after he slaughters another SEAL team. Raiden carries on an meets up with another ally, Peter Stillman, whos task it was to aid the SEALS in locating and defusing bombs planted around Big Shell. The genius behind this bomb rigging in Stillmans former pupil Fatman.

Feeling he has no other choice, Raiden helps Plisken and Stillman find and defuse the bombs. Raiden and Snake defuse the bombs with Stillmas help from Radio due to his crippled leg. Finnaly he reveals that he in fact does not have a cripples leg and sets off to defuse one of the bombs, however, he is tricked by Fatman and goes down with an explosion. Raiden and Pliskin are luckier and defuse the final bombs. Confronting Fatman, Raiden fights and kills the man. Afterwards, he is confronted by a mysterious cyborg ninja named Mr X who tells Raiden where to find Richard Ames, a man who knows the Presidents whereabouts.

Raiden infiltrates the hostage holding room and learns the presidents whereabouts from Ames. Raiden finds the president who reveals to Raiden the secret of the "Patriots". A hidden organisation who truly control all aspects of the country. Big Shell actually masks a giant Metal Gear known as Metal Gear Arsenal underneath it. Arsenal is defended by a small army of AI contolled Metal Gear Rays and contains the central system known as "GW"-a super computer, that has the ability to control data flow of the internet. The identity of the terrorist leader is also revealed. He is not in fact Solid Snake but Solidus, another "son of Big Boss", test tube brother of Solid and Liquid Snake. At that moment Ocelot Steps in and shoots the president dead but leaves Raiden and leaves.

Raiden continues into Big Shell. Along the way he fights Solidus in a Jump Jet and battles Dead Cell member Vamp. Afterwards, he saves "E.E", who is indeed Emma Emmerich, Otacons sister. She has the key to uploading a virus onto the GW and destroying the system. Raiden has to try get her back to Otacon (now aboard Big Shell with "Pliskin"- who is, da da da, Solid Snake!). However, on the way Vamp appears again cutting her with his knife and then retreating. She does make it back though and Otacon loads up the virus. Unforuntely it is too late for E.E...

Another personality is revealed, Mr X the Ninja is in fact Olga Gurlokovich who has been helping Snake, Otacon (who were aware of her true identity) and consequently you the whole time. Ratherly abruptly, Olga knocks Raiden out.

Raiden wakes up in a torture chamber inside Metal Gear Arsenal with Olga, Ocelot and Solidus (who doesn't know Olga's secret) Raiden learns that as a child Solidus raised him as a solider, even named him (Jack). Olga helps Jack escape. Raiden makes his way to meet back up with Snake who gives back Raiden his clothes and equipment. Together, they make their way deeper into Aresnal battling Solidus' men, now equiped with Arsenal's top Gear. Along the way Raiden's Codec screws up...something is wrong... Eventually they come accross Fortune. Snake stays to fight and Raiden goes on.

Raiden confronts Solidus and his Metal Gear Rays. Olga reveals herself to Solidus and tells Raiden that she was being forced to do what she was doing by the Patriots who had her child. Solidus shoots her dead. Suddenly the Rays go beserk under the influence of the GW virus, Solidus battles them out. Raiden is captured along with Snake and it looks like all hope is lost. Solidus reveals his plans to fire an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) over Wall Street and that he has no real desire to take over Arsenal (much to Fortunes dissapointment). All of a sudden Ocelot takes a stand. He reveals that all of this is actually his doing, or rather his superiors doing. The whole thing was orchestrated to create date for the "S3" project, Solid Snake Simualation. Data with which to make a countless amounts of super solidiers. According to Ocelot under the right cicrumstances anyone can become like Solid Snake. The fact that Big Shell was similar to Shadow Moses, down to the Ninja and elite soldier group (Dead Cell-Foxhound) was no mistake. The one thing he didn't bank on was the arrival of the real Solid Snake who he intended to kill on the Tanker. Raiden was chosen because his relationship with Solidus was similar to that of Solid Snake and Big Boss. He also reveals that Fortunes inability to be hit by bullets is also his doing through the powers of science and that can switch it off at any time and to prove it puts a bullet in her.

Ocelot hops into a Metal Gear Ray and starts gloating a little. He begins to fire at Solidus who deflects the bullets with all his Katana wielding might. He then tries firing a whole load of missiles but luck would have it that Fortune gains control of her abilities and shields the gang before dropping dead. Soon after Ocelot runs into a little more trouble, his right arm starts too spasm and he transforms into Liquid again...oops. Liquid spouts his epic monolouge and boasts that hes off to crush the Patriots. As he stomps away Snake, breaking from his handcuffs, chases after him diving into unknown waters.

Raiden and Solidus are left on Arsenal as it crashes (under the influence of the virus) right into Manhattan. Atop of Federal Hall Raiden learns that his Codec cohorts are in fact A.I. and that they are actually the S3. S3 it turns out stands for "Selection for Societal Sanity". The Patriots were using the S3 to see how affectively they could control society.

Solidus tells Raiden that what he truly wants is to crush the Patriots and bring about a new America, an America that runs on the ideals it was founded on. The names of the Patriots lie in the Nano machines in Raidens body, Solidus intends on getting them. He also adds that he was the one who killed Raiden's orginal parents. A battle ensues.

After some time Raiden delivers the final blow to Solidus. He falls from the room to his death. At this point, oddly, the streets become flooded with citizens. Back on the ground Solid Snake meets up with Raiden. His girlfriend also appears and reveals she is pregnant (oddly enough Rose-his girlfriend-was one of the contacts the A.I was posing as but the real Rose has some knowledge of this). It all ends with Snake telling us that there is plenty of reason to live, and plenty of things to pass onto the future generations that are worth passing on. 1